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Monday, 03 October 2022 10:46 GMT

Economic Calendar

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Date       Country    Economic Indicators   Consensus   Actual / Prior 
  October, 7    Swaziland    Unemployment Rate     2.1%    
     Canada    Unemployment Rate     5.4%    
     Japan    Leading Indicators     99.2%    
     European Union    German Import Prices m/m     2.2%    
     Canada    Employment Change     22.5K    
     Japan    Average Cash Earnings y/y     1.4%    
     European Union    Halifax HPI m/m     0.2%    
     European Union    Italian Retail Sales m/m     1.0%    
     European Union    German Industrial Production m/m     -0.5%    
     European Union    French Trade Balance     -13.2B    
     United States    Average Hourly Earnings m/m     0.3%    
     European Union    German Retail Sales m/m     -1.0%    
     Japan    Household Spending y/y     6.8%    
     United States    Non-Farm Employment Change     265K    
  October, 6    Japan    Household Spending y/y     6.8%    
     Canada    Ivey PMI     62.3    
     European Union    Retail Sales m/m     -0.3%    
     European Union    German Factory Orders m/m     -0.5%    
     Japan    Average Cash Earnings y/y     1.4%    
     United Kingdom    Construction PMI     48.1    
     United States    Unemployment Claims     205K    
  October, 5    European Union    German Trade Balance     4.0B    
     Canada    Building Permits m/m     -0.5%    
     United States    Trade Balance     -67.8B    
     Canada    Trade Balance     3.5B    
     New Zealand    Official Cash Rate     3.50%    
     United Kingdom    Housing Equity Withdrawal q/q     -8.0B    
     United States    ADP Non-Farm Employment Change     200K    
     Australia    Retail Sales m/m     0.6%    
     European Union    French Industrial Production m/m     -0.1%    
     European Union    Spanish Services PMI     50.4    
     European Union    Italian Services PMI     49.4    
     European Union    French Final Services PMI     53.0    
     European Union    Final Services PMI     48.9    
     United Kingdom    Final Services PMI     49.2    
  October, 4    Japan    Tokyo Core CPI y/y     2.8%    
     Australia    Building Approvals m/m     9.0%    
     United States    JOLTS Job Openings     11.35M    
     Australia    Cash Rate     2.85%    
     United States    Factory Orders m/m     0.2%    
     Japan    Monetary Base y/y     0.6%    
     European Union    Spanish Unemployment Change     30.8K    
     European Union    PPI m/m     4.9%    
  October, 3    United States    Construction Spending m/m     -0.1%    
     United States    ISM Manufacturing PMI     52.5    
     United States    ISM Manufacturing Prices     52.0    
     European Union    French Gov Budget Balance     -145.2B    
     European Union    Italian Manufacturing PMI     47.6    
     European Union    German Final Manufacturing PMI     48.3    
     Japan    Final Manufacturing PMI     51.0    
     European Union    Final Manufacturing PMI     48.5    
     United Kingdom    Final Manufacturing PMI     48.5    
     United States    Final Manufacturing PMI     51.8    
     Swaziland    CPI m/m     0.1%    
     European Union    French Flash Manufacturing PMI     47.8    
     European Union    Spanish Manufacturing PMI     49.5    
     United States    Wards Total Vehicle Sales     13.6M    
     Japan    Tankan Manufacturing Index     11    
     Japan    Tankan Non-Manufacturing Index     13    
     Swaziland    Manufacturing PMI     54.9    
     Canada    Manufacturing PMI     49.2    
  September, 30    China    Manufacturing PMI     49.4     50.1
     United States    Personal Spending m/m     0.2%     0.4%
     China    Non-Manufacturing PMI     52.6     50.6
     China    Non-Manufacturing PMI     52.6     50.6
     European Union    German Unemployment Change     20K     14K
     Japan    Prelim Industrial Production m/m     -0.2%     2.7%
     European Union    Core CPI Flash Estimate y/y     4.7%     4.8%
     New Zealand    Building Consents m/m         -1.6%
     United States    Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment     59.5     58.6
     United States    Personal Income m/m     0.3%     0.3%
     United States    Core PCE Price Index m/m     0.5%     0.6%
     United Kingdom    Revised Business Investment q/q     3.7%     3.7%
     United Kingdom    Final GDP q/q     -0.1%     0.2%
     United Kingdom    Final GDP q/q     -0.1%     0.2%
     Swaziland    KOF Economic Barometer     85.0     93.8
     European Union    French Consumer Spending m/m     -0.1%     0.0%
     Japan    Consumer Confidence     33.6     30.8
     Japan    Consumer Confidence     33.6     30.8
     United States    Chicago PMI     51.6     45.7
     United Kingdom    Current Account     -43.2B     -33.8B
     United Kingdom    Current Account     -43.2B     -33.8B
     United Kingdom    Net Lending to Individuals m/m     6.4B     7.2B
     United Kingdom    Mortgage Approvals     63K     74K
     European Union    French Prelim CPI m/m     -0.2%     -0.5%
     European Union    Italian Monthly Unemployment Rate     7.9%     7.8%
     European Union    Italian Prelim CPI m/m     -0.4%     0.3%
     Japan    Retail Sales y/y     2.8%     4.1%
     Swaziland    Retail Sales y/y     2.8%     3.0%
     Japan    Housing Starts y/y     -4.0%     4.6%
     Japan    Housing Starts y/y     -4.0%     4.6%
     Japan    Unemployment Rate     2.5%     2.5%
     European Union    Unemployment Rate     6.6%     6.6%
     European Union    CPI Flash Estimate y/y     9.7%     10.0%
     China    Caixin Manufacturing PMI     49.7     48.1
     China    Caixin Manufacturing PMI     49.7     48.1
     United Kingdom    Nationwide HPI m/m     0.2%     0.0%
     United States    Revised UoM Inflation Expectations         4.7%
     United Kingdom    M4 Money Supply m/m     0.5%     -0.2%
     Australia    Private Sector Credit m/m     0.7%     0.8%
Calendar Keys:
Consensus: represents the market consensus estimate for each indicator.
Actual/Prior: refers to the figures as they are released. After a figure is released, Prior represents the last actual for each indicator.