Afghans' Voice Must Be Heard

(MENAFN- Daily Outlook Afghanistan) Afghanistan situation is deteriorating. The country's future is uncertain and the last two decade's achievements are really at stake, achievements that are too much precious for a country that has been deprived of them for long centuries. A DemocraticPolitical system which emerged two decades ago in Afghanistan is in danger of replacement with an anarchic situation where everyone would have no choice but to kill one another for survival. The war and violence has increased all across the country and the Taliban are willing to seize political power through military victory and set up their own favorite political system, the Islamic Emirate. Afghans are experiencing a very tough time these days. But amidst this tough time, what is more disappointing for them is some countries' stance on the Taliban group. A careful review of some powerful countries' statements on the Afghanistan's issues shows how obviously and unfairly the Taliban have been legitimized by them. These countries that are involved in war and peace in Afghanistan have launched the project of legitimizing the Taliban group, a project that is in clear contrast with the Afghan desires and demands and is too dangerous for international security.
In contrary with some international players, in Afghanistan the people are unwilling to live under a political system where they have no right but to obey from a tyrant ruler. Afghans are now connected with the rest of the world and expect to have the same rights the other countries' citizens have. Having constitutional rights in an Islamic Emirate is truly a vain hope and Afghans know this issue very well. The people are aware of the dangers a would-be Islamic Emirate impose to the whole country. The people's fear of an Islamic Emirate has been extracted from a very bitter experience they have from it when it was the dominant form of government in Afghanistan two decades ago. No children are ready to see their schools are closed and no girl desire to be deprived of education due to their gender. Installation of an Islamic Emirate means that there would be no school open for children to educate, the universities would be empty of young generation and the public sphere would be empty of motivated and educated women and girls. In one meaning, returning of an Islamic Emirate would be a real disaster. Afghans never want to see the face of such a ridiculous political system and this must be heard by the international community.
Afghans expect foreign countries stop legitimizing the Taliban group and join with them and their security forces. To support the Taliban and provide them with financial and words aid will lead to nowhere. The group is a real threat to not only Afghans but the whole international community. Legitimizing the group and provide it with the ground of regaining control of Afghanistan will impose serious threat to international security as it did once the country was under its control two decades ago. The September 11 incident was the consequence of the world's underestimating the Taliban group and ignoring its close ties with the Al-Qaeda network. It was the Taliban group that provided the Al-Qaeda network with a safe haven in Afghanistan and the network created the aforementioned incident, the incident which took lives of more than three thousand people and left a huge amount of destruction behind.
The Taliban terrorists completely ignore the new realities of Afghanistan and the world. Their only skill is murdering innocent people and destroying cities and infrastructures of the country. They are not only the enemy of human beings but is the enemy of nature world too. Their actions are witnessing this issue. They are unable to accommodate with the concrete realities that have taken root in the country since the late 2001. They are a terrorist group, a real terrorist group that is committed to no human values. What are not important for them are the lives of civilians and their welfare and prosperity. Therefore, there is no justification for legitimizing them and pushing a whole nation under control of such a terrorist group. They deserve to be suppressed to accept to end the Afghan conflict through a fair political settlement. The Taliban terrorist group has not changed and if overrun the country, it would change it to the safe haven of the terrorist groups which is protecting them now.


Daily Outlook Afghanistan

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