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Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (Influenza) shifted from Kolkata with Global Air Ambulance Services

(MENAFN - Global Air Ambulance) Thursday, April 11, 2019:- Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (influenza) is a dangerous infection or disease caused by a progressive and a deadly symphonic issue in which 4 out of 10 survive with full treatment. The initial symptoms are sickness or cough with fever, and everyone has an increase in leukocytosis and C-reactive protein. Being infectious was mentioned by a high order of bacteriologic and serological examination or test. The patient suffers from lung injuries along with cough and many other problems. As one of the patients was admitted to a medical treatment center, which was the best hospital in the state who had suffered from similar illness and could not be cured by the medicinal therapies provided, therefore The members of the family of the patient decided to take the second medicinal help to take advantage of the proper and best treatment treatments to recover within a short period of time to shift the patients. Therefore, as we all know that in order to shift any important patient, we need the support of the Air Ambulance, which is the best of the medical clearance team for the best assistance with emergency and emergency treatment for the patient? The establishment of medieval equipment to obtain the best technical and physical support of the operation process along with the evacuation process. Therefore, the member inquired online and offline and decided to get the support of Aero-Medvedev by Global Air Ambulance Services, as the information provided by him is the best and helpful provider of medical transfer of patients. Trained Team of MD Doctors and Mobile Ventilation Support with us for moving the Patient After confirming the call for the necessary support of Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata, we excluded our shifting team of medieval availability with the setup of the cardiac ambulance with ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Setup) with special MD doctors. Case summary of the patient, when the medical team reached the point of position of the place, He picked up the patient with the help of scoop stretcher and was taken to the ambulance, which was immediately taken to the airport, where the charter aircraft was ready with the ICU setup, the patient was taken to the plane within a short time and the pilot took the current medical After the patient got into the sensation after the treatment was not received in the treatment centre, the doctors in a serious and emergency situation, But our expert team of MD Doctor and Emergency Medical Technician handles that situation professionally, we have safely landed and took the patient to the required medical treatment center with the facility to free the beds from the beds, the family members took it Thank you for the Relocation support availed by the Global Air Ambulance Kolkata, the best experience of medical tourism in Cost Air Ambulance in Kolkata. As we are an international service provider of medical tourism, we are available with support for Low-Cost Air Ambulance Service in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for better services for patients with medic-evacuation. Web @ https://www.globalairambulance.in/air-ambulance-services-in-kolkata/ More @ https://www.globalairambulance.in/air-ambulance-services-in-chennai/


Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (Influenza) shifted from Kolkata with Global Air Ambulance Services

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