Katara Cultural Village: Qatar's Premier Tourist Destination

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Katara Cultural Village stands out as a global cultural and tourist destination all year round due to its cultural and investment initiatives. The strategy implemented by Katara aims to enhance the regional and international cultural landscape by promoting human culture and arts, preserving national identity, and revitalizing heritage. It is not merely a place for leisure, but a unique cultural and civilizational endeavor that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation, making it a shining symbol of Arab and global culture and a melting pot of diverse world cultures, fostering a rich tapestry of ideas and artistic expression.

At Katara, visitors will be immersed in a cultural and tourism experience like no other, where the architectural splendor is a testament to the rich Qatari heritage with its unique and diverse building designs. The Katara Cultural Village Foundation offers a comprehensive range of tourism, entertainment, and shopping options through its various facilities, such as commercial complexes, shopping centers, recreational areas, and exhibitions, all part of a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Various events and activities

Throughout the year, Katara hosts a wide range of events that encompass various aspects of heritage, art, literature, and sports. These events include annual heritage festivals such as Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, Marmi Festival, Katara International Arabian Horse Festival, S'hail - Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition, Halal Qatar Festival, Senyar Festival, among others. Additionally, Katara presents international music festivals like Katara European Jazz Festival and Oud Festival, which showcase a diverse range of cultural expressions. Alongside these festivals, there are also opportunities to attend musical evenings, art exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, further enriching the cultural experience.

In contrast, Katara has launched multiple awards in diverse cultural fields, such as the esteemed Katara Award for Arabic Novel, the largest and most comprehensive award in the novel category, Katara Award for Holy Qur'an Recitation, Katara Award for the Prophet's Poet, and Al- Nahma Art Award. Moreover, Katara hosts celebrations during holidays, National Day, and Sport Day. The Katara Cultural Village remains a vibrant beacon year-round.

Hotels, chalets, and restaurants in the Cultural District offer visitors a one-of-a-kind experience

One such establishment is the 21 High Street Residence, a hotel apartment that stands out with its unique and exceptional design inspired by the lives of writers and poets. This residence will showcase pictures and information about each personality, adding to its charm and allure.

Another remarkable option is The Chedi Katara Hotel and Resort. This establishment boasts a captivating view of Katara Beach and showcases a distinctive architectural design. Its prime location on the highest hills near the waterway connecting the Katara Cultural District and the Diplomatic Club further enhances its appeal.

21 high street, the luxury of shopping in an atmosphere that combines art and innovation

Positioned as an added allure amidst the global cultural setting of the Katara Cultural Village, this architectural gem serves as a unique tourist destination that unites the most distinguished international brands, delivering an exceptional global shopping experience that enriches the Qatari market with cutting-edge, valuable, and delightful encounters. This endeavor is poised to draw in major international brands specializing in fashion, luxury goods, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, entertainment, watches, and jewelry.

21 High Street upholds the spirit of innovation by creating a cutting-edge open, air-conditioned environment that prioritizes comfort. Featuring a state-of-the-art ground cooling system, this space seamlessly blends artistic architecture, innovation, and ultimate comfort.

This endeavor sets itself apart by seamlessly combining elements of visual artistry, leisure activities, and top-notch customer service within a unified setting. Rather than simply hosting a series of international retail outlets and premium coffee shops, it aims to create a harmonious and engaging environment that highlights the charm of natural surroundings, sandstone structures, interconnected walkways, arches, and refreshing breezeways.

OliOli Doha Children's Mall was created with a fresh and attractive design, featuring an exterior shaped like a gift box. The mall includes three million square feet of space, along with candy and toy stores in Bern-Lyon. It is renowned for its educational areas like Park Future and the Water Exhibition, which aims to enrich children's cultural experiences through engaging activities and interactive displays.

The marina area features a primary dining establishment, known as "Katara Marina," along with eight chalets available for day use. What sets this development apart is its commitment to ensuring absolute privacy for the diners at these restaurants, providing them with a truly exceptional experience.

The Planetarium: An amazing experience of the vast world of space

Al-Thuraya Planetarium offers visitors a unique and captivating astronomical experience. With interactive seats that have built-in speakers and a motion system synchronized with the astronomical show, it provides an immersive experience like no other. Situated in the Cultural Village (Katara), it is one of the key attractions that aims to enhance the cultural experiences of its visitors. The Planetarium is particularly popular among schools, families, and individuals seeking both entertainment and educational opportunities. The exhibition hall, located within the Planetarium Dome building, is the centerpiece of the facility. It can accommodate up to 200 people, including dedicated seating for individuals with special needs and VIPs. The hall boasts a remarkable nano-display screen, the largest of its kind in the region, measuring 22 meters in diameter. Additionally, it is equipped with state-of-the-art high-resolution digital display devices. Furthermore, the Planetarium features spacious terraces (Al Sharaf) overlooking the sea, providing a perfect vantage point for observing astronomical events and engaging in other outdoor activities.

Katara Hills ... vibrant green spaces reflecting various cultures worldwide

Katara consistently aims to offer a unique and appealing landmark for both tourists and residents alike on the premises. Katara Hills stands out due to its distinctive design and array of various elements that promise an unmatched level of enjoyment. The northern and southern hills are brimming with numerous entertainment options and amenities for ultimate comfort.

Encompassing an impressive 361,500 square meters, the Cultural Village gardens showcase a beautiful ensemble of trees and lush green lawns meticulously designed using top-tier craftsmanship methods. The gardens exhibit captivating geometric shapes influenced by diverse styles, featuring various ornamental plants and approximately 3,300 trees. These trees were carefully selected from various countries and continents to thrive in Qatari soil, in line with the original vision of Katara. With its unique combination of stones, people, and trees, Katara stands as a peaceful sanctuary where cultures converge, civilizations harmonize, and global ideas flourish.

Katara Beach...the pearl of Qatar

Regarded as one of the premier picturesque locations in Katara, this destination offers a wide array of activities for beach enthusiasts, including swimming, sunbathing, and various water sports like boating and rowing. Families can take advantage of a secure setting with a dedicated children's play zone and several cafes, restaurants, and health facilities to ensure a comfortable visit.


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