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By Dr Shahid Amin

I reflected on privilege and freedom after attending an event in the bustling city of Delhi. What triggered a deeper contemplation was when I came across a social media post where Virat Kohli mentioned his desire to roam Delhi's markets again without being troubled by his fans. It made me think about the lives of celebrities and people in top positions, both in the public and private sectors. While their achievements are admirable, they often face limitations on their freedom.


We have political figures, judges, and military leaders in the public sector. These individuals hold significant power and responsibility but are constantly under public scrutiny. They must be mindful of security concerns, which restrict their ability to move freely.

The private sector has corporate CEOs, celebrities, sports stars, entrepreneurs, etc. They enjoy fame, wealth, and influence, but they also face their own set of challenges. Constant media attention, paparazzi, and fan frenzy can make it difficult for them to have an everyday life outside their professional obligations.

Researchers and scientists are often deeply engrossed in their work, driven by a passion for discovery and innovation. However, this intense focus on their professional pursuits can sometimes result in limited social connections outside their academic circles. Scientists devote countless hours to conducting experiments, analyzing data, and advancing their research, leaving little time for social interactions. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge is admirable, but it can also lead to a sense of isolation from broader social networks.

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For university authorities like Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Deans, and other leaders, finding time to unwind can be challenging due to their busy schedules. Juggling administrative duties, educational responsibilities, and the demands of university life leaves little room for personal relaxation. Even amidst their pivotal roles in shaping academic institutions, they often have limited time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Doctors and engineers are not an exception. In today's fast-paced world, doctors and engineers are often consumed by their demanding professions, which leaves little time for nurturing friendships and enjoying true freedom. The pressures of modern life and the pursuit of financial success can create barriers to forming meaningful connections and experiencing life to the fullest.

Amidst these high-profile positions, we find the power of the common man. Unlike those in the spotlight, the average person has the freedom to navigate their daily lives without the constant gaze of scrutiny. They can walk the streets without being recognized, pursue their hobbies without fear of judgment, and make personal choices without the weight of public expectation. The common man enjoys life to the fullest, and with ample time for family and friends.

The contrast between privilege and freedom is stark. The lives of those in top professions serve as a reminder of the complexities of success and the value of personal liberty. While those in top positions have achieved success and recognition, they often sacrifice their freedoms. On the other hand, the common man may lack the same level of influence and wealth but enjoys a priceless sense of freedom.

It's crucial to remember that whether you're someone important or just an average person, everyone yearns for freedom.
For high-profile individuals, it's vital to take breaks from work and spend quality time with loved ones. Engaging in activities they enjoy can help them unwind. It's equally important to stay grounded. And when the going gets tough, they should never hesitate to seek support from friends and family. While success and ambition are significant, true freedom is found in living authentically and pursuing happiness on our own terms. An individual who can effectively manage their professional responsibilities while prioritizing their well-being, relationships, and personal interests sets a positive example for others. Such individuals serve as role models for achieving success in their careers and leading fulfilling and meaningful lives.

  • The author is Associate Professor, School of Management and Commerce, ITM University Gwalior and IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus and can be reached at [email protected]


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