“Intelligent Spiderman” Saves People From Dangerous Jobs

(MENAFN- TimesNewswire ) Curtain wall cleaning is a high-risk job, and its practitioners are called“Spiderman” in the industry. People often see that“Spider People” hang themselves on the outer wall of a building with a height of several tens of floors only by a working rope and a safety rope, plus some basic protective articles, and carry out the work of cleaning the outer wall at high altitude. This manual cleaning method not only has low cleaning efficiency, high labor intensity, but also is greatly affected by the weather. More importantly, the personal safety of“Spider-Man” is difficult to be guaranteed. As the buildings get taller and taller, the life risks faced by people increase significantly.

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“Spiderman Cleaning”

Yantai Haitelin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production and management, and technical service. It mainly focuses on the research and application of automation technology in the high-altitude cleaning industry, and has exclusive advantages in the high-altitude cleaning robot industry and some intellectual property fields. It has successfully obtained many international certifications such as CE and ISO9001, and registered 52 domestic intellectual property rights. At present, it has more than 100 in-depth partners in China, and its products are exported to overseas countries such as Japan, Jordan, Russia, Lithuania and Israel.

Haitelin Technology has been focusing on customizing the exclusive systematic solutions for the external walls of buildings with different structures and materials, taking science and technology to change life and strive for social value as its corporate philosophy. SERBOT-SMART and SERBOT-MINI, the existing cleaning machines of Haitelin Company, can bring a safe, efficient, green and automatic intelligent experience to the society.

SERBOT series

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Part 1 Technical Characteristics of Equipment

As a cleaning equipment for building glass curtain walls, it is very important whether it can be applied to all scenes, and whether the applicability and market coverage are good or not. Because the shapes of buildings are various, the materials of windows are different, and the shapes of window frames are different. Cleaning equipment must have the ability to cross obstacles in order to scrub glass more effectively. Based on the above technical requirements, Haitelin Technology independently developed two cleaning machines, SERBOT SMART and SERBOT MINI, which can be applied to most complex buildings.


SERBOT-SMART adopts the working principle of water mist humidification and rolling brush scrubbing. Brush roller brush with moderate hardness is selected, which has high cleaning power and won't scratch the glass at the same time. In the working process, the roller brush can be dipped into the concave-convex structure, and the curtain wall structure with a concave-convex structure of 300MM can be easily scrubbed. Complex buildings can also be scrubbed automatically by equipment.

With the intelligent control of APP, the staff can complete the equipment operation only at the bottom of the building. The operation is simple, the risk of workers in the operation process is avoided, and the safety index of cleaning operation is greatly improved.

The equipment is equipped with a motor and a water tank, so there is no need to drag cables and water pipes. The main body of the equipment is tidier and more beautiful, and the installation and transfer of the equipment are lighter. The equipment is equipped with four fans, so that the roller brushes can be as close as possible without damaging the glass, providing uniform pressure for the curtain wall glass and keeping the curtain wall surface clean. The equipment is equipped with two rubber wheels on both sides, which can keep the balance while preventing the equipment body from colliding and damaging the glass.


SERBOT-MINI also adopts the working principle of water mist humidification and rolling brush scrubbing. The small triangular model is more stable. In the video above, SERBOT MINI cleaner can keep stable operation even in the wind condition of level 7. In terms of the weather, this force majeure factor, the SERBOT MINI cleaning machine of Haitelin has made a great breakthrough, greatly extending the time that can be used for cleaning at high altitude in a year.

SERBOT SMART and SERBOT MINI in the video adopt the roof lifting device. The vertical up-and-down movement of the cleaning machine on the building surface can be realized by the crane, and the machine can be controlled by the remote controller, and the operation can be completed only by the cooperation of the personnel on the roof and downstairs. No need to drag wires and water pipes. In order to make SERBOT high-altitude curtain wall cleaning machine easier to be hoisted on various roofs, Haitelin provides a variety of temporary fixing devices, which can also be customized according to needs. Haitelin will also develop a lifting device with higher automation level to drive the equipment, which will reduce the workload of employees to a greater extent and bring better service to the society.

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Haitelin Technology has the national certified qualification of aerial cleaning, and all R&D technicians have the aerial work certificate (Ministry of Emergency Management). The R&D equipment adopts the national standard qualified accessories, especially the hoisting cranes, all of which adopt the national product certification standards, such as steel cables, hoists, etc., all of which meet the national standard qualification and the aerial safety operation standards.

Haitelin has always adhered to the philosophy that technology changes life and technology saves lives. The emergence of“Intelligent Spider-Man” is Haitelin's efforts to realize this concept. Haitelin wants to realize not only the significant improvement in the cleaning efficiency of glass curtain walls, but also the hope that more lives and families will be saved through Haitelin's cleaning scheme, and contribute to the realization of the vision of technology changing lives, so as to rescue Spider-Man from dangerous working environment and create brand-new safety for Spider-Man.

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