Top 6 Memecoins For Investing Before 2024

(MENAFN- eTrendy Stock) In a market filled with speculation, investors always track the next token that could reward them with the most profitable investments.

On that note, the memecoin market has become known for its volatility, a two-edged sword capable of providing the most profits and greater risks. When investing in this type of currency, investors benefit from knowing all the whereabouts of each project, to stand the most chance at making huge profits.

Throughout its existence, memecoins also became known for making quite a few millionaires due to some experiencing rises capable of providing a 4-digit investment into millions. These assets eventually become known as“x100Gem” in the community and are capable of providing significantly greater rewards than investments made in already-established currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

6 – Mollars ($MOLLARS)

This is a token that's coming soon. It's in the highly preferred Initial Coin Offering stage (official ICO page ), where investors can buy into a cryptocurrency at its lowest price. $MOLLARS is not your typical memecoin as it's actually a hybrid concept that teeters between Bitcoin ($BTC) and alt-coin status.

Mollars will have no owner. It will be controlled by the community after its release on a major cryptocurrency exchange and the founder will hold no tokens. Two factors will control the $MOLLARS token price - the daily trade volumes (as Bitcoin) and one web3 product that will be released at launch to enhance daily usage volumes.

This new ERC-20 token will be an experiment to see if a coin can find itself being a store of value and gain momentum through building a subculture to the brand, to advance into the top name brands in cryptocurrency at a rapid pace.

After release on its fist DEX, prices could rise as high as 100x the ICO price. Initial coin offering investors are likely to score a big return on investment, if the web3 product is launched as expected. This could easily be #1 on the list of best cryptocurrency investments to watch before 2024.

5 – Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

Launched this September, the highly anticipated memecoin related to Reddit's largest meme-investment community“WallStreetBets” still holds some potential.

After its debut, $WSM went on an incredible run, picking up over 280% in value in a short period. At its highest point, this memecoin was worth $0.078 and looked to be on its way to losing a zero in its price.

However, one of the biggest flaws of WallStreetMemes is its utter lack of innovation in the crypto community. A common flaw in memecoins, this project has little to no utility-driven solutions that could enhance the value of $WSM.

In fact, up until today, the most significant updates to the ecosystem have been the addition of an online gambling page, and the implementation of a mock news page on their official website.

As a result, $WSM is trading at nearly the same price it had on the launch date, down 72% from ATH.

However, one of the biggest things WSM has going is its massive online following. This means that any relevant news regarding the currency could kick start a ripple effect and cause the token to go on a profitable streak. But in truth, that hardly makes it a worthwhile investment.

4 – Dogecoin ($DOGE)

As the largest memecoin by market capitalization, some would say that investing in Dogecoin in 2024 is a bad idea, and the asset has already grown what it had to grow.

While that may be partially true, keeping at least a couple hundred in DOGE could be worthwhile, at least when taking into account upcoming developments related to the currency.

One of the biggest concerns around Dogecoin investment is the fact that the project has allowed itself to become closely attached to the World's richest man, Elon Musk.

While that in itself is reason for concern, with some arguing that becoming Musk's pet token inhibits Doge's ability to stand out on its own, it also provides almost a guarantee of profitable surges in 2024.

In all likelihood, 2024 will be the year when Musk transforms its newly-acquired social media page“X”, formerly known as Twitter, into a page that also functions as a payment system.

This new development is also set to make X accept payments in cryptocurrencies and memecoins. Which would almost certainly make Doge gain value, even if momentarily.

In fact, many anticipate this development to also cause other memecoins in the market-especially utility-driven projects like Golden Inu-to go on a streak of profitability, potentially becoming 2024's highest-earning crypto.

3 – Floki Inu ($FLOKI)

Similarly to Dogecoin, Floki could be a token to experience some moments of growth in 2024.

The project has introduced interesting developments in 2023, including a new DeFi lending and borrowing integration and new staking platforms. However, these developments weren't enough to provide significant growth this year.

Due to its affinity to Elon Musk, as the currency shares the same name as Musk's dog, $FLOKI could also experience growths related to Twitter's updates.

2- ArbDoge AI ($AIDOGE)

ArbDoge is a meme-based cryptocurrency in the Arbitrum network. It offers special features like winning ARB prizes through Lucky Drop tickets and earning staking rewards. However, its limited popularity poses challenges.

With a current value of $0.0000000001265, ArbDoge might face constraints in achieving significant growth compared to other tokens.

Overall, ArbDoge remains one of the most promising tokens due to its projects centered on utility, a mark that is only trumped by the next token in our list.

New Play-To-Earn Crypto Game, $Golden Inuverse, is set to launch before Christmas 2023 and will substantially increase daily transaction volumes of Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) token. 1 – Golden Inu ($GOLDEN)

Golden Inu Token (GOLDEN) is a multi-blockchain Web3 project aiming to reshape the entire memecoin market as a whole.

The project, launched in February on the Binance Chain has already stood the test of time, passing several security audits with flying colors and rewarding holders with 1200% profits in June.

Moreover, the project is about to release its first major decentralized application, a new Play-to-Earn game called“Golden Inuverse.” The game is set to kick-start operations on December 25th and holds immense promise for the future of the project.

In addition to the launch of the game, Golden Inu will also unveil its token-burning mechanism-Golden Treasury-which will allocate 50% of the total profits generated by the ecosystem's dApps into buying $GOLDEN in circulation and burning them.

The reason why $GOLDEN is likely everyone's best bet for 2024's x100Gem is the fact that of all the reliable currencies in the market, the“Shiba Inu Killer” is the one with the largest room for growth.

Once Golden Inuverse arrives, the project expects to see a significant peak in adoption, with the value of $GOLDEN potentially reaching new all-time high levels.

Later down the year, Golden Inu will introduce even more dApps that will also enhance the value and usefulness of $GOLDEN, while also contributing to creation deflation via the Golden Treasury.

Applications like the new DeFi marketplace that will allow users to trade goods and services via $GOLDEN, and even a new decentralized exchange that will use Golden Inu's multi-blockchain capabilities to use the token as a bridge allowing the crypto space to swap tokens from multiple blockchains, also position Golden Inu for incredible success.

When to take profits?

Investing in cryptos comes with risks, however those that take no risks gain no rewards. There's thousands of people who wished they had taken advisors seriously in the 2010's when Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), or Litecoin ($LTC) investing was suggested. Those who did take the plunge into cryptos in that early era, they are all now multi-millionaires or have a lost hard drive they are digging through trash mounds to find.

In the 2020's it's the same. Memecoins have been doubted by some but the reality has been the same. Early investors in tokens like Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) are now multi-millionaires.

2024 will be no different as long as the cryptocurrency market remains open. Multiple millionaires will be made and all it takes is to take the right risk and also pull a percentage of profits once token values have soared.

Therefore, watch these top 6 memecoins for investing before 2024, and put aside the frivolous material 'extras' you could purchase with your extra bucks. At least cryptos have a chance at providing a return on investment (ROI). Shoes, fancy dinners, and other experiences are guaranteed to return you nothing.

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