Who is Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola?

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About Spetsnaz Security International- who are they?
Spetsnaz Security International Limited. is a U.K. company and can find it in the register with Companies House: 10524908

Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. (S.S.I.) is a licensed and insured security firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Our company was established in December 2016.
We currently have over 300 employees.
We specialize in providing customer-focused and cost-effective security services. We maintain close relationships with our clients, always striving to ensure real-time solutions to the myriad security issues and challenges in today's business environment.

Who is Fidel Matola?

Fidel Matola is President and C.E.O. of Spetsnaz Security International Ltd.

Our extensive experience gained by providing solutions to contracting requirements needs to be addressed. Our team of professionals does a daily exercise to practice effectiveness and efficiency by taking common-sense approaches to operational success. We tried and proven procedures and techniques we design to promote mission accomplishment through proactive and detailed planning, recruiting, hiring training, and staffing for efficient, rapid, and sustained deployment.
Our strength is our people and commitment to mission accomplishment. Proactive protection, situational awareness, and technical expertise are essential keys to meeting the needs of our clients in today's ever-changing world. Our strategic goals are identifying and understanding threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and determining potential adverse impacts on our client's resources and assets. Through training, leadership, and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we offer an environment where our management and employees set the standard for providing security services.
As founders, we are committed to leadership in our industry by focusing on our customers, employees, and community. We aim to recognize and appreciate our people's achievements, celebrate their successes, and give something back to the community where we work.

What are Spetsnaz Security International's core values?

The company's core values include the following:






"Silence is golden."
At Spetsnaz Security International, we believe that "Silence is Golden," and your business is your business alone. That is why we not only protect families but safeguard businesses as well. Therefore, all of our Close Protection Bodyguards, Chauffeurs, and other protection officers and staff must sign confidentiality agreements, ensuring that our client's personal life stays out of the public eye at all times.
Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. is a 100% independent private security company based in London.
Spetsnaz Security International (S.S.I.) is committed to providing clients with the highest personal protection standards. Provided with judicious logistical support, S.S.I. security agents are trained in strict adherence to protocol and the importance of attentive, personal care toward clients that firms in this industry often neglect.
Spetsnaz Security International possesses two standards by which mission success is defined: 1) arriving at the end of detail with zero safeties or security infractions and 2) exceeding our client's expectations in both the services that they have received as well as in the integrity of our personnel.

So regardless of whether the client needs a Private investigator, personal protection services, celebrity protection, security guard services, or a security consultant, they can rely on Spetsnaz Security International to handle customers' needs.
Reasons why to hire Spetsnaz Security International?
We provide private investigation and detective services-chauffeur services to all London, UK airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City, and Southend Airport. SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL offers the best London, UK, Worldwide Personal Protection Officers/Operatives/Bodyguards and professional security chauffeur services that somebody can find Nationwide. The national Close Protection security guards/bodyguards on staff at UK SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LTD. are trained for quick threat identification, quick response, and client assault prevention. We are constantly training and updating our tactics and leveraging the latest and safest techniques that somebody can find in the industry. From London, UK Close Protection to Manchester Close Protection Services and beyond, if. SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED provides skilled close protection security guard services in London, UK & Worldwide that can be dispatched in most cases in under two hours. London, UK & Worldwide Emergency Close Protection Guards can deploy 24/7 or as needed. Whatever a client need, whatever type of client or property a customer possess or manage, and whatever kind of risk or concerns the client has,


