New Econofrost Night Covers - A Cost Effective Solution For Supermarket Refrigeration Retrofits

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Econofrost Produce Case Night Covers: Maintaining Freshness and Quality in Supermarket Produce Departments

New Energy Saving Refrigeration Night Covers by Econofrost: A Sustainable Solution for Supermarket Display Cases

Maximize Product Shelf Life with Display Fridge Night Covers: An Economical Solution for Supermarket Retailers

Maximize Product Shelf Life with Display Fridge Night Covers: An Economical Solution for Supermarket Retailers

We are thrilled to introduce new Econofrost Night Covers: a game-changing solution for energy-efficient supermarket refrigeration . Achieve substantial savings by retrofitting existing display cases.” - Arnel Bernabe, Business and Channel DevelopmentDirector

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 25, 2023/ / -- In the world of supermarket refrigeration, energy efficiency is a top priority for retailers. Retrofitting existing refrigeration display cases is an effective way to achieve energy savings, reduce operational costs and protect our environment. Two popular options for retrofitting are glass doors and night covers. To help retailers make informed decisions, we present a comprehensive comparison of Glass Doors VS Night Covers for retrofit installations.

Glass doors are considered one of the choices for new equipment purchases in supermarket refrigeration cases. They offer energy savings by reducing cold air loss and preventing warm air infiltration. However, it is essential to consider the high costs of glass door retrofitting as well as the impact on product visibility and accessibility, especially for impulse purchases.

Our research shows that econofrost refrigeration night covers provide an excellent alternative to glass doors, offering energy savings without compromising product visibility and accessibility. Here are nine reasons why new Econofrost night covers offer a better return on investment (ROI), especially for retrofit installations, as compared to glass doors:

1.Cost-Effectiveness: Econofrost night covers are more cost-effective, as they are easier to install and more affordable than glass doors. They require only a few modifications, resulting in a quicker ROI

2.Easy Installation: Night covers can be easily installed on any refrigeration case, regardless of size or design. In contrast, glass doors require complex installation procedures that are both expensive and time-consuming

3.Extending Shelf Life: Econofrost refrigeration night covers offer several benefits for extending the shelf life of fresh food displays by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity within the case. This controlled environment ensures that fresh food displays remain at optimal conditions, preserving their quality and extending their shelf life. Econofrost night covers provide a thermal barrier that helps protect and extend the shelf life of perishable products by preventing exposure to radiation from supermarket heating and lighting during closed hours. This helps reduce premature decay and discoloration of the products, ensuring their freshness and appearance

4.Faster ROI: Retrofitting with night covers provides immediate energy savings, leading to a faster ROI. They can reduce refrigeration energy consumption by up to 50%, resulting in significant cost savings and a quick payback period

5.Energy Efficiency: Night covers have no added energy costs to prevent fogging and frosting, unlike glass doors. Glass doors require energy to prevent frosting and fogging, adding to the operating costs

6.Wide Range of Applications: Econofrost night covers can be fitted to various refrigeration cases, including produce displays, high turnover display cases, horizontal "coffin" cases, and service cases. Glass doors, on the other hand, have limited suitability and may not be practical for all applications

7.Easy Maintenance: Night covers require minimal maintenance and are easier to repair compared to glass doors. Repairs can be easily carried out with the help of a technician, reducing maintenance costs

8.Enhanced Product Visibility: Night covers provide better visibility during business operating hours compared to glass doors. Customers can see products clearly without obstructions, improving product visibility and enhancing the shopping experience and impulse sales

9.during a power outage , Econofrost night covers provide rapid response protection by helping to maintain a safe holding temperature for perishable food items in supermarket display cases. This ability to prevent spoilage and ensure freshness during power outages minimizes potential financial losses for retailers and preserves the quality of their inventory. Installing Econofrost night covers can offset their cost through the savings achieved from just one power outage incident. By preventing spoilage and maintaining food safety, retailers can avoid significant financial losses that would result from perishable product waste
Finding a balance between energy savings and product visibility/accessibility is crucial when retrofitting existing refrigeration cases. Glass doors may reduce impulse purchases due to reduced visibility and accessibility, making them uneconomical. Econofrost night covers offer an excellent alternative, providing energy savings while maintaining product visibility and accessibility.

In conclusion, Econofrost refrigeration night covers are a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and practical solution for retrofitting existing refrigeration display cases in supermarkets and other retail environments. By choosing night covers, retailers can reduce energy consumption without compromising on product visibility and accessibility. Econofrost offers immediate energy savings, easy installation, maintenance, and repair, along with a wide range of applications.

For more information about Econofrost night covers and how they can benefit your supermarket, please visit or contact .

Econofrost is the leading North American company specializing in manufacturing and providing refrigeration night blinds or covers for supermarket display cases since 1985. These covers create a thermal barrier that helps protect and extend the shelf life of perishable products, making them an ideal option, especially for retrofitting existing supermarket and grocery refrigeration display cases.

The night blinds offered by Econofrost are suitable for a wide range of refrigeration display cases found in supermarkets. They can be used in cases containing produce, meat, floral arrangements, dairy products, deli items, beverages, and more. This versatility makes Econofrost night blinds a practical solution for various departments within a supermarket.

One notable product offered by Econofrost is the econofrost 9000 series . This series is designed to retrofit any display case and is known for its durability, performance, and ease of use. It has been tested by Southern California Edison and has been proven to save at least 36% energy for every hour it is used, contributing to energy efficiency in supermarket refrigeration.

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