Why You Should Get an Electric Scooter

(MENAFN- Mearth)

TRAFFIC! When will it end? Will it ever end? Nowadays it’s very hard to reach your destination quickly without dealing with these mounting problems -- no parking spaces, choked-up traffic issues, always being late for work or meetings, the litany just goes on and on.

Yes, commuting within the city, and extending trips to neighboring inter-cities can really turn into a torturous nightmare especially if you need to do it often. Untold stories of mental anguish over the daily agonizing trips to work and elsewhere have not abated.

This is where the bright idea of using an e-scooter comes into play. And here’s the crucial reasons WHY YOU SHOULD BUY AN E-SCOOTER:

Arrive on the dot without stress minus the anxiety and headaches about parking spaces

Always late? The excuses have got to end. Once you step up and ride away on your Mearth S e-scooter, in moments you’ll be zipping through extreme traffic with a slight maneuver – now you’re on time, looking cool, relaxed, and poised, minus the creases.

And just because parking spots are getting scarcer by the minute near your frequent destination, you’ll mope. No sireee! MEARTH S Series commuter electric scooters are lightweight, compact, portable and foldable. You can just fold the Mearth S in a sec, lift and carry, then take with you inside a bus or train, without issues. See? No more problems of arguing over who’s got to have that parking space, and so on.

As soon as you get off, unfold it, and ride your merry way to the office, meeting or appointment without a fuss. Afterwards, you can just store it under a table or place it in a small corner and charge its battery while you do your work uninterrupted.


Great for short trips, perfect for leisurely escapes


Now it’s even making a lot of sense to buy the best electric scooters if you’re an adventure seeker. Don’t you miss that sense of freedom, especially if you’re an experienced rider ? Bask in the warm caress of sunshine and the fresh air stroking your skin…

Riding your way in and out of the city on another premium, top-tie-powerful micro-mobility device from Mearth, the GTS MAX EVO dual motor, on-and-off-road, heavy duty electric scooter will allow you to extend your travel -- uphill, downhill, exploring trails, reach off-the-beaten paths, explore the wide expanse of the outdoors, it’s a thrill beyond description! Absolutely! What a breather!


No license requirements


This is just great! Well, it’s good to know there’s no need to get a license or anything like that if you want to buy an e-scooter. This is actually very good because responsible teens age 18 up and mature adults will be able to ride it without any hassle. Caveat is, the rider or owner of the electric scooter needs to know the city’s local traffic rules and abide by them. Commuter safety is a big deal in Australia. Be mindful, cautious, compliant and you are good to go, as long as you know how to ride your electric scooter.


Noise-Free and environment-friendly rides


All Mearth electric scooters are very quiet. So there’s no need to worry about noise pollution, even environment pollution since Mearth is committed and ensures it contributes to zero emission.


Low maintenance and easy caring tips lengthen lifespan


It’s happy news for e-scooter owners knowing there are no more monthly maintenance check ups, tune ups, and other upkeeps, which is a requirement after a car purchase is made. Add to that queuing daily to gas up at the station to get the vehicle moving to where one wants to go.

Regular, thorough cleaning of one’s electric scooter is what’s needed, checking up the knobs, wires, not so visible parts, removing dirt, ensuring the storage area is clean, dry and far from moisture, chemicals or dust, and of course due diligence in fully charging the battery before and after one’s trip. Tender, loving care or TLC will help avoid the e-scooter from an untimely wear and tear. Best of all, it will keep your personal mobility device in ‘tip-top’ shape, so you can enjoy rides more.


Practical investment, value for money yields savings too


Oh yes! Getting an e-scooter is a very good investment in ways you will love. No more stress, no more arriving late, no more getting stuck in and enduring hellish traffic, no more gas expenses, no more costly maintenance, and repair, no need to fight over some random parking space, no more squeezing, crumpled, sweaty, and all, inside an overcrowded bus that’s always delayed. All that unbearable ‘trauma’ ends.

The upside is really worth it. Starting with the cost of buying an e-scooter that is but a fraction of what buying a car costs. Think of the money you will save – not having to buy petrol, not spending for taxi or bus fare – none of that anymore. Having an e-scooter is not just a time-saver, but a money-saver too. No expensive maintenance costs.

Getting to work, going to meetings or other important appointments on time – looking composed, calm is a big boost to one’s confidence.

Because it’s lightweight, compact and portable, the Mearth S e-scooter can be folded quickly, carried and brought along to ride a bus or train, and later unfold and ride out. Storage is not a hassle – just park it in a corner inside the office or under the desk and continue going about your most productive, creative work.

Pain away. That’s what the happy conclusion will be when you feel the chains of constrictions are cut. Your mental and physical health will get better as well as your well-being. In a way, it’s therapy in motion – green and fresh. Nature sets your spirits free and alive. Remember the rules though. Stay safe. Be alert. Focus. Happy e-scooter riding!






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