Contact SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED today for a free consultation. Our close protection services, chauffeur services nationwide, and V.I.P. armored secure transportation services are trustworthy, effective, affordable, and comprehensive. Our London, UK S.I.A. licensed close protection guards and security officers are specially trained and experienced in providing V.I.P. close protection services to corporate, high net worth, celebrity clients, government departments, and any legitimate persons requiring protective services in London, UK & Worldwide. We can respond immediately to close protection requests and deploy our security team with minimal notice in London, UK & Worldwide. SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED guarantees total confidentiality and an extraordinarily skilled and highly trained Event Security staff of ex-military, British special forces, secret service agents, Royal Marines, certified police officers, and private security consultants. Our armed security consultants have multiple years of tactical and hands-on experience and are highly decorated within their respective fields. Spetsnaz Security International has provided close protection services to business owners throughout London, Manchester, Europe & Worldwide for many years. In addition, we have highly trained personal protection security officers available to conduct immediate protection services across the country & Worldwide.
We guarantee our client's discretion, confidentiality, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism.
Our operatives are trained, certified, and licensed in S.I.A. Standards, Customer Service, and First Aid.
We are bonded, fully licensed, and registered with The Security Industry Authority (S.I.A.).
Axa Insurance fully insures
Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. holds £3m of cover for public and product liability, personal accidents, and employers' liability.
We are registered with The Information Commissioner's Office - Registration number: ZB054229.
We work in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What are the benefits of hiring a London UK Based V.I.P. Close Protection Bodyguard services?
There are many benefits to hiring us for our personal protection services in London, so we have outlined a few of the main benefits below. So, the advantages of our personal protection services in London include the following:
- Multiple Locations: Much ground can be covered when clients choose us for personal protection services in London. We can be with the client wherever they go and stop any problems before they arise, whatever the event.
- Visible Deterrent: Personal protection is a great visible deterrent to criminals and is easily seen from a distance. Showing criminals that professional security officers are the best deterrent to crime.
- Peace of Mind: Knowing that the client has received complete protection with a reliable security agency like us gives the client peace of mind that the customers are entirely secure, and this is one of the most important benefits when hiring us for personal protection in London, as the client can stop worrying.
- Reduce Future Threats: The main goal of personal protection services in London is to minimize any future threats to the client and anyone around the customer. As mentioned above, the visible deterrent of our personal protection services is usually enough to stop people from doing anything untoward.
- Carry Out Checks: Our team will conduct security checks for the client and can monitor and respond to any alarms and security threats.

We will also ensure that all windows and doors are locked and secured correctly.
Would the potential client like to know more benefits of personal protection services in London? If the client answers yes, do not hesitate to contact our expert team today. We are always here to help our clients.
We Have Got the client Covered.
Call Our London-based Team Today
If the client is Based in London or the surrounding areas of Greater London and would like to know more information about the services that we offer, such as maritime security guards, yacht security, close protection services, personal protection, detective services, private investigation, hire a bodyguard, V.I.P. security guard services, cash in transit, cash handling services, secure transportation services, crime investigation services, and cyber security, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today. We would love to take clients' calls, deal with any inquiries, and answer any questions clients may have regarding the security services we provide throughout Greater London. Alternatively, the client can look at our website for a complete overview of our security services in London. We are sure that we can meet and exceed customers' expectations.

What Is a SWOT Analysis?
Organizations such as Spetsnaz Security International can benefit from SWOT analysis.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, so a SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing these four aspects of the business.
SWOT Analysis is a tool that can help analyze what a company does best now and devise a successful future strategy. SWOT can also uncover areas of the business that are holding back or that competitors could exploit if they do not protect.
A SWOT analysis examines internal and external factors – what happens inside and outside the organization. So some of these factors will be within control, and some will not. In either case, the wisest action to respond will become clearer once we have discovered, recorded, and analyzed as many factors as possible.
In this article, video, and infographic, we explore how to conduct a SWOT analysis and implement findings. We also include a worked example and a template to help get started on a SWOT analysis in the workplace.
Why Is SWOT Analysis Important for Spetsnaz Security International?
At Spetsnaz Security International, SWOT Analysis can help to challenge risky assumptions and to uncover dangerous blindspots about an organization's performance. Using it carefully and collaboratively can deliver new insights into where someone's business is and help develop the right strategy for any situation.
For example, Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. may know someone's organization's strengths but must record them alongside weaknesses and threats to realize their reliability.
Equally, they likely have reasonable concerns about some of someone's business weaknesses. However, by going through the analysis systematically, we could find an opportunity previously overlooked that could more than compensate.
How to Write a SWOT Analysis for Spetsnaz Security International Limited?
SWOT analysis involves making lists – but so much more, too! When Spetsnaz Security International begins to write one list (say, Strengths), the thought process and research will prompt ideas for the other lists (Weaknesses, Opportunities, or Threats). Moreover, if Spetsnaz Security International compares these lists, we will likely notice connections and contradictions, which we want to highlight and explore.


