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Wednesday, 28 September 2022 07:46 GMT

How Bitcoin Technology Could Change the World

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You may have heard about Bitcoin already. But do you know the technology that underpins Bitcoin? It is blockchain technology. Bitcoin operates based on blockchain technology, which has created new opportunities and ways of doing things. Did you ever imagine about two decades ago that you would be paying for goods and services with Bitcoin? You can learn about it by visiting

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology creates a distributed peer-to-peer digital database. Perhaps, you can think of it as an extensive digital ledger with multiple users worldwide. The technology allows many users to be part of the blockchain network. Typically, these will include miners, nodes, and users. Nodes are computers that form part of the network.

Since it is a distributed network, blockchain ensures that no single entity controls or manages Bitcoin transactions. Essentially, everyone on the block has some control. And this provides decentralized governance, which is different from the centralized authority in the conventional financial system, where governments, banks, credit companies, and other entities bear rule.

Moreover, blockchain technology provides a peer-to-peer platform with no intermediaries. For example, if a seller and a buyer agree on a certain amount of Bitcoins as payment for a service, then the funds will go directly from the buyer to the seller. 

How Bitcoin Technology Could Change The World

It would be foolhardy for somebody to claim to know precisely how Bitcoin technology could change the world. The technology is still new and developing. The world is yet to realize its full potential. But we can make some informed guesses based on what we already know.

Power Shift in Financial System

One way Bitcoin technology could change the world is by shifting power in the financial system. In the conventional setting, governments, banks, and other financial institutions control the financial system. With blockchain's decentralized system, the role of these entities in controlling and influencing the financial system is gone.

Many governments have tried to attack Bitcoin because they have realized that the technology behind it distributes power to almost everyone, including ordinary people. This power shift has significant implications for the world. It means that governments and other large institutions cannot hold the economy hostage at the mercy of everyone else.

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009, the idea was to ensure that there was an alternative system to the centralized one. Analysts blamed large financial intuitions and banks for orchestrating the financial crisis. With Bitcoin technology, the world economy and economic systems will be more secure and free from the interference of such entities.

Shift to Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin technology could also shift from conventional fiat currencies to digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. However, in some countries, Bitcoin isn't a legal tender, and its use as an acceptable digital currency is ever-growing. Many businesses are including cryptocurrency in their payment options.

Additionally, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies extend beyond payment for goods or services. Digital currency is now a reality in many countries where people invest in cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with over 109 million users. The blockchain technology supporting it is very transparent and impossible to hack. With these and other benefits such as lower remittances and instant transaction costs, there is no doubt that the technology will likely replace fiat currency. Ecuador and the Central Africa Republic are already using Bitcoin as legal tender. 

Parting Shot

Bitcoin technology is already disrupting various sectors of the economy. With the unique features that differentiate it from the old centralized system, blockchain technology will continue to shake the existing systems and create new ways of doing things at all levels.


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