What The Rewards From Old School Dragon Slayer II Quest

(MENAFNEditorial) will lead you on an adventure across the game, visiting areas new and old. Along the way, you will uncover new lore on the Dragons, as well as revealing the story of several a brave hero. Count on to finish challenging puzzles, traverse through undiscovered dungeons with multiple threats and face against some of the most fearsome foes we've ever introduced into the game!

What's a Grandmaster quest devoid of rewards? Well, we never need to worry about that, as Dragon Slayer II has plenty of them!

When you have completed the quest you are going to unlock access to:

The Full Myths' guild that will include:

A bank (with deposit box and poll booth)
An armory containing two shopkeepers and an anvil.
Variety as well as a sink
A garden is containing four Magic Trees.
A mine is containing four Adamantite rocks and two Runite rocks.
A chapel was containing an altar.
The Fountain of Myths - Could be utilized to recharge Skills necklaces, Combat bracelets and Amulets of glory. You will not get the chance of an Eternal glory.
A portal chamber with portals for the Champions' Guild, Heroes' Guild and Legends' Guild.
A library with a variety of lore books.
A dungeon was containing a collection of Green, Blue, Red and Black Dragons (like child dragons).

The armory retailer will sell the following items:

Dragon dagger (30,000 coins)
Dragon mace (50,000 coins)
Dragon longsword (one hundred,000 coins)
Dragon battleax (200,000 coins)
Shield suitable half (750,000 coins)
Dragon metal shard (1,800,000 coins)

Inside the original Dev Blog, we stated the Dragon metal shard would expense 2,000,000 coins. As a part of a balancing modify with regards to the drops of Adamant and Rune dragons, we've decreased this slightly.

Mythical Cape
The Mythical Cape is usually a new cape that will deliver unlimited teleports for the Myths' Guild. It may be bought and reclaimed from Jack, who's located inside the Guild.

Super Antifire Potions
Inside the Myths' Guild is usually a Herbalist, who will teach you how to unlock the capability to make Super antifire potions furthermore to promoting a couple of Herblore supplies. Super antifire potions are usually developed by combining Antifire potions with crushed Superior dragon bones, requiring a Herblore amount of 92 to accomplish so. Every medicine mixed grants 130 Herblore XP.

Super antifire potions are tradeable and will give complete fire protection for 2 minutes. The using and trading of Super antifire potions will not need completion of Dragon Slayer II, only the generating of your drinks calls for quest completion.

The Wrath Altar
Supplied you have 95, and above Runecrafting, you will be able to craft a new tradeable Rune, called Wrath runes. These runes are crafted via the Wrath altar, positioned within the Myths' guild. Numerous Dragons guard the altar. You'll need a Wrath talisman though, which is a tradeable drop obtained from Adamant Dragons, Rune Dragons or Vorkuta.

Surge Spells
Surge spells type part of the standard spellbook and supply spells from Wind Surge (81 Magic), via to Fire Surge (95 Magic).

Wrath runes, as well as the Surge spells, might be employed without the need of finishing the quest.

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