How much does hiring a Private Investigator cost? | How much does a Private Detective earn? | Is needed a Licence to be a Private Investigator in the U.K.? |
If someone is looking for Investigative Services, one of the burning questions is, "How much is Private Investigator fees?" Unfortunately, the answer is not simple.
In general, Private Investigators typically charge fees at an hourly rate. While some firms may offer flat-fee packages for a background check or surveillance matter, for the most part, every case is different, and it is difficult to put a standard flat fee on anything.
Like any other line of business, the hourly rate differs based on various factors. Below, we have outlined some essential factors that determine Private Investigator fees.
Like any professional service firm, the rates of different investigative firms will vary depending on the complexity of the matter.
A Private Investigator retained for a complex legal matter with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake will cost more than finding an address for a long-lost friend.
Is someone trying to find out if an individual has a criminal record, or is there something in a person's past that could discredit that person?
Logically speaking, to dig deep if seeking information to discredit someone. However, unfortunately, the more profound to go, the more expensive it will get.
Rates vary depending on a specific area of expertise and the jurisdiction in which the case is being worked.
For example, a surveillance Investigator in "Anywhere, U.K." may charge half the rate of a metro London-based surveillance investigator conducting precisely the same investigation but charging upwards of £150 per hour for each Investigator.
Investigators trained to conduct a complex asset investigation will demand higher fees than Investigators who conduct surveillance.
The most prominent investigative firms charge more than £500 per hour.
Rates for U.K. Private Investigators vary widely, from less than £75 per hour to more than £500 per hour.
The adage "You get what you pay for" applies to the investigative business, just as it does to almost anything else.
Ultimately, U.K. Private Investigators are hired to find information to help Spetsnaz Security International make more informed decisions and be comfortable with the information they are getting. The people are dealing with, regardless of what fees they are charging.

From where does innovation come?

Most innovation outcomes are from the mindful, purposeful search for opportunities in the firm and sectors, larger society, and the intellectual environment. Retail innovation is all about change which delivers tangible value to the shoppers. This innovation happens through new development and improvements in services, businesses, products, and technology (Shankara et al., 2015). For customers, it offers convenience and value; for retailers, it provides a competitive advantage and growth. Similarly, the ambition of Spetsnaz Security International is to discover new ideas, technologies, and products which will aid people in serving their communities, colleagues, planet, and customers in the future. Therefore, Spetsnaz Security International strategically organizes and directs its worker to build innovation. It includes transforming knowledge to make sure the development of organizational activities and new products.
This information in this paper excludes business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-business (C2B), and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business models because they only take into account retailers selling to (end-)consumers. In addition, innovations that are significant to customers are the primary focus when determining trends. As a result, this study does not include innovations in supply chain management, ownership structure, or internal business processes, and this is because innovations and changes in these areas only affect "backstage" and not the customer.

This report aims to recognize trends in the retail landscape; such trends will form the umbrella under which specific changes and innovations fall.
To identify theories on retail change to discuss the modern trends in retailing.
To distinguish the present trends of change in retailing
To describe how the Internet of Things (IoT) systems serve as a tool to enhance innovation in the process of retail
The aim has certain limitations as there is a range of trends and theories regarding innovation that cannot be considered in this report due to the word count limitation.

Literature review
Describe using referenced material
How will the proposed report fit into the existing academic knowledge and practice?
How research report will enhance knowledge or contribute to new understandings in the subject area
A review of the literature that relates to the theme. It would help to tell how the proposed work would build on existing findings and explore new territory.

An outline of the intended approach or methodology and the potential significance of the research.


This research will be based on secondary sources as data will be collected through research articles, reports, and annual reports of the chosen company. It means this study will collect qualitative data; the reason behind choosing this methodology is that it saves time and ensures data reliability and validity.
Describe the methods to deliver Spetsnaz Security International's aim and objectives.
Provide details of the data source and any required specialist resources or facilities.
Expected Outcomes
Summarize the outcomes/personal development of Spetsnaz Security International.
Hope will result from the project.

Shankara, P., Mahanta, P., Arora, E. and Srinivasamurthy, G., (2015, October). Impact of the Internet of Things on the retail industry. In OTM Confederated International Conferences" On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems" (pp. 61-65). Springer, Cham.


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