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Economic Calendar

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Date       Country    Economic Indicators   Consensus   Actual / Prior 
  September, 23    Australia    Flash Manufacturing PMI        
     European Union    Flash Manufacturing PMI     60.4    
     United Kingdom    Flash Manufacturing PMI     59.0    
     United States    Flash Manufacturing PMI     61.1    
     United States    CB Leading Index m/m     0.5%    
     United States    Unemployment Claims     317K    
     European Union    French Flash Manufacturing PMI     57.1    
     United States    Natural Gas Storage        
     Canada    Core Retail Sales m/m     2.7%    
     United Kingdom    Official Bank Rate     0.10%    
     Canada    Retail Sales m/m     2.5%    
     Australia    Flash Services PMI        
     European Union    Flash Services PMI     58.4    
     United Kingdom    Flash Services PMI     55.0    
     United States    Flash Services PMI     55.1    
     European Union    German Flash Manufacturing PMI     61.3    
     European Union    French Final Services PMI     56.1    
     European Union    German Final Services PMI     60.3    
     United Kingdom    MPC Official Bank Rate Votes     0-0-9    
     United Kingdom    Asset Purchase Facility     875B    
     United Kingdom    MPC Asset Purchase Facility Votes     0-1-8    
     Swaziland    SNB Policy Rate     -0.75%    
  September, 22    United Kingdom    Federal Funds Rate     <0.25%    
     Australia    Flash Services PMI        
     United States    Crude Oil Inventories        
     Australia    Flash Manufacturing PMI        
     United States    Existing Home Sales     5.87M    
     European Union    Consumer Confidence     -6    
  September, 21    United States    Current Account     -187B    
     Swaziland    Trade Balance     4.50B    
     United States    Housing Starts     1.55M    
     United Kingdom    CBI Industrial Order Expectations     15    
     China    CB Leading Index m/m        
     Australia    CB Leading Index m/m        
     New Zealand    GDT Price Index        
     Canada    NHPI m/m     0.8%    
     New Zealand    Credit Card Spending y/y        
     United States    Building Permits     1.60M    
     United Kingdom    Public Sector Net Borrowing     14.5B    
     New Zealand    Westpac Consumer Sentiment        
  September, 20    United States    NAHB Housing Market Index     74    
     European Union    German Buba Monthly Report        
     United Kingdom    Rightmove HPI m/m        
     European Union    German PPI m/m     0.8%    
     China    Foreign Direct Investment ytd/y        
  September, 17    New Zealand    Business NZ Manufacturing Index         40.1
     European Union    Current Account     22.3B     21.6B
     United Kingdom    Retail Sales m/m     0.5%     -0.9%
  September, 16    Canada    ADP Non-Farm Employment Change         39.4K
     United States    Retail Sales m/m     -0.7%     0.7%
     European Union    Spanish 10-y Bond Auction         0.33|1.4
     United Kingdom    Consumer Inflation Expectations         2.7%
     United States    Core Retail Sales m/m     -0.1%     1.8%
     European Union    Final CPI y/y     3.0%     3.0%
     United States    TIC Long-Term Purchases     60.5B     2.0B
     United States    Unemployment Claims     325K     332K
     United States    Philly Fed Manufacturing Index     18.9     30.7
     European Union    Italian Trade Balance     6.22B     8.76B
     European Union    Final Core CPI y/y     1.6%     1.6%
     Canada    Foreign Securities Purchases     12.00B     14.19B
     United States    Natural Gas Storage     76B     83B
     Canada    Wholesale Sales m/m     -2.0%     -2.1%
     Canada    Housing Starts     270K     260K
     European Union    Trade Balance     16.8B     13.4B
     United States    Business Inventories m/m     0.5%     0.5%
     United States    Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment     71.9     71.0
     United States    Prelim UoM Inflation Expectations         4.7%
  September, 15    United Kingdom    RPI y/y     4.6%     4.8%
     United States    Empire State Manufacturing Index     18.1     34.3
     United States    Capacity Utilization Rate     76.3%     76.4%
     United Kingdom    HPI y/y     12.4%     8.0%
     United Kingdom    10-y Bond Auction         0.74|2.5
     United States    Import Prices m/m     0.3%     -0.3%
     United Kingdom    CPI y/y     2.9%     3.2%
     New Zealand    Current Account     -1.74B     -1.40B
     United Kingdom    CB Leading Index m/m         0.1%
     Canada    Trimmed CPI y/y     3.1%     3.3%
     Canada    Median CPI y/y     2.6%     2.6%
     Canada    Core CPI m/m         0.2%
     China    Unemployment Rate     5.1%     5.1%
     United Kingdom    PPI Input m/m     0.2%     0.4%
     United Kingdom    Core CPI y/y     2.9%     3.1%
     United Kingdom    PPI Output m/m     0.4%     0.7%
     Canada    CPI m/m     0.1%     0.2%
     Australia    Westpac Consumer Sentiment         2.0%
     United States    Crude Oil Inventories     -3.6M     -6.4M
     China    Retail Sales y/y     6.9%     2.5%
     China    Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y     9.1%     8.9%
     Japan    Tertiary Industry Activity m/m     0.2%     -0.6%
     Japan    Core Machinery Orders m/m     2.4%     0.9%
     China    Industrial Production y/y     5.8%     5.3%
     European Union    Industrial Production m/m     0.6%     1.5%
     United States    Industrial Production m/m     0.5%     0.4%
     Canada    Common CPI y/y     1.7%     1.8%
     European Union    French Final CPI m/m     0.6%     0.6%
  September, 14    United States    NFIB Small Business Index     99.0     100.1
     Canada    Manufacturing Sales m/m     -1.0%     -1.5%
     United States    CPI m/m     0.4%     0.3%
     United States    Core CPI m/m     0.3%     0.1%
     Swaziland    PPI m/m     0.2%     0.7%
Calendar Keys:
Consensus: represents the market consensus estimate for each indicator.
Actual/Prior: refers to the figures as they are released. After a figure is released, Prior represents the last actual for each indicator.