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Bahamas child abductor caught: Confessed and charged

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Now) By Youri Kemp
Caribbean News Now associate managing editor

NASSAU, Bahamas — A suspect in the abduction of several children under the age of 14 in The Bahamas was brought before the magistrate's court in The Bahamas last Thursday, less than a week after two suspects were arrested by members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF).

The two women, one aged 29 named, De'Edra Michelle Gibson, who was formally charged on Thursday and the other, a 35 year old resident from the island of Eleuthera, whose name was not released but whom police believe acted as an accomplice for Gibson during the abductions, but was not charged along with Gibson, was wanted in four of the five abductions between February 17 and March 7, 2019.

Gibson is said to have confessed to the crimes during her interrogation by Bahamian police officers, but has not given up a motive for her actions, which has still left some members of the public puzzled as to why would she abduct children and then only to leave them at obscure and puzzling places around the island of New Providence.

In two of the incidents, Gibson left her child victims unharmed by the gates of the City Landfill.

Gibson was also wanted in question for an attempted kidnapping of another male child, aged 12, at the end of March but that child got away from her and described the nature of his attempt abduction to his parents.

The police superintendent in charge of the Central Detective Unit (CDU), the arm of the RBPF responsible for the investigation and arrest of the two women, Solomon Cash, said that two other reported child abductions have been quashed and solved as being a result of a domestic dispute and not related to the connected four kidnappings by Gibson and accomplice.

During the height of the abductions, the police noticed a trend in some of the kidnappings but made no mention to the public on what they suspected or found even up to now when Gibson has been formally charged in the magistrate's court.

It was revealed in court that Gibson has a history of mental health issues, where she had previously spent time in a mental health facility, and as a result, she was not required to plead to the charges brought before her.

Gibson was instead remanded to the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre where a psychiatric evaluation will be conducted, and instead not to the Bahamas department of correctional services.

This is assumed should bring an end to the recent spate of terrifying child abductions that has gripped the central capital island of New Providence and had members of the public in a deep panic about the safety of their underage children.

Minister for national security, Marvin Dames, said about the RBPF's capture of the two women before Gibson's arraignment: 'It's a job well done. I have the utmost confidence in the commissioner of police and his team and if you can recall, outside of parliament last week I said the police were closing in on this matter.'


Bahamas child abductor caught: Confessed and charged

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