Qatar Museums Presents Dynamic Lineup Of Speakers In First Edition Of Design Doha Forum

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Doha, Qatar: Qatar Museums is gearing up to host Design Doha Forum (DDF), the headline programming event for Design Doha.

DDF is an integral knowledge-sharing aspect of Design Doha, serving as a rich and diverse discourse platform to explore the profound influence of design on all aspects of our lives.

Curated by Dr Jelena Trkulja, the Senior Advisor for Academic and Cultural Affairs at Qatar Museums and Editorial Director of the DDF, the platform's objective is to position Doha's design sector within a global context, bringing in examples of the most exciting developments from the world of design globally, and especially from the MENA region.

The Forum will bring together Qatar-based and international design experts, who will explore how design contributes to creating urban spaces that are inclusive and equitable for all.

Through engaging discussions and diverse perspectives, the Design Doha Forum offers a unique opportunity to connect with designers, academics, and other thought-leaders while gaining insights into the evolving world of design. It is also dedicated to integrating design into Qatar's rapidly evolving creative and cultural industries sector.

Design Doha is the new biennial showcase for excellence and innovation in the design community in Qatar and the MENA region. The inaugural edition begins with a week of special events and exhibition openings from February 24-28, 2024, with programming running through August 5, 2024. Established under the leadership of Qatar Museums' Chairperson, H E Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Design Doha will be a new platform for practitioners from across the Arab world, helping to build professional pathways and engage with the acclaimed design professionals from around the world who will convene at the event. Design Doha events will be held within Msheireb, a creative neighbourhood that nurtures collaboration, creativity, and innovation and is serving as host for the event.

The DDF events taking place from February 24-28, 2024 are:

February 24 - Global Sweep - 5:30pm – 7pm

5:30-5:40pm Introduction with Dr. Jelena Trkulja and Fahad Al Obaidly

5:40-6pm Connecting, By Design Speaker: Rafal Niemojewski

At the turn of the last century, biennials have become the most significant form of contemporary exhibition-making.

They are laboratories for new ideas and drivers of multidisciplinary discourses surrounding art, design, and architecture. Biennials are also generators of new encounters and connections, and as such, they have been responsible for substantially reshaping the geographies of creative and cultural industries, which no longer solely revolve around the few Western capitals empowered throughout modernity.

The biennials in Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ula - and now Doha - are emblematic of the tremendous cultural potential in the Arabian Peninsula and the desire to foster outbound connections.

6-7pm Design Biennales - Developing Creative Industries Worldwide

Panelists: Victoria Broackes | Glenn Adamson | Richard Lombard | Fahad Al Obaidly

Moderator: Edwin Heathcote

Establishing major platforms for design and architecture has led to some amazing creative and social developments worldwide. This panel explores how these cultural showcases catalyze innovation, cross-cultural exchange, and economic growth.

The speakers will illustrate how design biennales encourage collaboration, spotlight emerging talents, and shape the future of various creative sectors. Furthermore, they will highlight the profound impact that these platforms have had on enriching design landscapes and nurturing the growth of creative economies worldwide.

February 25 - Crafting Futures - 3-6:20pm

3-3:45pm Heritage Innovations: Integrating Tradition and Technology into Design Evolution

Panelists: David, The Earl of Snowdon | Maria Tripodi | Maryam Omar | Farah Al Yasin

Moderator: Gwen Farrelly

This panel will explore the dynamic interplay between time-honored craftmanship and cutting-edge technologies.

The discussion will expose the opportunities and challenges inherent in this convergence, delving into its profound impact on design sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage.

This conversation is not just about the coexistence of tradition and innovation; it's about understanding how this fusion can redefine and shape prevailing design trends on a broader scale.

3:45-4:30pm Taking Stock: Arab Design Now

Panelists: Dima Srouji | Amina Agueznay | Sahel Alhiyari

Moderator: Rana Beiruti

Programmed alongside the headline exhibition Arab Design Now, the panel unearths the nuanced essence of the exhibition by delving deep into its key themes and conceptual bedrock.

In the Arab world, contemporary design emerges as a response to the distinctive regional geographies, a symbiotic relationship with sustainable materials, and a commitment to fostering enduring community connections.

