Atousa Raissyan: Transformational Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Certified Energy Healer & Award-Winning Contemporary Spiritual Digital Artist Shares Life Journey From Suffering To Creating Massive Impact

(MENAFN- GetNews) Atousa Raissyan; a Transformational spiritual teacher who helps clients, which includes individuals and small business owners looking to live their best lives, either by exploring their natural talents, starting a new business or a career, or achieving their purpose in life and their personal goals. She is also a part of the teaching faculty of Transformation TV and Wellness Universe where she shares her valuable experience and talents. Atousa has shared her reflections & advice in an interview.

'Game changer, 'intuitive gifted healer, 'guiding light, 'life changing, 'magic and 'a blessing are often how Atousa Raissyan's clients describe their experience with her.  She is a heart-centered transformational healer .  As a  spiritual teacher, Atousa has extensive experience in, and passion for, helping individuals to discover and tap into their 'true self, in order to unlock their potential to experience their desired life, in terms of abundance, relationship and personal well-being.

Atousa's clients seem to run into her, once they have given up hope. They have tried various methods, ranging from traditional to holistic/alternative practices, without achieving the desired outcomes.  Atousa's clients come from all walks of life, students, health care workers, mental health specialists, life coaches, business professionals, and as they experience her healing methods, not only do they reach their goals but they start to make their dreams a reality.  

Atousa, who herself is no stranger to experiencing life's challenges, grew up experiencing a traumatic childhood and family life, including moving to a new country and living through extreme situations.  As an adult, Atousa was involved in an abusive marriage which ended in divorce causing her to raise her son as a single mother and to experience financial hardships.

The trauma and pain caused by Atousa's divorce triggered her desire to restore wholeness and to start fully tapping into and mastering her healing gifts. Her childhood traumas, set behaviors and patterns, combined with the traumatic experiences of her separation and divorce, had caused immense pain in her body.  The physical, emotional and mental pain became unbearable enough for her to know that it was time for a major change and shift.  Guided by her teachers, Rumi, Osho, and Mooji, she made a complete transition in all aspects of her life, she stopped listening to society/community/family and instead started following her own heart and intuition. Her transformation led her to end her successful engineering career and start her life as an artist and holistic healing practitioner.  But first she had to start her journey through fully loving and accepting herself.

Atousa reminds us that trauma is any experience that has left a mark in your emotional, mental, and energy bodies. Sometimes these traumas are significant like abuse and neglect, sometimes it can be an abuse that happened to someone else in the family that was witnessed, or it can be as simple as having to move, a broken promise, or anything that the adult mind would consider silly, normal, insignificant, but to the child that experienced it was significant and a defining point. As these defining points/trigger points are set so are the behaviors and thought patterns associated with them. And they expand into our adulthood.

Artwork Title: My Journey, Artist: Atousa Raissyan

According to Atousa, most illnesses are manifestations of what we are holding onto emotionally, mentally, and energetically and are effects of our past traumas. She knows firsthand, as she experienced numerous physical ailments including arthritis, stomach ulcer, stress and anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and various other physical pain. Atousa knew that there was something deeper happening to cause her pain and the illnesses. Sure enough, when she started to heal herself mentally, emotionally and energetically, her physical healing occurred naturally. What makes her healing journey story even more remarkable is that she did it without medications other than occasional ibuprofen and having surgery to remove her ovarian cysts. Atousa's healing process was her training ground to perfect the healing modalities that she uses for her clients now; which includes her very own modality of tetralogy healing.

Atousa has been practicing the art of wellness for over seventeen years. She is a master of Tetralogy healing where a specific thought pattern is a subversive idea in the four bodies; the physical, emotional, mental and energy, and in order to change it, the healing process takes place in all four bodies at the same time a new pattern is introduced. 

Atousa has helped transform the lives of her clients that are ready, willing and open to change.  They come as clients and leave as friends, and here is how they overwhelmingly describe her and their experience, 'non-judgmental 'an angel 'heaven sent to help transform lives here on earth 'she has helped me tap into my inner power and connect with my intuition 'supports you on your journey towards finding more peace, love and fulfillment in your life 'I'm truly a changed person from the inside and out having let go of childhood traumas 'I'm not sure how to explain her magic, but she has magic 'helping me find light in my darkest times 'helping me make peace with past traumas that have been hindering my growth 'I went from not engaging with people, to developing close, meaningful human relationships. I am learning to trust myself 'In just 2 conversations my Angel taught me how to understand magic in life and how to listen and follow my heart 'finding peace with my past. One client describes her experience:

'Atousa is a God sent for me.  Having been through therapy, and practicing healthy coping skills (meditating, exercising, journaling) but there was still something off. And now I was going through the most difficult time of my life after I called off my wedding and I came across Atousa pretty much out of nowhere. She brings out my past pain and hurts that I had suppressed decades ago and talking to her makes me realize how much of my pain and hurt was self-inflicted just because I never wanted to feel any of the emotions so I blocked every type of emotion. I feel like a BRAND NEW person, I am now someone who is really in love with herself, where I'm no longer counting on others to give me the validation or love I lacked. Atousa is patient and compassionate, she pushes me to face my fears through her various healing techniques but she also knows when and where to stop so don't get too overwhelmed. What I also really love about Atousa is that she is really vested in your growth, healing and the overall journey. Atousa has really turned my entire life around for the BETTER! I am finally a person who has overcome all her pain, fears and hurts and is truly happy living in the NOW! I wouldn't have come across this state of enlightenment if it wasn't for Atousa. I have learned more about life, love and spirituality in the past two months with Atousa than everything I ever knew the past 30 years.  What I love the most about Atousa is that she doesn't judge you for your negative thoughts or experiences. You truly feel safe with her and she really can read you like an open book! and because she is able to read a person so clearly, she's able to customize her approach that'd work the best for your healing and growth, emotionally and spiritually. I can't thank the universe enough for guiding me to Atousa so that I could heal and finally get on my path of manifesting everything I truly desire. Like Atousa say's "the world of MAGIC is all around you, you just have to be willing to see it. Atousa is a great healer and god sent guiding light, truly vested in your growth and path to the world of magic where you'd start to appreciate every little thing on this planet.

