Number Of Elderly People Dying Alone Is Growing In Japan

(MENAFN- AzerNews) By Alimat Aliyeva

In the first quarter of this year, about 22 thousand people diedfrom loneliness at home in Japan, Azernews reports.

The term "Koritsushi" (lonely death) was coined in Japan afterthe Kobe earthquake in 1995, when many elderly people were forcedto leave their communities and live in temporary housing. Some thenisolated themselves, refusing to take care of themselves or gethelp from others.

"Koritsushi" means to die without anyone knowing, and the bodywill be found after a certain period of time. As Japan's populationages rapidly and the proportion of single-person householdsincreases from the current 36 percent, this situation is likely tobecome more common.

According to experts, this is due to memory and mental healthproblems, and the government needs to find ways to support olderpeople, even if they refuse care.

In August 2023, the Japanese Government established an expertgroup to investigate single deaths in order to develop appropriateresponse measures.