The Best Way to Play Pokies: Quick Tips

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If you play in Australian casinos often, there is a high chance that you have heard of pokies. Pokies are trendy and for a good reason. They are interesting, feature various themes, and often have high RTP. All its features make it a pretty decent casino gamble — it's no surprise it is the Aussies' favourite. Perhaps you are wondering how best to play pokie machine; here are quick tips you can use.

However, before we delve into the high-return tips, you need to note a few things. Unlike gambles like blackjacks and pokers, pokies are purely based on chance. You can do close to nothing to influence the outcome of a given spin. That said, there are still better ways to play pokies. Here, we offer tips to help you save a few bucks and maximize your winnings. Keep reading!


What Are the Types of Pokies You Can Play


Pokies, slots, or slot machines, whichever name you are familiar with, have come a long way. We had traditional slot machines where you had to slide in a coin to play, and now its online counterparts. Here are two main types of pokies that exist:

Reel Machines

You may often visit any $5 minimum deposit casino in Australia 2023 the traditional slot machine is likely a familiar sight. This reel machine contains physical reels that spin when a punter pushes a button or pulls a lever. Although this form of pokies is becoming less popular by the minute, you can still find them at land casinos. If you are a fan of the good old-fashioned thrill of getting winning symbols, it is a great stop the next time you are at a physical casino.

Online Pokies

With the prevalence of the internet, we have online pokie machines in various Australian online casinos. The high-res graphics and fewer moving parts make online pokie game have more reels and other features. Online pokie machines typically have 3 to 6 virtual reels, multiple paylines, and various bonus benefits. Also, several categories, like video pokies, classic pokies, and progressive jackpots, are open to punters.


Some Popular Online Pokies' Categories


Online slots are vast. If you want to know the best ways to play, you should know which one you want to play. This way, you know what you want the next time you visit an online casino and get familiar with its rules beforehand. Here are the different categories:


  • Video pokies. The majority of the online pokies in Australian casinos are video pokies. These are computer-generated and come with various features. They also have bonuses, several top-tier themes, and sophisticated gameplay. If you are new to pokies as an Aussie, it is a great place to begin. More so, the recent gambles in this category have more unique features that appeal to punters who want more thrill while playing.
  • Classic pokies. Suppose you find video slots a bit complicated; classic pokies are more down-to-earth. There are fewer features. Plus, if you love traditional slot machines, you will find an excellent replica here. The gamble takes place on a 3×3 grid with various symbols. Its theme is simplicity. You wager, spin, and hope to win. No more, no less!
  • Progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot doesn't have a fixed bank, unlike a typical video one. Instead, the jackpot piles up the more you bet and gets larger till you win. And if you are hoping to win big, here is the way to go.


For most of the online casinos in Australia, you will find all these three leading pokies on display. Plus, you can filter the category you fancy on most sites and even go further to separate the pokies based on RTP, theme, features, and payouts.


Quick Tips on the Greatest Way to Play Pokies at Online Casino


Poker machines are a fun casino game to pass the time. However, we don't recommend you use it as a source of income, as outcomes are usually completely random. However, if you want to know how you can play better and improve your chances of winning, we have tips and tricks that might be helpful. That said, let's take a look at some quick tips that will guarantee you have a fun-filled punting experience:

Plan Ahead

As with life, playing pokie isn't so different—planning is essential. It would help if you paused to strategize and stick to it. It might seem illogical since poker machines are solely based on chance. But it isn't. Plus, what gamble is better than one that has already been planned out?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that casino players set their limits. How much are you willing to risk per session? What's the max bet you are ready to lose? When you plan to quit playing and leave with your winnings. All this prevents you from playing mindlessly and helps curb potential losses in the long run.

Play Only When You Are Thinking Straight

Although it might seem obvious, we must iterate how important it is to bet only when you are thinking clearly. Punting when your head is cloudy can lead to messy decision-making. It is best to steer clear of pokies if you are stressed. And if you are hoping to relax or get your mind off anything, do so with low stake gambles. Leave the higher-wager ones for when you feel better. After all, not having a clear head can lead to an addiction, similar to sports betting.

To Win Big, Bet Big With Pokie Machines

This tip might not sound right, but the only way to win big is to wager big. Note this works if you can afford to lose a large wager. Like most gambles, the player percentage win depends on the initial deposit. Hence, if you have a big payroll, making a couple of big bets might pan out well for you.

Bonus Rounds and Multiple Paylines

Choosing gambles with multiple paylines, bonus rounds, and lucrative features increase your chance of winning. These open you to various occasional winnings, and there are several ways you can win. The catch is leaving after you win rather than sticking till you lose all your winnings to the gamble.

Choose Pokies With High RTP

Essentially, RTP means a return to the player. RTP is the percentage returned to the player based on their deposit. If you hope to get the best out of a video poker game, pick the ones with high RTP. With high RTP, a winning pokie machine is more likely for a player than a low RTP machine.

Most pokies on online casinos have an RTP of 95% or more. The RTP for online pokies is better than those from land casinos. Moreover, it is integral that you know RTP works best when you look at it in the long run.

Stick to Your Limits

Knowing when to stop is critical as an Aussie punter. Suppose you have decided to stick with a budget while planning; it is imperative to follow it through. This way, you minimize your loss. Don't try to make up for already-made losses by wagering more. If your set limit is AU$ 100, stick with it. There will be another time, and maybe, just maybe, luck will be on your side then.

Practice Pokies

Every pokies game has unique features; finding out which works best for you is essential. However, in a real-money online casino, it might be counterintuitive to have to deposit to check out how a game fares. The good news for Australian players is most online casinos offer demo versions of their pokies games. You can practice across the platform and check them out to see if you can develop strategies to beat pokie machines best.


Ensure you utilize the demo version to check how to properly play the pokies games before hopping on its real-money versions. Since the interfaces are carbon copies of themselves, you can use what you learnt from the demo version for the real-money version.

Pick a Reliable Casino

Learning how to play better pokies is only possible if you are going to play it in a counterfeit online casino. Countless online gambling sites claim to offer great punting experiences but are unlicensed and have no reputable regulations backing them and ridiculous house edge. These shady websites can go as far as rigging the RPG of your pokies games and reducing the chances of you winning any game.

What's more, suppose you win; payouts aren't guaranteed. There is a 100% chance that the site refuses to let go of your money. That said, you must stay away from unscrupulous online casinos and stick with those with regulatory bodies' backing. This way, you can use our quick tips and find rewards for your efforts.

Bottom Line

If you are an Aussie punter hoping to have some fun and probably win a bit here and there while at it, pokies is a great stop the next time you are at a casino. However, there is no better way to get winning symbols than playing in the best possible way.

Knowing the type of pokies you like and essential tips and tricks that prepare you for the randomness of the game is critical. This article rounds up the simple tips you can apply the next time you are playing pokies. Overall, you must remember to have fun and note that pokies aren't a get-rich-quick scheme of getting a progressive jackpot or an investment. Play with a plan and drown yourself in an enjoyable punting experience.



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