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Organic Tobacco Market What all it boasts about?

(MENAFN Editorial) Cigarettes are a global phenomenon for better or for worse. People everywhere on all continents bar Antarctica occasionally engage into cigarette smoking. For all the benefits it provides, well it provides none, smokers are in a constant love-hate relationship with their Tobacco provider, which in return provides them with nicotine. Now for a better part of recorded human history for as far back as 16thcentury Europe or going even further back to 4000 B.C. in the Americas, Tobacco consumption was taking place.

Whether consuming tobacco is very unhealthy or slightly unhealthy is still up for debate, no its not. But the health effects ofOrganic Tobaccoare indeed debatable, Anti-smoking groups or activists as they refer to themselves heroically claim that tobacco processed in this way which is without the use of preservatives or chemicals drastically reduce the chances of various diseases and illness attached with smoking. These Organic tobacco cigarettes are use tobacco that is grown using organic farming which means no fertilizers or pesticides that are synthetic are used.

Normal tobacco products may contain chemicals and compounds that do not provide the users with anything nicotine related that they so much crave, but are used for different goals altogether like keeping a longer shelf life, keeping the cigarettes from burning when not actively inhaled in order to avoid hazardous fires or just for the sake of creating an artificial craving (these are some activist claims).

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the department involved in certifying and overlooking the organic tobacco products, they ensure that these products are organically grown as they claim to be. Organic tobacco products in the smoking category are available in various forms such as cigarette, cigar, and flavored tobacco for water pipes. TheOrganic Tobacco Marketalso contains products such as smokeless tobacco products that come in the form of e-cigarettes, flavored e-liquid for vaporizers, and chewing tobacco.

When someone is looking to quit smoking, they are also trying to replace their addiction with something else, something similar but healthier, this does not always mean apples and oranges or a book they can read. Smokers are willing to move to Organic Tobacco products if it means less chances of cancer due to harmful pesticides that in no way aid their addiction. This unflinching attitude of smokers to stop smoking completely is driving the Organic Tobacco Market in both developed and developing nations. The only criteria limiting this healthier alternative is the cost involved in organic tobacco farming, but as we know from e-cigarette users and nicotine gum users that smokers are willing to move to the lesser evil even if it can cost them double their original spending.

Organic Tobacco marketin the industry is segmented by their types of curing it has Flue Cured, Air Cured, Sun Cured, and Fire Cured, which one is healthier is still a question, but when its about a comparison with the usual tobacco products, they are all considered better choices.

Europe is estimated to constitute the largest share in this market partly due to France having cigarettes as their national food and extracurricular activity at the same time, while the Asia Pacific region is expected to observe the fastest growth owing to the growing population, disposable income and well a healthier alternative to the polluted atmosphere they brave every day.

Smoking is still unhealthy and chain smoking even more so, organic tobacco also boasts the claim that these products help in smoking cessation in these individuals. Research is still going on why smokers smoke and Organic tobacco products are facing this big question too, and are quite plausible to be the best answer to whether smoking addiction comes from the nicotine in these cigarettes or from the cocktail of chemicals involved in manufacturing them.

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Organic Tobacco Market What all it boasts about?



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