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Wednesday, 29 June 2022 03:42 GMT

Security Issues That Every Bitcoin User Should Know

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Among the primary concerns for most individuals when getting started with Bitcoin is the lack of encryption. Essentially, this virtual currency does not use any encryption. People call it cryptocurrency because it has a digital signature algorithm that uses similar mathematical techniques with other types of encryption, depending on elliptic curves. Instead of using encryption, this virtual currency utilizes the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm with an elliptic curve of secp256k1.

The technology behind this virtual currency, blockchain, is pretty safe. It's also why the number of people purchasing and trading Bitcoin on platforms like bitcoin-champion increases by the day. These platforms bring together people interested in buying and selling Bitcoin. Ideally, you can buy Bitcoin on such platforms using fiat money.

But before investing in Bitcoin or starting to trade it, there are risks that you should be wary of to avoid losing money. Bitcoin is not anonymous. Its price can also be very volatile. Additionally, Bitcoin depends on passwords, and crypto-wallets are not immune to hacking and theft.

Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous

Indeed, Bitcoin disguises the user's personal information. However, it doesn't hide the crypto wallet's address. Thus, the crypto wallet or Bitcoin user is not anonymous because somebody can use clues from their address to track their personal information. Ideally, Bitcoin users are pseudonymous. A government or relevant entity can subpoena the information. Cybercriminals can also use illegitimate methods to obtain this information.

Since Bitcoin uses a public ledger, somebody who knows the amount you've spent, where, and when can locate a transaction on the database and track it back to your specific wallet. After that, they can develop your transaction history or spending history, gather more data about your life, and even blackmail you.

Additionally, the current web tracking trends mean somebody like a data broker or advertiser could be spying on your business via your browsing habits.

Bitcoin is a Volatile Asset

Despite the use of secure cryptography, Bitcoin is arguably not a safe investment. That's because it's a highly volatile digital asset. Perhaps, the lack of an international market and a regulatory body is the reason for Bitcoin's price fluctuations. One day Bitcoin could be worth $60 and $30 a few days later.

Although this virtual currency has experienced some stability before, it mostly doesn't last. Perhaps, that's why some people argue that it's only astrology for humans. Therefore, people should know that they can suffer severe losses when investing in Bitcoin.

You Can Lose Your Wallet Password

People store Bitcoin in crypto wallets. If a person forgets the password to their wallets, they lose all the funds in them. That's because you don't have a central authority that you can contact for assistance in recovering your wallet accounts. Many people have lost a lot of funds after forgetting their crypto wallet passwords.

However, you can use a password manager to ensure your safety. Even personal precautions can be insufficient. Some crypto exchanges do not pay clients after they die without sharing their passwords with relatives.

Somebody Can Steal Your Bitcoin

Since the information in the blockchain is publicly available, somebody can't hack the system. However, somebody can steal your Bitcoin if not careful. Common threats to your Bitcoins include:

  • Phishing attacks: This technique tricks you into revealing personal information via spoofed messages and emails.
  • Fake websites: These can fool you into sharing personal information with hackers.
  • Malware: Criminals can use malware to access your digital wallets.
  • Man-in-the-middle-attacks: A hacker can launch a man-in-the-middle-attack on your crypto wallet or node.

Bitcoin's novelty and complexity make it hard to know whether the user is safe. However, you can exercise caution when using Bitcoin, digital wallets, and crypto exchanges to enhance personal data and funds' safety.




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