United Nations Youth Forum Side Event Held In New York, Discussing Innovative Paths For The Sdgs

(MENAFN- GetNews) Today, dedicated to addressing global humanitarian and environmental crises, the Peaceland Foundation, which holds special consultative status with the United Nations, and the Global Youth Philanthropy, committed to nurturing global youth leaders in public welfare, jointly hosted a special side event at the ECOSOC Youth Forum of the United Nations. The theme of the event was "Utilizing Technology to End Poverty."

Amidst the current global geopolitical tensions, climate environmental challenges, and exacerbated poverty issues, the youth have emerged as a crucial force driving social innovation and change. The aim of this side event was to provide a platform for in-depth exchange and collision of ideas among youth representatives, exploring the crucial role of technological innovation in poverty alleviation, in order to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.

The side event took place from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in New York on April 17, 2024, at the Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza. More than sixty youth representatives, technology experts, UN agency representatives, embassy officials, media representatives, educational institutions, and NGOs from China, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, and other countries participated both online and offline, jointly discussing the practical experiences and immense potential of technological innovation in the process of "ending poverty."

At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Wenyen, Deputy Director of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, delivered the opening remarks. She stated that eradicating poverty, as the primary task among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs), is of great significance for global sustainable development. As important agents of social progress and development, young people should actively engage in actions to eradicate poverty and contribute their strength to achieving the SDGs.

Following that, Ms. Xie Yuanyan, the founder of Global Youth Philanthropy, warmly welcomed the attending youth representatives and launched the Global Youth Council Initiative. She encouraged responsible and committed youth representatives from around the world to join in, proposing innovative solutions to participate in global governance, addressing significant challenges facing the world today, and playing an important role in promoting social progress and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms. Qiu Lili, the founder of the Peaceland Foundation, unveiled the plaque together with the representatives of the Global Youth Council, expressing hopes and trust in the younger generation. She encouraged the youth to embrace the world, unite and help each other, face challenges, and achieve win-win results, injecting youthful vigor into the development of the world.

During the event, participants engaged in extensive discussions on the diverse applications of technology in ending poverty. United States Youth Senator Cierra O'Sullivan emphasized the importance of promoting energy transition in developing countries and regions, considering it a crucial step in helping them break free from intergenerational poverty.

Haorun Li, the youth representative from Horace Mann School, presented his achievements in technology-driven drug development and addiction prevention. He announced the donation of the technology for use, enabling attendees to witness firsthand the potential of technological innovation in the field of biomedical research.

Evelyn Linlang Ouyang shared
her artistic vision of leveraging communication technology to mitigate the digital divide, provoking novel insights and contemplation among the audience.

Chinese Model United Nations Promotion Ambassador Shi Ziyi focused on the impact of AI algorithm on the psychological stability of impoverished populations within social media platforms.

Han Shuang, a youth representative from the Powerchina International Group Limited, shared practical experiences in emission reduction and poverty alleviation of projects such as the hydroelectric power station in the lower reaches of the Kafue River in Zambia, the Taltan Photovoltaic Power Station in Qinghai, China, and the biomass power plant in Hubei,
China. The successful implementation of these projects has not only brought economic benefits to the local communities but also set examples for global sustainable development.

Alex Yo Joon Kim presented the practical application of photovoltaic greenhouse technology in the agricultural sector. He shared how his company, Farmtopia, utilizes smart technology to help farmers enhance productivity. During the event, Alex
held a ceremony for the establishment of
Technology for Agriculture Special Fund, aimed at promoting the development of agricultural technology and assisting impoverished regions in achieving agricultural modernization goals.

Tiffany Qianxun Zhao from Phillips Academy Andover produced a video titled "AI and Humanity," utilizing AI technology. In her presentation, she underscored the positive impacts of technology in enhancing educational standards and strengthening medical services, while also raising concerns about privacy safeguards and ethical considerations.

Jingjing Pan from the University of California, Davis, provided insights from a Chinese perspective, discussing the specific applications of modern technology in poverty alleviation, including precision agriculture, intelligent educational systems, and supply chain management technology.

Liu Yinan, a lecturer at the School of Applied Economics of Renmin University of China, shared her research experience in Yunnan, emphasizing the importance of integrating remote medical services into poverty alleviation efforts and improving rural healthcare accessibility. She highlighted that remote medical services not only alleviate the unequal distribution of medical resources but also assist local healthcare professionals in enhancing their expertise, further reducing disparities in healthcare services across regions and actively combating the cycle of poverty caused by illness.

Amy Liu, the Harvard University youth representative participating remotely, underscored in her address the potential of leveraging technology and digital education to enhance social mobility.

Postgraduate student at Yenching Academy of Peking University, Joyce Wambui Kiarie from Kenya, highlighted the relationship between poverty, education, and technology. She emphasized that technology is not just a tool but also a crucial force driving social change. She called for developing communities to adapt to and adopt
technological advancements more extensively.

Stephen Philip, a student from Nigeria at the Yenching Academy of Peking University, highlighted during his online speech the global threat faced by women and girls in the sub-Saharan region, emphasizing the potential of digital technology in narrowing the education gap and gender digital divide.

Alicia Li from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) delved into the future roles of AI-powered robotics, envisioning their capacity to supply clean water to underserved areas, undertake perilous physical tasks, and reconstruct infrastructure impaired by severe weather occurrences. This underscores the considerable potential of AI-powered robotics in tackling global challenges.

During the discussion session, George Yi from the University of Southern California facilitated interaction among the guests. Xingjian Xia, a reporter from "Voice of Youth" present at the meeting, raised questions regarding the safety testing of Haorun Li's newly developed drug, the accessibility of Alex's designed application, and the possibility of generating new pollution. Haorun Li and Alex provided comprehensive answers respectively. Attendees expressed that these innovative technologies not only provide new solutions for poverty alleviation but also inject powerful momentum into global sustainable development.

At the end of the conference, Jin Yingying, a director of Global Youth Philanthropy, along with Mr. Hu Weiwei, a mentor from Global Youth Philanthropy, and Xia Xingjian, a reporter from Voice of Youth, unveiled the plaque for the youth media outlet 'Voice of Youth',
symbolizing the strong voice of the younger generation in driving sustainable development.

The forum was chaired by Yinying Gu, founder of Wordwise. Qi You, the youth representative from New York University, Jialiang Wang, the youth representative from Edison School,
and Tammy Wang from New York provided significant support for the forum. Everyone expressed their commitment to upholding the innovative spirit and responsibility of the youth, contributing more efforts to drive global poverty alleviation forward.

Gu Yinying, International Development Director of Global Youth Philanthropy and founder of Wordwise, chaired the forum. Youth representatives from New York University, Qiu You and Tammy Wang, along with Wang Jialiang from the Beijing Edison School, provided strong support for this side event.
Everyone expressed their commitment to safeguarding the innovative spirit and responsibility of youth, contributing more efforts to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At this side event, youth representatives delved into the potential and impact of technological innovation in enhancing education, aiding agricultural transformation, eliminating intergenerational poverty, and advancing telemedicine. They exchanged experiences and best practices from their regions, advocating for the establishment of the Global Youth Council and the "Voice of Youth" youth media. The goal is to expand influence through exchange, stimulate further innovation, and contribute knowledge and vigor to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As UN Secretary-General Guterres once said, "Youth are drivers of change and a force for sustainable development." In this challenging era, the involvement and contributions of young people are crucial. Their innovative thinking, energy, and actions will propel the world towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous direction. This side event served as a significant platform for youth representatives, infusing fresh energy and optimism into the pursuit of global sustainable development goals.



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