4:50-5:35pm Crafting Futures: Models For the Revival and Innovation Of Traditional Crafts

Panelists: Sara Ouhaddou | Jovana Zhang | Adrian Pepe

Moderator: Gwen Farrelly

Inspired by the works at the Design Doha Exchange exhibition Qatar | Morocco: Crafting Design Futures at Liwan, this panel looks at models of striving to sustain, enrich, and innovate within traditional crafts towards new modes of practices and through design collaborations and exchanges.

The panel will look at diverse models towards this shared goal: from that of an individual maker to a collective library that seeks to support craft across an entire nation to a leadership

model and residency program aimed at reviving traditions in Qatar and the region.

5:35-6:20pm Exploring The Intersection of Craft And Design For Future Creation

Panelists: Azizbek Mannopov | Nada Debs | Abdulrahman Al Muftah

Moderator: Cyril Zammit

The panel explores the intersection and cross-pollination of traditional craft techniques and emergent technologies. By bringing together perspectives from Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, it will illuminate the broader evolution of craftsmanship across diverse cultural landscapes.

Delving deeper, the discourse examines whether modern technologies serve as catalysts or obstacles in the natural evolution of traditional arts. It ventures into crucial inquiries: Are age-old artistic practices at risk due to the encroachment of new technologies? How does the utilization of AI and computing redefine the very essence of craftsmanship? Moreover, the discussion aims to uncover the necessary shifts in approaches to transmitting knowledge and preserving practices in this evolving landscape.

By examining these intersections, the panel aims not only to shed light on the evolution of crafts but also to invite contemplation on the larger implications for societal, cultural, and economic realms.

February 26, 2024 - The Power of Design - 4-7pm

4-4:30pm Nurturing Cultural Heritage Through Design in The Middle East

Speaker: Samer Yamani

In his keynote address, Samer Yamani will explore the crucial role of design in safeguarding, innovating, and promoting the cultural heritage of the Middle East.

The emphasis is on illuminating the deep interconnection between indigenous narratives, communities, and modern design methodologies.

This interplay is fundamental for cultivating and inspiring design environment in the region.

The presentation will delve into the efforts of both the public and private sector, showcasing their active involvement in shaping a transformative era of design in the Middle East.

The talk will illustrate the impact of these initiatives on the design and creative landscape of the region.

4:30-5:20pm Agent Of Change: How Design Shapes Society and Culture

Panelists: Ibrahim Jaidah | Tim Marlow | David Chipperfield

Moderator: Jelena Trkulja

Throughout history, design and technological innovation have driven our society forward, redefining our culture in the process.

From the creation of a bicycle, through sleek and intuitive interfaces of our smartphones to groundbreaking architecture that redefines urban spaces, design plays a key role in shaping our lifestyles, environments, and culture.

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, design's partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) has become a catalyst for cultural shifts.

What are the traditional and contemporary trends that are shaping design and, consequently, our society and culture?

5:40-6:30pm Emerging Trends: Contemporary Art and Architecture in Arab Countries And Their Role in Global Design Trends

Panelists: Banan Alyaquby | Basma Bouzo | Jassim Alsaddah

Moderator: Fahad Al Obaidly

This probing discussion explores the role that contemporary art and architecture from Arab countries play in shaping international design trends.

The conversation navigates through the fusion of cultural narratives, innovative aesthetics, and societal impacts that emanate from the dynamic MENA region.

Through this lens, the panel explores how these creative expressions act as catalysts for cross-cultural dialogue, challenge conventions, and contribute to the ever-evolving global design discourse.

6:30-7pm The Future of Design Is Now

Speaker: Joris Laarman

Moderator: Glenn Adamson

Amsterdam-based designer Joris Laarman has been at the forefront of the discipline throughout his two-decade career.

In this conversation, he will join Glenn Adamson, Artistic Director of Design Doha, for a discussion of new possibilities opening up in design today, including additive manufacturing, algorithmic form generation, and radically sustainable processes and materials.

As one case study, they will discuss the Doha Dragon - an extraordinary monumental seating sculpture made using Laarman's self-invented technology Mx3D with 3D-printed sand - a new public artwork in the Msheireb, Doha Design District.

February 27, 2024 - Design Doha Forum Day 4: Design Ecosystems - 4-6:45pm

4-4:50pm Innovation By Education: Design's Role in Social And Economic Development

Panelists: Maryam Al-Homaid | Kevin Mitchell | Michael Rock | Crystal Williams

Moderator: Amir Berbić

This panel will address the transformative power of design education as a catalyst for social and economic progress.

Through the intersection of theory and practice, this discussion explores the potential of design education to shape individuals, inspire discovery, and reshape communities, underscoring its vital role in shaping a brighter future.

