As Bitcoin Price Retests 200 WMA, 5 Best Crypto Tokens To Buy Right Now

(MENAFN- News Direct) With the crypto market in the doldrums, investors have been shying away from backing major cryptocurrencies. The threat of a looming recession along with the possibility of unfavourable regulation has created strong bearish sentiments in some parts of the market.

As BTC prices continue to decline, investors are looking for alternative tokens that generate explosive growth - such tokens depend upon the demand of their utility, the strength of the community and bullish events such as exchange listings to outperform the crypto market.

However, there are also signs that Bitcoin could be set for a reversal in the coming weeks - news that always brings the rest of the market with it, including new presale projects.

BTC is currently trading above its 200 wma , indicating a large number of buy orders have been placed, while zooming out from the chart also shows Bitcoin is creating higher-highs and lower-highs on the weekly timeframe.

We have listed the 5 best crypto tokens to buy now that are showing a strong performance in their presales and will likely provide investors with the most profitability - whether or not BTC starts showing upward movement in the coming weeks.

Hot New Meme Coin Wall Street Bets Raises $100k in First 24 Hours

wall street memes ($wsm) is a newly launched meme coin presale that has been developed by a project that already has a 400,000 strong social media following and huge recognition in the crypto world.

The token raised more than $100,000 in its first 24 hours after launch, proving there is already huge interest in the meme coin.

It comes from the same team that developed the Wall St Bulls NFT collection - which sold out in just 32 minutes in 2021.

According to OpenSea, the collection has also attracted more than 1,861 ETH of trading volume - in excess of $3.3 million based on today's price.

Hype is also building around the Bitcoin Ordinals collection that is in development, with fierce competition for whitelist places and a supply of only 420 available to mint.

The NFT and meme token build on the Wall Street Bets movement, which started on Reddit and grew to see various stocks and cryptos see massive price increases.

The community token is currently on sale for $0.025 in stage 1 of its presale, but will rise to $0.0337 by the final stage.

wall street memes has a small supply of just 2 billion tokens and will be totally community powered - 50% of the supply will be available through the presale.

The remaining supply split between exchange liquidity and community rewards.

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AI-Powered Meme Coin AiDoge ($AI) Raised Over $14 Million

aidoge is a revolutionary meme-generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality memes. $AI, the native token of AiDoge, is one of the hottest crypto assets in the market and is dominating its presale.

The token has already raised $14.5 million in just four weeks and is extremely close to reaching its hard cap of $14.9 million.

The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that have been trained on thousands of memes and crypto news to ensure that users receive up-to-date and entertaining memes.

AI-powered tokens are in high demand as the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology is expected to break many barriers. The high utility of the $AI token separates it from other meme coins and is expected to result in a bullish surge after launch.

$AI also offers exciting rewards to holders through staking or voting on the aidoge platform, with the best creations earning token rewards - presale token holders are also eligible for a 50 billion token airdrop.

Investors can also trust the project for secure asset management, with the token smart contract audited by CertiK to root out any vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 25% of the tokens have been staked with the company for 10 years to highlight its commitment to long-term excellence.

Users can purchase the $AI token with bank cards or by swapping ETH or BNB tokens in exchange for $AI.

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Revolutionary Trading Token $YPRED Sees Surging Demand in Presale

Continuing on the theme of AI-powered tokens with high demand, the $YPRED token has seen incredible growth during its presale.

ypredict's native token has raised $1.75 million and with multiple presale stages left, is well on its way to hit the targeted $2.9 million. $YPRED is currently trading at $0.09 and will launch at the price of $0.12 - a price increase of 33.33%.

The $YPRED token powers cutting-edge trading and market insights platform yPredict. It provides a wide variety of tools to give an unbeatable edge to crypto traders, developers, quants and other market participants.

For example, yPred Predictions provides free-of-cost price predictions for thousands of crypto assets and securities to all $YPRED holders. On the other hand, yPred Analytics uses a freemium pricing model and provides high-quality market insights using sentiment analysis, transaction analysis and pattern recognition.

The platform's flagship product, ypredict Marketplace, allows data scientists, AI/ML experts and quants to publish vetted data models and price algorithms.

Traders can subscribe to these models and use them as signals to make informed-decision in real time.

Existing $YPRED holders receive 10% of the proceeds on each Marketplace subscription, earning holders a whopping 45% quarterly staking reward. Finally, pro traders can instantaneously execute trades using yPredict's sophisticated Terminal engine.

Users can purchase the polygon-based token through credit cards, or by swapping ETH or MATIC.

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Top Eco-Friendly Token Ecoterra Raises $4 Million

While most cryptocurrencies are associated with environmental harm and energy wastage, the eco-friendly token ecoterra is leading the fight against climate change.

ecoterra utilises blockchain technology to incentivise individuals and businesses to combat global warming and increase their green efforts.

The project offers an excellent opportunity for companies in a wide variety of industries to reduce costs and build social credit and a good reputation, with their green actions tracked and publicly visible to all.

Corporations can use the Recycled Products Marketplace to purchase cheap recycled products and create a strong demand for them.

More prominently, the platform rewards individuals to recycle waste products through its Recyle2Earn concept. Users can earn an equitable amount of $ECOTERRA tokens for every product that they recycle, simply by scanning a barcode and depositing an item in a Reverse Vending Machine.

They can also earn the tokens by paying their sustainable energy bill through the app. Finally, both individuals and corporations can utilise the Carbon Offsets Marketplace to use ECOTERRA tokens to purchase carbon offsets and reduce their emission footprints or fund other green projects such as ocean cleanups.

Ecoterra's high utility and its role in challenging the mainstream narrative around crypto make it a likely candidate for various exchange listings. Such listings are often accompanied by a strong price surge.

$ECOTERRA has already raised $4.3 million in presale and is currently priced at $0.0085. The Recycle2Earn token will list on exchanges at $0.01 and will likely continue the bullish trend observed during the presale.

Users can purchase the token by simply connecting their crypto wallet to the ecoterra website and swapping ETH or USDT in exchange for $ECOTERRA.

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$LPX Token Surges In Presale as Web3 Platform Launchpad XYZ Turns Heads

launchpad xyz is a powerful Web3 ecosystem that provides a variety of tools for gateway access for new crypto users and crypto natives.

Due to the platform's amazing utility, the $LPX token presale has quickly amassed over $632k despite the bearish crypto market.

Launchpad XYZ acts as a portal to Web3 and wants to help drive mass adoption in the space by helping users navigate the various intricacies of the volatile crypto market.

For example, its Trading Edge platform helps users make informed decisions using sentiment analysis and the latest crypto news. Users can also get to know the trading setup for expert traders, making it a valuable learning tool.

The Terminal trading engine is another powerful tool for pro traders as it allows them to execute trades in optimum time. The Launchpad DEX helps users complete their trades without leaving the platform and still take advantage of market-leading liquidity providers.

launchpad xyz has various features that crypto users will find invaluable, such as a decentralized exchange, NFT marketplace and crucial market data, fractionalized assets, its own Web3 wallet, analysis of tokens, a play-to-earn and metaverse gaming hub and even whitelist access to new crypto presales.

The project puts a strong emphasis on providing learning opportunities to newbies through newsletters and market insights. This strategy is helping to create an army of new users for Launchpad XYZ and to increase mainstream uptake of crypto protocols.

$LPX tokens are used across the platform in a variety of ways - for example staking them grants access to whitelist places. It is expected to surge significantly from its current price of $0.0445.

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