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Health Carousel CEO John Sebastian Affirms the Company’s Commitment to Ethical, Sustainable Philippines Nurse Recruitment

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As the global Registered Nurse shortage shows no signs of winding down, Cincinnati-based Health Carousel continues to implement a two-pronged approach to turning the situation around. Over time, the company’s efforts will contribute to a solution in the countries in which the firm maintains a presence.

Health Carousel regularly recruits Registered Nurses from multiple origin countries. These qualified medical professionals undertake assignments in United States hospitals and medical practices. Concurrently, the Health Carousel “Light the Way” Initiative supports the growth of each origin country’s nursing workforce.

In Summer 2022, Health Carousel CEO John Sebastian visited the Philippines to discuss the company’s commitment to ethical, sustainable recruiting and hiring practices. Besides reviewing Health Carousel Philippines’ (or HCP’s) current operations, he and HCP leaders explored opportunities for improvement.

For perspective, Health Carousel and Health Carousel Philippines have each earned the “Certified Ethical Recruiter” designation from the Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices. This non-profit organization advocates for the fair, transparent recruitment of global healthcare workers for United States hospitals and medical practices.

Nurse Recruitment Program is a Two-Way Street

Filipino Registered Nurses often pursue United States healthcare career opportunities through Health Carousel. Sebastian says the firm is currently working with several thousand Filipino nurses who could come to the United States within three to five years.

While in the Philippines, John Sebastian also spoke with Michelle Ong, host of ANC 24/7’s Market Edge. In an in-depth exchange, the two discussed varied aspects of Health Carousel’s recruitment of Filipino Registered Nurses. Specifically, Ong expressed concern about the Philippines being able to maintain an adequate complement of Registered Nurses for its domestic needs.

Acknowledging Ong’s concern, John Sebastian emphasizes that Health Carousel regards its Filipino nurse recruitment efforts as a mutually beneficial endeavor. “What sets Health Carousel apart is we try to make it a two-way street.

“In addition to what we provide to our workers, the professional, physical, social, and financial well-being as they come to the United States, we also have our ‘Light the Way’ Initiative…We’re investing back into the Philippines economy and the Philippines nursing community so that we increase the supply of nurses working in the Philippines while we also give nurses the opportunity to come to the United States,” he explains.

Health Carousel’s “Light the Way” Initiative

The Health Carousel “Light the Way” Initiative involves two key components. Besides building the foundation for nurse education, John Sebastian says Health Carousel provides guidance to nurses preparing to take the Philippines licensing exam.

“I’d love to highlight a couple of aspects of our ‘Light the Way’ Initiative. First, we award scholarships to nurse educators at some of the Philippines’ most prominent universities. This allows the educators to gain advanced degrees, a Master’s or a Doctorate, which then in turn enables them to train the next generation of nurses.

“We also invest in the nursing community directly through initiatives like our nursing license education boot camp or exercise camp, where we help nurses in the Philippines be more successful in passing the Philippines nursing licensure exam. So we make it a two-way street, investing back into the Philippines economy while we also invest back in the United States,” Sebastian concludes.

Nurse Recognition is Key to Job Satisfaction and Retention

As with many service-related professions, demanding workloads and related job stressors can lead to worker burnout. John Sebastian acknowledges that the nursing profession has been especially hard hit by this trend. Multiple factors have caused many nurses to turn away from bedside nursing career paths. In turn, this worsens the global nurse shortage.

“What you talk about as a nursing shortage in the Philippines is a global problem. Throughout the world, there is an aging population. The pandemic really affected nurses who are on the front line and at the bedside, causing high burnout and many of them to leave the bedside. That’s why we are continuing to invest in initiatives to not only bring nurses to the United States but also invest back into the Philippines.

Health Carousel is Part of the Solution

In working to bring nurses back to bedside careers, Health Carousel understands that recognizing these hard-working healthcare professionals can promote job satisfaction and retention. John Sebastian says Health Carousel is actively involved in recognizing exceptional nurses throughout the Philippines.

“One thing that I would highlight that we’re very proud of is recognizing and celebrating the nursing profession in the Philippines. We’re one of the first recruitment agencies to partner with the International DAISY Foundation, which is a non-profit that provides recognition to nurses who do great work.

“We’ve awarded several here in the Philippines. We see it as a way of lifting up the profession, particularly after the difficult time over the last two years…We really are seeking to elevate the nursing profession by the bedside so that more and more people in both the United States and the Philippines see nursing by the bedside as not only a career but a calling.

“[We want to] help more and more young people see the opportunity to serve others and make an impact in providing a healthcare worker to every patient when and where one is needed by elevating the profession even further,” Sebastian emphasizes.

Nurses’ Remittances Help Support the Philippines’ Economy

When Registered Nurses work in positions outside their origin countries, they often send financial remittances back to family members. In turn, these relatives spend money in their local cities or towns. John Sebastian describes how remittances positively impact the Philippines’ national economy.

“Our company has been around for nearly 20 years, and over that time we have helped more than 3,000 nurses migrate from the Philippines to the United States to live their American dream. One interesting aspect about that is we recently commissioned an economic study which indicated that those 3,000 nurses that come to the United States, on an annual basis, remit back to the Philippines economy in excess of 2 billion Philippine pesos.

