Mr Streetz's Latest Eleven-Track Album Gives Listeners Realistic Insights Into The Gangster Life Rappers Often Portray

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The London-born rapper's latest album showcases the realities and intricacies of the gangster life often idolised in hip-hop
and rap.

UNITED KINGDOM, April 28, 2023/ / -- The gangster life has always featured heavily in hip-hop
and rap music. Legendary artists like tupac
Shakur made entire albums dedicated to showing off their gangster personas, captivating listeners' attention. Other artists would also follow suit, like The Game and 50 Cent. The subject is so popular that it has led to a sub-genre within hip-hop called gangster rap.

Rap has historically been a popular musical genre in the United States. But, unfortunately, it hasn't always enjoyed the same popularity in the UK. While public perception toward hip-hop in the UK started to change in the late 1990s and early 2000s, UK hip-hop didn't have a breakout moment until the 2010s, which ushered in an era of new rap superstars like Stormzy, Dave, Headie One, etc.

Mr Streetz's next album, Wins & Bosses, is scheduled to release on 24th February. The eleven-track album is a love letter to the hip-hop he grew up listening, focusing heavily on the gangster lifestyle. However, the album refrains from portraying the lifestyle through rose-tinted glasses. Instead, Mr Streetz wanted to showcase the pitfalls of living such a life.

In conversation, Mr Streetz shared,“My goal was to create a cohesive album about the gangster lifestyle many idolise. However, I wanted to show that the lifestyle isn't everything it's made out to be. Furthermore, I wanted to highlight the dangers of living such a lifestyle, many of which can be fatal. I recorded the entire album in my home studio with instrumentals from 50 Cent's earlier music. I want this album to be an accurate and dark representation of gangster rap. It follows a similar tone as my latest single, Hood Therapy.”

Mr Streetz is also working on his upcoming EP, Evolution. In addition, he hopes to release two more albums and perform live this year. Those interested in his music can do so via the information below.

About Mr Streetz

Mr Streetz is a rapper from East London. He first started rapping when he was 14 but didn't know how to produce. As a result, he was left with a rhyme book instead. Mr Streetz's debut album, Flowtime, acquired significant fanfare, helping him garner over a million views on YouTube. He credits Eminem, Tupac Shakur, and Dave as his inspirations.

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