Kuwait- No escape for Persian turbaned Hitler from fate of history

(MENAFN- Arab Times) IRAN is getting closer to the edge of a precipice due to the policies of its adventurous regime which rendered it an outcast internationally. Iranians are suffering from two bitter issues — their livelihood or even their dealings and movements with the rest of the world.

Hence, events in international corridors in relation to the cancellation or suspension of the nuclear treaty and increasing sanctions over ballistic missile projects; as well as the major international political movement towards the Mullah regime, are considered a prelude to witnessing the 1979 event in Iran once again, but in a more dramatic manner.

Four decades ago, Khomeini was deluded into thinking that the rhetoric on exporting revolution and changing the ruling system and culture of societies in the region would not be confronted because he thought the Gulf countries have no confrontational will.

However, it might come as a surprise that Gulf countries have been forming a regional force with international economic and development dimensions which can foil Iran's evil schemes, in addition to building a productive and solid economy.

On the other hand, Iran has been losing its accounts which were frozen to avoid being used for terrorism schemes initiated by its Revolutionary Guard through destructive operations in various parts of the world.

Iran would have been a major economic force if only its regime came out of the cave of ignorance and established an Islamic rule without Persian expansionism tendencies. Nevertheless, the regime opted to carry its political project through the blood of Muslims in general, and Shia Muslims in particular.

It has been interfering with the affairs of Kuwait since the 1980s. It planted spy cells here, in Bahrain, eastern province of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Its adventures yielded disappointing results and defeat.

Since 1979, Iran has been forming groups in different countries. Some of these groups have become more powerful than the State and this is the situation in Lebanon where the 'Hezbollah' is in control of Lebanese decision.

In recent years, Iran also established a group known as 'IS' to be the other wing of destruction in the Arab world as it cooperated with 'al-Qaeda' in the past and provided the latter with a safe haven.

In addition, the Mullah regime revived the nuclear project in 1999 and strived to own weapons of mass destruction; but all of these initiatives were conducted at the expense of Iranians who recently rose up in protest.

Today, its people are witnessing fall of the Expansionism Empire. This empire was built with the illusion of regaining the past glory, especially after the six major countries controlled the nuclear deal such that Iran cannot avert itself from the bitter cup of accountability despite its political manipulation attempts.

It is clear to the world that Iran's game of using its missiles in Yemen against Saudi Arabia is a threat to international peace and security, in addition to operating outside the international laws.

Events in the past four decades proved that Saudi Arabia has a firm vision and it does not operate on reaction policies. With the help of its allies, Saudi Arabia is able to foil the Iranian scheme without engaging in an open confrontation or direct war.

Based on these facts, Iran is not the rival of Saudi Arabia because the former lacks strength which the latter possesses. Saudi Arabia is in the G20 club, whereas Iran cannot secure daily necessities for its people.

History is the witness of countries which ruled with the expansionism illusion, such as the Nazi Germans under the leadership of Hitler who used his people for evil and expansion purposes but he ended up shooting his own foot.

Mussolini did the same. Despite building a nuclear arsenal at the expense of people's daily bread, the great Soviet Union broke apart — even the nuclear bombs that it had could not prevent its collapse.

Iran's struggle to possess nuclear weapons which threaten neighboring countries and the issue will not be overlooked.

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman said the kingdom can quickly develop nuclear bomb to protect itself and other Gulf countries and then obtain global support, given that Saudi Arabia operates according to peaceful international policies and development cooperation rather than amassing weapons while the Iranians are starving.

Therefore, the turbaned expansionism Hitler will never escape history's fate. After four decades of expansionism adventures, he lost the Shias of the world as he has been misleading them under the pretext of being their first defender.

In fact, Shias have realized that he is taking them to the furnace as manifested in the arrest of Hussein Al-Shirazi. The arrest agitated a large number of Shias in and outside Iran. This is in addition to the killings which the Iraqi and Lebanese Shias are enduring in the hands of some agents rallying behind the Iranian regime's rhetoric.

It seems that Iran at present is like a sheep attempting to break a rock with its horns, but it breaks its horns while the rock remains in its position firmly.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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