“With the additional migration we expect over the next 3 to 5 years, we believe that that [figure] can double. So in fact on average for every one nurse that we bring from the Philippines to the United States, it supports the livelihoods of seven people back home in the Philippines.

“So it’s part of us viewing this as a relationship that has a two-way street. While we’re meeting the needs of the United States and our nursing shortage, we’re also investing both economically and in the nursing community back in the Philippines,” John Sebastian remarks.

Health Carousel Prioritizes Ethical Recruitment

In recruiting Filipino nurses for United States healthcare careers, Michelle Ong and John Sebastian agree that Health Carousel must follow ethical, sustainable recruitment practices. Sebastian emphasizes that the company has always maintained its commitment to these high standards.

“I do agree that it’s a challenge, and Health Carousel has as its policy to have ethical and sustainable recruitment. What that means is that two-way street that I referred to, that while we help nurses migrate to the United States, we also invest in the home country to increase the number of nurses.

“We continue to support what we see as the American dream and the ability for nurses from the Philippines and other countries to come to the United States to live their American dream. At the same time, through initiatives like our “Light the Way” Initiative, we invest back into the Philippines and other countries so that we create a sustainable supply of nurses and a two-way street,” John Sebastian summarizes.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is the United States’ ninth-largest healthcare staffing agency, operating in all 50 states. In existence since 2004, the company sources qualified healthcare professionals for diverse hospitals and medical practices. Health Carousel has earned numerous industry awards for its continued growth and reputable staffing practices.

Experienced Recruiters and Technology Make the Difference

Health Carousel’s seasoned recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of the industry along with their local and regional markets. Using next-generation recruitment technology and other digital tools, these recruitment professionals consistently fill permanent, temp-to-perm, and contract positions.

While working to fulfill clients’ requests, Health Carousel also adheres to stringent recruitment and hiring practices. The company has earned numerous awards for its commitment to these high standards.

Four United States Divisions Address Clients’ Diverse Needs

Each United States healthcare staffing submarket has distinctive needs. Health Carousel’s four business units, each led by an industry expert, are equipped to provide the right staffing solutions to clients in that category.

Travel Nursing Services

For decades, travel nurses have helped to resolve hospitals’ and medical practices’ patient care needs. Today, nursing shortages mean the demand is greater than ever, with clients often requesting nursing support on an urgent basis.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing (or HCTN) possesses the management infrastructure and recruitment technology to quickly respond to each client’s needs. When an HCTN recruiter identifies candidates for a certain region, the nurses can often choose from short- or mid-term assignments. Nurses with specialty certifications often enjoy additional opportunities.

Locum Tenens Physician Services

Skilled physicians, along with advanced practitioners, are key to hospitals’ and medical practices’ operations. When these professionals schedule time off, the Health Carousel Locum Tenens (or HCLT) Team finds qualified professionals to fulfill these temporary staffing needs.

When each medical facility makes a request, an HCLT recruiter combs through that state’s database for likely candidates to fill that role. The HCLT Team handles the credentialing and onboarding tasks, enabling the physician or advanced practitioner to step confidently into the position. The medical professional’s presence facilitates increased service offerings and improved patient care.

Tailored Workforce Solutions

When a hospital or medical practice develops a specific staffing need, certain factors are behind those exact requirements. Fortunately, the versatile Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (or HCWS) Division is ideally situated to provide the right targeted solution.

First, the HCWS Chief Nursing Officer brings their clinical expert team into the picture. After they craft a custom solution, workforce management associates put the program into action. Over time, they will revise the process to facilitate an optimal outcome.

Managed Services Provider Program

When facing any complex business problem, identifying the core issue is key to finding the solution. That’s where the Health Carousel Managed Services Provider (or MSP) Team really shines. First, they dig deep to find the problem’s underlying cause. Next, a clinically managed workforce team designs and implements a solution.

With the core problem resolved, the medical facility’s contingent staffing needs are decreased. In turn, the business saves money and improves its bottom line. The client’s workforce should see higher job satisfaction, setting the stage for improved patient care.

About Health Carousel International

When a hospital or medical practice has longer-term staffing needs, they often turn to Health Carousel International (or HCI) for help. This well-regarded healthcare staffing agency assists global healthcare professionals in finding United States healthcare careers. The HCI team regularly places candidates in all 50 states.

The HCI PassportUSA Program recruits Registered Nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and medical technologists for United States career opportunities. The HCI team executes all recruitment and credentialing functions. As a result, each international healthcare professional is ready to begin their assignment immediately upon arrival.

The HCI Clinical Team guides each global healthcare professional’s career development. Team members also ensure that the healthcare worker maintains their professional certifications and/or credentials.

Health Carousel Prioritizes Healthcare Staffing Excellence and Ethical Recruitment

Health Carousel’s high standards, and its record of getting results, have earned the company numerous industry rewards. Concurrently, Health Carousel is equally dedicated to maintaining ethical, sustainable recruitment practices.

As this global company keeps progressing forward, its efforts will help to lessen the worldwide nursing shortage. In turn, healthcare professionals will be better positioned to deliver superb patient care.


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