The Kaleidoscopic Spring

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By Mushtaq Hurra

A dormant yet optimistic bud of a rose shrub standing in the courtyard of my home, apprised me that spring is coming. Narcissus is about to open its eyes from the slumber of prolonged winter hibernation to proclaim the resuscitation, revival , rejuvenation and rebirth of the spring. Drooping twigs of white willows with a light green tinge, are about to kiss the mother earth's bosom, to free it from the haunts and curses of frosty winter. Greens and flower seedlings grown under concentrated poly-houses, are ready to entice anthophiles and agriculturists. Croaks of toads have begun to fill symphonious melodies into the mildly-cold environs of our valley. Hoopoes pecking with their long black beaks to unearth insects and earthworms from orchards and compounds of houses, cements the belief that our
sustenance ( Rizq ) is already stockpiled somewhere, we just have to explore it. The holy Quran endorses the fact : And when the prayer is finished, then may ye disperse through the land, and seek the bounty of Allah SWT, and celebrate the praises of Allah SWT often, that ye may prosper ( Al-Jummah Verse no 10 ).


The season of spring is adding kaleidoscopic vibes to the landscape of Kashmir valley. The monotony of harsh winter is over. Deep frozen ice is melting, harrowingly murderous icicles have vanished, and the serpent of winter has fled to some distant lands. Lofty snow-clad mountain peaks have begun to distribute the potion of life to the creation of Allah SWT, irrespective of their affiliations and relationships with the ridges. Tall cony pines and cedars are about to spread their green canopies to protect delicate creatures under their soothing shades. Mushroom treasures are waiting for the first thunder of the spring to sprout from the chest of mother earth. Dormant species are yearning to awake from the prolonged hibernation of ice and snow. Yellow petals of tiny daffodils shining brightly on graves, vividly symbolise the calm and tranquil state of resting inmates of the tombs. Arrival of Ababeel ( Swallow ) reunites us with our separated friends.

Abundant flow of crystal clear water in rivers and streams expand chests of farmers and agriculturists with optimism of a bumper crop in the coming kharif season. Meadows are about to wear the green velvety carpet. The cooing of ring-doves on tree branches adds music to the surroundings. Fairies are carrying water guns to sprinkle bright colours on the soft white wings of butterflies to make them look enticingly elegant with dotted hues of various shades. Numb flora is sucking the nectar of warmth from the mildly shining sun of the early spring to restore life, vitality and vigour. Chirping myna is frequently visiting the windowsill of my room to peck scattered rice and bread particles. Warbles of sparrows add saccharinity to
the ears of all creatures. Arrival of the spring is being celebrated with festive fervor and gaiety.

Agriculturists are honing their hoes and spades using whetstones to venture into their farmlands. Seedbeds of different vegetable species are prepared with the hope that a handful of seeds will produce abundantly rich dividends for laborious farmers. Resumption of agro activities eliminates the indolence and pessimism of icy winter. The demon of dreaded cold flees stealthily to unknown woods. Baby plants viz embryos caged between cotyledons of seeds crave to break the bars of hibernation to contribute for the collective good of humanity. Fresh air of the spring neutralizes toxins like an antidote does. Mother earth comes back to life after the teasing spell of the wintery lull. Pink blossoms of almond trees are ready to restore smiles on melancholic faces. I mean the spring comes to balm maimed and bruised souls.

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The season of pleasant warmth reunites the bumble bee with narcissus, who have been longing to meet eachother, but the cold cruel winter has been impeding their reunion for plenty of days. Flowery fragrance scents every corner of the mid-air to pleasantly aromatic vibes. Mother earth morphs into the garden of Eden with different shades and hues of flowers and plants. The aromatic smell of the spring hypnotizes souls and causes hangovers to honey bees who leisurely sing hymns on soft sepals of daffodils while manufacturing sugary and sweet honey. Verdureless fruit giving trees are reminded of their miraculous work to bear fruits by the shrilling breezes of the spring, after a deep winter sleep.

With the inception of the spring every year, birds construct their fresh abodes on tree branches, attics of houses and granaries, eaves of buildings and ceilings of homes. They probably know the ephemeral and evanescent character of the world, for they don't choose iron and cement concrete. Unlike human beings, they build homes for a solitary season. Hence, they are neither greedy nor oblivious about the impermanence of the world. They never wrangle with their fellows for petty things.
They teach us values like harmonious living, mutual understanding, tolerance and peace. Wishing the coming spring erases the monotony of sorrow, grief and melancholy from our lives !

  • The author is a Teacher and a Columnist. He can be reached at [email protected]


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