US hawk cautions from Russian strategic attacking on Ukraine

(MENAFN) In a recent interview on WABC 770 AM, former United States national security adviser John Bolton expressed grave concerns over the potential success of Russia in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Bolton, who served in the administration of President Donald Trump, emphasized the urgent need for the United States to provide additional assistance to Ukraine to prevent a possible victory for Moscow. He argued that while Russia might not achieve a military triumph, there exists a diplomatic stalemate that could work in its favor.

Bolton warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin might embark on a "diplomatic offensive" to resolve the conflict, and failure on the part of Washington to support Ukraine could result in a strategic advantage for Russia. The former national security adviser contended that the current frontline situation between the two nations is a "stalemate," and urged American lawmakers to exert pressure on the White House to formulate a "winning strategy" for Ukraine.

Despite Western-backed efforts by Kiev, the counteroffensive against Russia has not yielded significant progress this year. Moscow estimates that Ukrainian losses exceed 125,000 troops over the past six months. While the United States and its allies have expressed intentions to continue providing aid to Ukraine, internal political divisions, competing global crises such as the Middle East, and a growing sense of 'Ukraine fatigue' pose significant challenges to Kiev's long-term prospects.

Title: "Senator Lindsey Graham Advocates Halting Aid to Ukraine Until Addressing Domestic Border Concerns"

In a contrasting stance, Senator Lindsey Graham has called for a temporary halt in further aid to Ukraine, linking it to the need to strengthen border security in the southern United States. Speaking on CNN, the Republican senator emphasized the importance of addressing domestic priorities before extending support to foreign nations, including Ukraine.

Graham argued that the United States should refrain from sending additional aid to Ukraine "until we up ourselves" at the southern border. This position underscores a different perspective within the Republican party regarding the allocation of resources and priorities. While Graham acknowledged the significance of aiding Ukraine, he prioritized domestic concerns, particularly those related to border security.

These opposing positions by two prominent Republican figures, Bolton and Graham, reflect the complex challenges faced by the United States in navigating its foreign policy, balancing global commitments with domestic priorities. The divergence in opinions highlights the need for a comprehensive and nuanced approach in addressing both international and domestic issues.


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