Here's some more more words of appreciation from Atousa's clients:

She uses different healing modalities to  help rewire the emotional, mental, physical and the energy bodies for her clients.  She helps clean and clarify their vision, and remove the barriers they have built to self love and acceptance.  Atousa helps them to reconnect with their own energy and that of the universe so that they feel safe and supported. This allows them  to start using and trusting their own guiding system and not that of others and society; which leads them to experience the love, joy and magic that this life has to offer.

In a recent one-on-one interview, Atousa shared her passion and her past achievements which helped her in building momentum towards the present day. She feels the most proud when she knows she has made a positive impact in someone's life by hearing the testimonials from her clients on how their lives have changed for the better. Atousa tells us 'we are all creation in motion, we are all here to experience a human life in this physical body. Each of us is unique and here for a purpose. Perhaps her artwork Creation in Motion, inspired by her poem gives us a visual:

'You are made of the Four Elements,

Of Mother Earth and Father Sky,

You are Miracle and Magic,

A Masterpiece;

You are Creation In Motion ~ Atousa Raissyan

Artwork Title: Creation in Motion, Artist: Atousa Raissyan

In the same interview, Atousa stated her intentions for the future. Her primary goal is to teach as many people as she can, in different ways; to help them feel better and experience the real magic in this world. Her vision is to find and have her place that she calls a "Soulystic Sanctuary" where she can effectively do her work and invite others to join her. A place where everyone is welcomed. A place where they will experience healing and feel better by helping and connecting with other people. A place where you are part of a community and work towards improving the community. To collaborate with other like minded healers, and provide a space that can benefit those in need to find solitude, to reconnect with themselves and self-love, to go inside and find their inner selves.

She is also part of the teaching faculty at Transformation TV as well as a World Changer at Wellness Universe.  She produces many self help videos on her social media channels as well as inspirational quotes, in addition to her podcasts on iTunes. She is currently working on publishing her book.  She has won several awards for her artworks.  Raissyan has had more than 20 exhibitions since she started in 2013, as well as numerous features in juried shows. During the past year she has added Augmented Reality to some of her artworks. She also designs her ArtWear on her Etsy shop, which at this time includes leggings, scarves, and soon to come face masks.  She is one of the resident artists at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC. 

In response to a question on the driving force behind her success, Atousa mentioned how it all boiled down to an innate desire to help other people. Atousa highly recognizes the famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, saying, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Her self-realization that "change needs to happen first inside of you then become the change in the environment, and the world" was her wake up call. Her artwork has been a representation of her own healing journey and transformation, a lot of people connect to it. They say they are drawn to it and it's uplifting energy. A note from one of the people that Atousa's artwork has touched:

"Dear Atousa,

There is a third floor hallway with your artwork. Only today did I take the time to stop and read the descriptions of your art, and then I understood the magic I feel each time I pass by.  Each time I have a choice of route to various parts of the hospital, I choose to go down that piece of the third floor, slightly hidden from regular traffic. Each time I go through it I feel an amazing energy, like it is flooded with angels. I sense sparkles in the air and feel uplifted when I pass through. Then today I decided to just stop in the rush-rush of my daily schedule to read what your art said. Rumi!!!! Rumi, Rumi, Rumi. No wonder! I also read your own beautiful poetry with words of wisdom and inspiration. In addition, I paid closer attention to your art and was able to truly appreciate each one and how they are products of a higher consciousness.

I was happy to find your email on the information, because I wanted to write and tell you that your art and your words generate magical energy, love, peace, and conscious awareness."

When asked what short but powerful advice she can share with everyone, "transform your reality, choose to see the magic," she said. She added that 'our power comes from knowing that we have a choice in everything that we are experiencing in life, so what better way than to choose to bring magic into our everyday lives.  She is known amongst her friends and clients as always seeing and finding hearts.  Her Instagram feed has many of her heart sightings, in nature, food, and all around her.

Atousa closed the interview by sharing her recommendations to anybody who wants to follow her footsteps, perhaps, taking it even further. According to Atousa Raissyan, the traumas she experienced helped her understand her clients and relate to them on a deeper level. It's the most magnificent power she shares with them, whatever their struggles are. "I've been there," is what she always tells them. "If I can do it, you can do it too; and always remember, you're not alone." She continues, 'your healing journey begins with self awareness, acceptance, and fully taking responsibility for your life. Then by fully loving and accepting yourself, finding space between your true self and your different personas. And lastly allowing your personas to be present without judgment or engaging with them, allowing life to flow, and trusting in the process of life which is based in love.

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