4:50-5:35pm Fostering Community Through Design: The Case of Doha

Panelists: Ali Al Kuwari | Mohammed Saad Al-Rumaihi

Moderator: Engin Ayaz

How do visual culture and design shape communities? This insight discussion will reveal the intricate interplay between design and the holistic development of communities within Doha.

Drawing on the expertise of the panelists, the conversation explores the transformative role of design in shaping the city, fostering inclusivity, and nurturing vibrant communal ideas.

With a focus on practical examples and visionary strategies, the panel examines how thoughtful design interventions can enhance living spaces, promote sustainable growth, and amplify the sense of belonging within the unique context of Doha.

Ultimately, this conversation underscores the power of design in redefining the urban fabric and elevating the quality of life for all residents.

5:55-6:45pm The Enchanted Vessel: Museum As a Design Showcase

Panelists: Samir Bantal | Ben Van Berkel | Manuela Lucà-Dazio

Moderator: Sheikha Reem Al Thani

This panel will navigate the intricate relationship between design and museums, unearthing the transformative power of spatial narratives, curation, and architecture within cultural institutions.

The conversation will delve into how design shapes the visitor experience, reimagines the presentation of art and artifacts, and creates immersive environments that evoke emotion, learning, and contemplation.

The panel will provide insights into how these curated spaces serve as vessels of inspiration, education, and cultural dialogue for audiences worldwide.

February 28, 2024 - Branding and Urbanism – 4pm – 7pm

4-5pm Branded Futures: Will Our Lives and Our Cities Become Over-Designed?

Panelists: Karim Rashid | Ghada Al Khater | Shahira Fahmy | Rem Koolhaas

Moderator: Jorge Cerveira Pinto

Branding-once a purview of big companies-is now being applied to many other facets of life, including personal branding.

Design awareness is higher than ever. In this thought-provoking dialogue, the speakers will explore the fine line between design's contribution to bearing human existence and potential over-design within our lives and urban landscapes.

Informed by the speakers' unique and diverse perspectives, the conversation will explore the balance between functional aesthetics and excessive design in shaping cities and experiences.

Ultimately, the discussion grapples with the challenge of preserving authenticity, cultural depth, and human-centered principles in an increasingly design-saturated world.

5-5:45pm Design For Impact: Bridging Business Approach and Sustainable Cultural Innovation

(The Panel Is Organized in Collaboration with FROMM)

Panelists: Alia Rachid | Luca Fois | Kaltham Al Kuwari | Aisha Al Mohannadi

Moderator: Dana Said

This panel will discuss the impact of industry and consumer behavior influenced by forward-thinking design and sustainable cultural innovation.

It will explore strategies for balancing profitability, sustainability, and cultural integrity in business models. Intercultural dialogue in the sphere of design will also be touched up, uncovering how collaborations enhance the design process and integrate cultural values.

5:45-6:30pm Qatari Architecture: From Mud to Concrete

(The Panel Is Organized in Collaboration with Qatar Debate - In Arabic, With English Translation)

Panelists: Mohammad Ali Abel | Hisham Qaddoumi

Moderator: Moza Al Obaidan

This session will examine the role of Pre-oil and post-modern architecture in Qatar, through exploring the diversity of local design projects. The session will also focus on the country's efforts in preserving the traditional design elements while simultaneously introducing post-modern design to the traditionally dominant architectural scene. Through the expertise of the panellists, the discussion will underline the dramatic changes that impacted the urban fabric of Doha and transformed it into the city it is today.

6:30-7pm The Story of Alsadu: Shaping of A Cultural Expression And Identity

Speaker | Shaikha Bibi Duaij Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Sadu, the traditional Arabic term for wool weaving, has been practiced by Bedouin nomads in Kuwait and the Arabian desert for centuries. Rooted in the natural materials of the desert, this practical craft encompasses various techniques and life skills essential for desert living.

Originally a traditional skill primarily practiced by women, wool weaving has evolved into a highly developed art form that allows for significant creativity and expression.

The Sadu Art and Design Initiative (SADI) plays an important part in the history of the Society and aims to foster contemporary cultural insight and creative expression.

Through this program, young Kuwaiti artists engage in an immersive experience to understand the textile traditions of the country.

The goal is to inspire the development of new interpretations and modern creative expressions while recognizing that culture is dynamic, reflecting human growth, creativity, and innovation.


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