Staying True To Style: Saber Al-Rubai Speaks About His Musical Evolution, Latest Song 'Al-Basha'

(MENAFN- Daily News Egypt) Saber Al-Rubai, the renowned artist, possesses a voice that resonates like majestic mountains and has emotions that exude warmth. His concerts are a haven where you can truly experience the essence of authentic singing. Throughout his artistic journey, Al-Rubai consistently delivers songs that deeply touch the heart and conscience, all while staying true to his unique style. Simultaneously, he embraces innovation in his art and music, ensuring that he remains in sync with the ever-evolving world of Arabic music. His latest masterpiece, titled 'Al-Basha,' was recently released.

You recently released the song“Al-Basha.” Can you tell us about your preparation for this song, and will you film it?

I've recently completed recording the song“Al-Basha.” It was written by Muhammad Abu Nimah, arranged by Tariq Abdel Jaber, and composed by Mahmoud Khayami. This marks my second collaboration with Mahmoud Khayami. The song's cheerful and fresh concept drew me in, and I enjoy entertaining the audience with light-hearted songs like this. As for the music video, filming will take place soon. The director is currently developing a concept and selecting filming locations. I'm still deciding whether to film it in Egypt or Lebanon.

Your song“Saalt Aleeky” achieved great success during the Eid al-Fitr season. How did you feel about it?

“Saalt Aleeky” holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourites. Its simplicity and emotional depth resonated with me. The arrangement, devoid of rhythm, added to its charm. Although I recorded this song over a year and a half ago, various circumstances led to the postponement of its release. Finally, during the last Eid al-Fitr season, I decided to share it with the world, and it was met with great success.

The great success of any work of art creates a challenge for its creator because they always want to do better. Do you agree?

Absolutely. Achieving success in art sets a high bar for creators. They constantly strive to surpass their previous work, which can be both exhilarating and daunting. As an artist, I often struggle to maintain excellence after a hit.

How do you stay artistically innovative?

Innovation is my driving force. I explore new ideas, collaborate with fresh talents, and actively listen to diverse lyrical concepts. Flexibility is crucial, but I never compromise on artistic integrity and historical context.

Why did you transition from albums to singles?

The decline of the cassette market made producing full albums challenging. Selecting songs, recording, and associated costs became burdensome. Piracy further diminished album returns. In today's fast-paced era, social media favours single releases. To adapt to this environment, I've opted to release single songs at regular intervals, compensating for the absence of full albums. This approach has become the norm for singers worldwide.

You are one of the few stars who sang poems and succeeded in it. Is it possible for you to repeat the experience?

Absolutely. While the poem has an“elite” audience, I've been asked to sing them during my concerts in Egypt and several Gulf countries. There's still genuine love for poetic performances.

How do you feel about your song“Sidi Mansour” being chosen among the 100 best songs in the Arab world and North Africa in the 21st century?

It's a moment of immense pride and happiness for me.“Sidi Mansour” made it to the prestigious list of top songs in the region, as recognized by the American music magazine“Rolling Stone.”

Do you pay attention to social media and trends?

Social media plays a significant role in today's society, especially for artists. I monitor feedback on my music and art through my social media pages. While trends matter, I don't actively chase them. My established track record speaks for itself, beyond fleeting trends.

Are there any upcoming concerts?

Absolutely! I have concerts lined up in Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Cyprus. There might be additional shows in other countries, but nothing's confirmed yet. If all goes well, this summer will be filled with performances, God willing.

We've heard about your plans to enter the cinema scene. When can we expect to see you as an actor?

I'm open to an acting career, but the right opportunity and offer are crucial. I'll approach it with patience and readiness, whether it's theatre, music, TV drama, or film. It must align with my singing background and suit me well.


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