Static residential IP provider: What is it and how to use it?


Residential proxies mask your actual IP address by using one offered by internet service providers for their users. Many users prefer static residential proxies because they are more dependable and provide greater anonymity without compromising speed. Residential proxies are also more difficult for website security measures to discover and block than other proxy types, such as data center proxies.

Let's discuss what a static residential IP provider is and the primary ways to use static residential IPs.


What is a static residential IP provider?


A static residential IP provider is an Internet ServiceProvider
(ISP) or dedicated service that administers a proxy or IP address. There are many types of proxies, one of the most popular being residential IPs. These are then characterized into two kinds: rotating and static.

Before breaking down the difference between static and rotating residential IPs, let's review an IP address.


IP address - explained.

Every network device has an internet protocol (IP) address that identifies it and informs the network where to transmit data. An IP address consists of a string of digits separated by periods—for instance,

Web addresses are utilized instead to make IP numbers easier to remember and enter. We probably would use the internet less if we had to remember numbers for each website, so when you use a web address, it is transformed into the IP address of the web server by a domain name system (DNS) server.

Regarding home broadband, your connection has a public IP address assigned by your ISP that is visible to the rest of the internet. Devices on your household network will have their internal IP address, but when communicating outside the local network, the public IP address will be seen.


Static IPs vs. Rotating IPs


A rotating IP address is the most common IP address used by broadband connections. They are not assigned indefinitely and change; hence the name "rotating." A static IP address, on the other hand, is linked to the broadband connection indefinitely.

The distinction between rotating and static IP addresses is insignificant for many home users. It does not affect the phone line, broadband speed, video streaming, or any other activities a typical home will perform with its broadband.

However, a static IP address may be advantageous or necessary for some users, particularly businesses.


Why use static residential IP?


There are many use cases for static residential IPs in business. Here are a few of the most prevalent.


Web scraping

The practice of visiting websites, identifying content on web pages, and harvesting data for further analysis is known as web scraping or data scraping. While scraping one or two websites may not cause many problems, large-scale scraping operations are vulnerable to IP bans and scraper blocking.

Since static residential IPs come from legitimate home IPs, they are trusted by most websites. Moreover, static residential proxies are fast and challenging to detect, allowing you to quickly scrape several websites and collect massive amounts of data.


Ad Verification

Static residential proxies can assist you in validating advertising statistics and ensuring you get your money's worth. Marketing agencies may need to deliver the results your business wants.

With a static IP, you can validate your advertising campaigns by scanning the web to determine whether online
ads offer the required outcomes, such as reaching your target audience and appearing in the right places.


Access blocked content

Modern websites use geo-targeting and restricting methods to limit the requests that internet users can submit from a single IP address or prevent users from downloading too much data from their web pages.

By impersonating a legitimate internet user with an actual IP address, a static residential IP address can assist you in circumventing geo-restrictions and anti-scraping technologies.


SEO Monitoring

SEO monitoring is critical for companies because it allows them to evaluate the visibility of their online
content, products, services, websites, and other assets. Companies can use SEO monitoring strategies to increase the visibility of their websites in search engines and gain more potential clients.

Search engine rankings are affected by various factors, including online
browser cookies and your location. They have the potential to influence search engine results. You can avoid these concerns by changing your location using static residential proxies.


What are the benefits of static residential IPs?


The most valuable benefits of static residential IPs include their anonymity, speed, uptime, and bandwidth.

Static residential proxies provide more legitimacy and anonymity than other proxy kinds because ISPs assign them. This is because the allocated IPs appear to be original for targeting websites. Users can leverage this legitimacy to circumvent numerous anti-scraping and security procedures that rely on IP identification.

ISP proxy providers offer high-speed internet connection and web caching to ensure your servers perform well and reliably. Besides guaranteed uptime, you also get site analytics, auditing, filtering, a firewall, and end-to-end encryption for cybersecurity protection.

Furthermore, static residential IP providers offer almost unlimited bandwidth. Since the user controls an individual IP address, they can be used for large-scale internet tasks like scraping various websites.



Static residential IPs are an excellent tool for businesses to improve and streamline their internet activities. They are fast while keeping the dependability and anonymity of ordinary residential proxies. To overcome any setback, static residential IPs are the answer.



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