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You may have heard the cliché that your university days are the best days of your life. If you roll your eyes every time you hear that, it’s understandable; most students do. Those days certainly don’t feel like the best days of your life when you’re anxiously waiting for that student loan to arrive in your account, with no clear financial strategy for how you’ll survivethe rest of the week. They won’t seem like the best day of your life when you’re pulling an all-nighter for the third day in a row, preparing for your end of semester exams.

Once it’s all over, however, and you find yourself in the real world, you’re more than likely to feel nostalgic for those good old university days. Here are some reasons that might convince you that your school days really are the best days of your life:

1. Things are way 

everyone at university complains about having no money, which is understandable, considering the fact that university students tend to spend a lot more recklessly than adults who aren’t in university. 

That said, lots of companies that target university students actually make their services and products much cheaper to students. Students get more gift cards, with higher discounts on them, as well as cheaper services. Whether you’re looking to get cheaper beer, pizza, or better rates when you fly, it’s going to be much easier to get that in school than it is when you’re out of school.

2. You have a lot more free time on your hands

Life in university can often feel like it’s rushing past, and with all those assignments due and exams coming up, it’s easy to feel like there just isn’t enough time to do anything. But hold your horses; you’re only attending a few lectures a week. Most of your time really is your own to do with as you wish, whether party, study, watch Netflix, or just plain sleep. Besides, if you need help with your studies, it’s easy to get it with life essays provided courtesy of That just leaves with more free time to pursue your hobbies and passions.

When you get out into the real world, you can expect to work 40+ hours every week, and sometimes on the weekends too. Uni is probably the most free time you will ever have in your life. Don’t take it for granted; things are tough as nails out here!

3. You get to eat whatever you want without getting fat

Nothing feels as good as eating pizzas every day and still managing to maintain your athletic body. It’s only in university that it’s completely acceptable to have a staple diet of junk food without getting judgmental looks from your peers.

When you’re in uni, your body is at its peak health and metabolism. Even with moderate exercise, most of the good you eat gets burned, rather than stored as fat. You’re probably going to be doing lots of exercise anyway, especially when you count all those kilometers you walk between classes all day. Once you get out, you’re likely to get a job where you sit all day. Your metabolism will slow, your body will age, and shedding a few inches from your waist will be a herculean task.

4. You get to dress fancy

University is one of the few places where you can be more adventurous with your dress code and no one will bat an eyelid. In the real world, you’ll probably dress formally at work and be too tired on the weekends to dress anything other than comfortably. You’ll also probably be too deliberate with your money to spend it all on fancy expensive clothes.

5. You get to live with your best friends

One of the big wins of university life is that you find accommodation easily. Student accommodation is not only easy to find, but also promotes living together, having loads of fun, partying, and debriefing the morning after under the same roof.

When you graduate, money is likely to be a lot tighter, and accommodation a lot more expensive. The purpose-built dorms at school will give way to dodgy flats that are priced way too high for their size, and in the event that you do share your accommodations, you won’t have enough time to party, and your neighbors probably won’t like it very much when you do, anyway.

6. You have more energy

Again, since you’re way healthier when you’re in school, you’ll have enough energy to go for sports matches, gigs, to the cinema, and to the parties that get held on the weekend. You have lots of time to nap and recover anyway. Your energy levels will drop significantly after you graduate, and those hangovers after a night of continuous drinking will be more severe.


As you can see, school is an excellent place, more like an extended holiday than a concentration camp. Enjoy your days in school and make the more of your time there. While it’s not guaranteed, they really just might be the best days of your life.

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Robert Everett is a writer, editor, and researcher with a focus on education, technology, and lifestyle. He loves to break down topics into simple and accessible bits for his readers. When not writing, he enjoys traveling the world.




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