'Road Trips To Saudi Arabia An Experience Of A Life Time'

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Doha, Qatar: Embarking on a road trip from Qatar to Saudi Arabia promises an exhilarating and culturally immersive adventure as you traverse breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks, and modern marvels.

This remarkable journey not only connects two nations but also grants a unique glimpse into the essence of the Arabian Peninsula, granting access to other countries within the GCC family.

Commencing at the Abu Samra border crossing, the primary checkpoint between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the approximately six-hour drive from Doha to Riyadh takes you on a captivating voyage through time and diverse terrains. This unforgettable expedition is brimming with cultural revelations and natural wonders.

It comes as no surprise, then, that many citizens and residents of both countries hold a deep fondness for embarking on this road trip, despite its longer duration and slight inconvenience compared to air travel. The allure of the exciting experiences encountered along the way makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a truly remarkable journey.

Speaking to The Peninsula recently, Yassin Aman Mohamed Al Jabarti, the Director of Gulf African Business Representation (GABR) Qatar, a consummate businessman who regularly shuttles between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, noted that he had previously not been a fan of long-distance driving; however, he is enjoying the experience of driving between Qatar and Saudi Arabia in recent times.

Yassin Aman Mohamed Al Jabarti

“I have taken not less than eight trips totalling over a 100-day stay in Saudi Arabia from Qatar in the last six months and I've had fantastic experiences. The services at border crossings were amazingly good, both from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. On my way back from Saudi Arabia on the first of the many trips recently after spending a couple of weeks there, I received an email before reaching Doha.

“The email included a questionnaire about my experience during my stay in Saudi Arabia as well as asking for any suggestions or recommendations to enhance the services. I was extremely impressed by this as I usually only encounter this level of communication in Europe and other industrialized countries,” Al Jabarti noted.

According to him, from a business perspective as cross-border business cooperation and free trade grow, there will be significant growth and prosperity.

“I am highly impressed to see how GCC cities are becoming more environmentally friendly, with a strong emphasis on creating green spaces and walking areas.

The scenery you witness along the way between the GCC cities is increasingly becoming breath-taking, and the increasing cross-border partnership and growth will continue to fuel further prosperity and development on all sides,” he added.

Travelling to Saudi Arabia, or other parts of the GCC region, by road from Qatar is basic and straightforward.

The basic requirements needed to be taken along include the QIDs and passports of everyone travelling, a driving license, a valid visa and valid vehicle documents, as well as vehicle insurance. There are different types of visas for non-Qataris (visa is not a requirement for Qatari citizens), and the different types of visas and their fees are available online on the designated portals of each country.

For Razbeen Nusky, a resident of Qatar for over 10 years who, alongside her family, had taken the trip no less than three times, noted that she will continue to choose road trips to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region over air flights many times over considering her experiences on the road over the years.

“We've been to Saudi by road three times and then to Bahrain through Al Khobar. The experience was great. There were filling stations averagely within 50km to 60km distance, which solves the problem of refueling. It is one of the best experiences I've had since I came into the region, and the experience is better felt than told,” she said.

“Seeing the endless sand dunes in their awesome red beauty and enjoying the cool breeze while travelling on the long windy road, especially in winter, is something that cannot be traded for a trip by plane. It is simply awesome.” As for preparations for the journey, the major task, according to her, is getting things that will make the trip enjoyable as much as possible for the kids.

“We always get enough snacks and toys that will keep the children busy and enjoy the trip. When they are relaxed, the trip becomes more interesting. The good thing is that they are now keener on embarking on the trips, which had made it more interesting,” Nusky added.

To further enhance hassle-free road travel between the GCC nations, a unified Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) visa, akin to the Schengen visa in Europe, is set to be implemented by the end of this year.

The 'GCC Grand Tours visa' will allow for multi-entry, enabling travellers to move freely among the six GCC countries: Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.

Travellers will enjoy seamless travel and the freedom to spend over 30 days in any of the countries covered by the said visa, Qatar Tourism Chairman, H E Saad bin Ali Al Kharji disclosed at the recently held Qatar Economic Forum in Doha.


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