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New innovation, the CO2 problem is solved -forever.

(MENAFNEditorial) New innovation, the CO2 problem is solved -forever. Posted by admin on August 17, 2016

8/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The final solution of climate change is here!

A new invention that removes carbon dioxide, costs is almost nothing, less than USD 2 per person in the world.

This must be the biggest news ever?

Yes it is. Using a bit of common sense and simple math elementary school is one able to understand that this is the greatest news ever. Most people know that the air we breathe contains huge amounts of clean energy, but also carbon dioxide.

Using the latest nanotechnology one can easily filter out the gases you want.

The nearby threats to mankind are obvious. Quickly looming energy shortages and the enormous CO2 threat we all know*. It is as easy to figure out that wind turbines and solar power will quadruple the world's energy costs, at least half of the world's GDP and make us all poor, this no one speaks, very quiet, about?

HyMeAir now presents a new sensational invention, an invention that will give the world virtually free energy, energy that is also free of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide / greenhouse gases, 0-degree temperature rise - Nano Towers.

How is this possible?

By using wind and Nano Towers with new modern nano-, graphene filters. Nano Towers will filter out and save the large energy content of the air; hydrogen, and methane molecules. These can then be used as an energy source by you and me.

Did not you know that the air we breathe contains all the energy the world needs?

This must be the most important invention in over 100 years?

Yes. Nano filtration technology in itself begins, however, become a well known and proven technology. Nano filtration is easy and is already used daily all over the world, e.g. to filter out harmful molecules from water. Water, however, is heavy, 770 times heavier than air. Because of the weight to filter water needs powerful water pumps, up to 20 bars. To filter the air, however, is very easy; Everything that Nano Towers need is a little wind.

Some people are starting to understand that nanotechnology is very simple and obvious, ready for use, and ready to save humanity.

How much money will I earn per year of this clean and cheap energy?

A US person will on average increase their net / tax-free purchasing power by at least USD 5 000 per year per person. For a family with two children, this means that at least USD 20 000 in increased net purchasing power per year per family.

With fully developed wind and / or solar power as energy sources would be the purchasing power of every US person instead decrease by 17 000 net per year.

Incredibly much money, how and why?

Everything you buy and consume includes the cost of energy production.

A consumer's energy costs excluding taxes with today's dirty energy is at least USD

0, 07 per kWh. Wind turbines and solar costs, unfortunately, much more.

Each US person consumes today average 83,000 kWh total energy per year.

(Only ¼ is electricity)

The cost of clean energy produced / filtered by Nano Towers through the wind and ordinary air, will be well below USD 0. 01 per kWh.

It is easy for everyone to understand why the Nano Towers will save the world from the energy crisis, climate change and rapidly approaching poverty.

Nano Towers will soon replace all other energy sources around the world.

Why has not anyone thought of this before?

Someone has to be first.

Nanotechnology is a relatively new technology that is now in full swing to be examined and implemented in many contexts. Very often simple innovations like this, are the very best. Some organizations and companies are now beginning to understand, "the winners", that the Nano Towers will make the world better and smarter.

OK I understand. United had a climate conference in Paris in 2015 with 50,000 delegates, this meeting unnecessarily?

Yes, the climate summit was completely wasted time, money and media coverage *.

Only 1 000, CO2-designed Nano Towers, will remove all the carbon dioxide that humans adds, 40 billion tonnes per year. The investment cost, one-time cost will be less than USD 1.70 per person in the world, 12 billion ''miscalculation” money.

Full-scale investment in wind farms and solar power, therefore means economic disaster for the world?

Yes that's how it is. Please use simple math. To replace the world's current energy consumption, 170 000 billion kWh, with wind turbines, which according to Swedish statistics, in 2015, on average, delivers 5 million kWh / year, would require at least 50 million new wind energy turbines, including the back-up is needed because wind energy is not possible store.

Only the construction cost will be USD 375 000 billion, all the 5 times world GDP / year. The turbine lifespan is only 20 years; the building is a perpetual project.

For the construction cost will be maintenance and operation of USD 9000 billion per year. Nano Towers, air power, is now humanity's only lasting solution for the future.

Can I save the world?

Yes you can. To accelerate the development of access to extremely cheap and clean energy needs HyMeAir all possible support from us "ordinary" people.

HyMeAir would of course also quickly reach millions of other people, such as researchers and opinion leaders and others with this great news. HyMeAir uses such as Kickstarter and other forums as "bulletin boards" to make rapid spread of this great news for humanity. The question is quite simple;

Do you want a good future together with friends and children, or do you live in decay and misery within a few years, with climate disaster and / or rapidly quadrupled energy prices? Make your voice heard today. You are important.

We all know how slow are the reactions from the establishment, those who have their current interests and opinions to defend; organizations, the media, politicians.

Albert Einstein:

"Simplicity is the root of all genius.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.

It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."


Nano Towers

HyMeAir AB

Claes Persson, inventor and CEO

Graphene, in the form of graphene sheet (filter) was invented in 2002

Later, after the patent by Bor Jang and Wen Huang, other person "graphene scientists" were awarded the Nobel Prize in in 2010.

This new material, the strongest materials in the world, is a material that has already resulted in a host of new inventions and areas of application. Nanotechnology will soon be changing the world, much more so than anyone can understand.


The air we breathe contains two dozen different substances.

Nano Towers will filter out the smallest molecules, hydrogen and methane, which will give us all the energy the world needs and we would also be able to say goodbye to overhanging "climate change".

Why destroy and poison our planet by digging enormous holes to extract coal, natural gas and oil? Why drill, pump, excavate, break up and poison our natural environment and atmosphere in order to get energy? Why build extremely expensive, inefficient wind turbines, solar cells and burn wood?

All the energy we need is actually in the very air we breathe.

All we need to do is to filter out the enormous volumes of energy in the form of hydrogen and methane, from the blowing wind / air. Filtration of molecules with nano-filters is well known technique which is used daily to e.g. filtering water.

Simple mathematics: One single square meter nano-filter filters 315 million cubic meters of air per year at an average wind speed of 10 meters per second.

At an efficiency of 100% gas filtration is one Nano Tower 200 times more effective than a wind turbine. Building cost is approximately the same for wind turbines and Nano Towers. This means that the cost of energy through wind turbines is 200 times higher than the energy produced by the Nano Towers. Some people begin to understand that insanity investments in wind power and solar energy must end immediately. HyMeAir predicts that the invention could give your finances a real boost, for example enabling you to fill up your car in an environmental friendly way for a few dollars instead of sixty dollars. The future looks brighter than ever before.

Read all about this project and the technology on our website:

Filtering is basically very simple, well-known and obvious technique, but if there is anything you do not understand, please contact

Technicians and Scientists.

If you are a technician and / or a scientist, in a few months HyMeAir will be creating a community for ideas and technology, primarily to capture ideas about how we best optimise the Efficiency Nano Towers with the aid of nano-filters.

If you already seriously believe that you can make a professional contribution to the development of technology, construction, industrial design and / or anything else of major significance for the Nano Towers, you can register your interest here and now:

Large companies, institutions and investors,

who might be interested in collaborating with HyMeAir can submit a brief description and registration of Their interest to:


describe and register your interest here:

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