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WILSON, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2023 /einpresswire.com / -- In these modern times most of us are becoming more and more alienated from each other and woefully disconnected from ourselves. We spend most of our time consumed by social commenting and posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat not expressing who we really are. Other times our faces are glued to our phones barely aware of our surroundings. War, crime, and mental illness are dramatically on the rise and we urgently need to not only make drastic change so we can find our path to healing true happiness.

Kathie Chandler is a highly sought-after top notch Reiki Master and Teacher, an ordained minister, a Medium, and Founder of Sacred Messages.

“My role is to enlighten as many people as I possibly can encouraging them to return to their true soul so they can recall who they authentically are and their real purpose on earth. Above all, I am intensely passionate about empowering women because we continue to lag behind men in leadership roles. The key to our success is to unite as one because when we do so we become extremely powerful and perfectly capable of creating a better world. This is reflected by the positive effects of the #MeToo movement and throughout history. I aspire to help us all become perfect non- judgmental unconditionally loving beings with higher purpose and deeper sense of wholeness so we can live fully as the beautiful, peaceful, compassionate beings we were meant to be.”

According to Kathie, as enlightened beings we essentially pure awareness, co-creators in charge of our destiny, and we must realize how our thoughts create our realities. She encourages us to take a proactive role in living kindly to ourselves and the whole planet and when we do so we become closer to Spirit. We have the capabilities and gifts, Kathie emphasizes, but woefully so many of us have lost our way and our life's purpose.

Kathie says her spirit guides tell her we must clean up the pandemonium we have created not only because our world's ecosystem is in disarray but we need to cultivate compassion for our entire planet including honoring and loving animals as sentient beings. That we are actually tribal beings at our core with a need for connection and cohesiveness and If we live as our ancestors did, culturally connected and become tribal again, we will be more united and better able to meet challenges and obstacles that come our way.

“I take great pride in being a thoughtful, empathetic person and when I brighten someone's day and uplift their spirits I feel on top of the world.”

Kathie says that it is also important to raise our vibration daily because when we are in a positive state of mind we are at a very high frequency, thus attracting what we are. On the other hand, if we live shrouded in dark emotions of anger, depression, and shame we vibrate at a very low and slow frequency leaving us open to perpetuate and attract more of the same. When we go through our day not letting any of these dark emotions overcome and embody self- awareness we live with magnificence. She tells us to allow our guides and angels to take over and protect us as she does.

Kathie's incredible energy healing work naturally improves our health and well -being, mind, body, spirit, and emotion through Reiki, sound therapy, Essential oil healing treatments, and the use of crystals that restore the balance and flow of energy throughout our body drawing out impurities. She has made it her life's work to help us receive the deepest, most lasting, and profound form of healing.

Moreover. according to Kathie, living with gratitude every single day, continually counting our blessings, is one of the healthiest ways to live. Gratitude begets gratitude and when we have an intentional mindset, we have the power to heal ourselves and cope better in times of crisis. By acknowledging the goodness in our lives, we become more joyful, exciting, and fulfilling.

Kathie's spirit guides refer to Earth as college and all our emotions and belief systems are our courses.

“What we need to understand is how to navigate through all our emotions and beliefs when the universal truth is that we come from unconditional love and we are all creations of this planet. By personifying the perfect non- judgmental unconditional spirit in a human body, we can recognize that our entire journey of wholeness is built into us and that should be our one true mission on this planet.”

Every morning Kathie urges us to open our eyes to conscious thought and aspire to always to be at our highest frequency and remain there unwavering not allowing dark emotions like anger hate grief sadness to overwhelm us.

We are divine beings we come from a higher power and our Spirit is here to experience this life and its lessons. If we live in the energy of love and light. She loves her pets wholeheartedly, dances daily, and is abundantly happy.

“You are the writer, the producer, the director, and the actor in your life and what story are you writing and the story are you rewriting. Our health and happiness is totally up to us. I aspire to help us all live in unconditional love and light.”

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