Iran's Response To Israel Or Open Threat To Regional States?

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Iran was not going to fire rockets at Israel; Tehran did nothave a firm decision about this. Nevertheless, Iran's incessantinternal strife and proxy forces abroad forced it to take this stepeven if unwillingly. Since 2020, Iran has witnessed the murder ofseveral of its generals. This time, the shooting of Iraniangenerals and several additional people in the Mezze district ofDamascus meant a red line for Iran in its truest sense.

On the night of April 14, Iran's ballistic missile attacks onIsraeli territory caused considerable concern amidst risingtensions and the ongoing difficult situation in the Middle East was not only a war between Iran and Israel, but also a threatto the security of the states in the region.

This sudden attack, which Iran called "revenge" or "retaliatoryfire", first, caused serious concern in the lands of Jordan,Lebanon and Iraq. Many of the missiles and drones fired by Iranaimed at Israel missed the target and landed either in theterritories of Iraq or neighboring countries. In this way, Iranalso demonstrated the gap in its military preparation, as well asits disrespectful approach to the security and territorialintegrity of the surrounding states, except for the state it is inacrimony.


Do you think the Iranian military is that inexperienced, or dothey just destroy and blow up missiles and drones that cost atleast hundreds of thousands of dollars each? The regime, which isexperiencing turmoil in the economic crisis, does not intend to goto war with the West, nor with Israel, which it calls its so-calledenemy. The Tehran regime undertook the mission of playing such agame just so that its image among the Islamic states would not becompletely destroyed. If this were not the case, it would havemobilized all its forces without listening to the words of the USthat it calls its adverse enemy. Hundreds of missile strikes, butthe target mixed locations...

Iran's real target behind its Israelhostility

Iran's air attack against Israel also worried Western countries, UK, France, Italy and Canada officials immediately demandedthat Iran stop airstrikes against Israel. Iran could no longer takea step forward. Because the West, especially the White House, hadset a red line for him, and even if the outcome for Iran wassuccessful or unsuccessful, Tehran had to stop its militarygame.


The key for Iran was to fire back at Israel, which it did, Iran also wanted to send a threatening message to rivalstates in the region, which is one of its main goals.

It should be recalled that a few weeks ago, an Iranian officialdrew attention with his provoking statement about shooting theIsraeli embassy in Baku. Although Iran could not declare its openenmity towards Azerbaijan, it always tried to manifest it throughits mouthpieces like Jalal Rashidi Kuchi, or the hands of certainpolitical circles.

Undoubtedly, Tehran is not satisfied with the development ofAzerbaijan in the region and the expansion of its relations,including the fact that it has a leading role in the elimination ofthe conflict in the South Caucasus. Before that, Iran, which didnot react to the tripartite meeting in Brussels on April 5, couldnot do more against Azerbaijan. So, it is clear from the processesthat the West is not a threat to Iran in the South Caucasus. Themain threat for the regime is the strengthening ofTurkish-Azerbaijani relations and the imminent start of theZangazur Corridor. If the territory of Armenia is a red line forIran, why is it not worried about the European Mission that almostcontrols Armenia's borders and the NATO representatives conductingexercises in the area?

Iran is more inspired by Azerbaijan's actions and makesdecisions or makes baseless statements every day. Baku perceivesthis very well and knows that Iran's real desire is not to wage warwith the West, Israel, or the European Union. Its real problem isthe Turkic world, which is getting stronger day by day.



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