I Didn’t Choose Astrology but Astrology Chose me, says Simran Sehgal

(MENAFN- EnGame Publishing House) Astrology is a field that can change lives and make impossible things possible if it is written in the stars. A field that has seen miracles and magic happening. Mumbai High Court has also verdict astrology a science. Today as we live in the modern era the importance of astrology has gradually increased, though people may disregard this in the beginning once they get their faith in it there is no turning back, because of such great accuracy based on scientific facts and calculation
There are various stories of people being helped out by astrologers and this overall has transformed their lives— for the good. But did you know that astrologers too have backstories of how they fell in love with astrology? Do you how the stars that look like mere stars to us depict a lot more to them? Today, we’ll get to know a similar story of an Astrologer— Simran Sehgal.
Simran Sehgal is an astrologer and a Vastu expert who has been consulting and helping people for the last 15 years. Simran as of date has accurately predicted for more than 20,000 people and guided people according to their starts and what their fortune holds for them. Her journey has a lot more than any other journey, what may look like a journey of blunders and mixed emotions is a story of upbringing on the best astrologers in the current times.
Holding years of experience in her hands, the ancestral roots of Simran go back to Delhi-Punjabi girl, she possesses good knowledge about Vedic astrology, stars, numerology, and Vastu shastra. She has helped people in various diaspora of life, people coming from various fields have sought guidance and help from Simran.
How did she start her journey?

Simran’s journey started with love. It all goes back to her graduation days when she was pursuing her degree in French. She was studying French, the person with whom she had a relationship with keen interest and inclination toward astrology. Simran recalls, and says, “I remember he would come and tell me daily horoscope, the direction of stars and planets etc. I slowly developed an interest in astrology.”
But that was not exactly how her professional journey as an astrologer began.
Her then-boyfriend brought her in contact with an astrologer and when they met, he asked for her; Time of Birth, Date of Birth and Place of Birth only based on these three parameters did he describe her Kundli and told her what she held for future. Simran tells, “He told me several things about me. Such as I had a very bright future a future that would hold very amazing things, a lot of foreign trips in life and I’ll have money and fame at an early age. I’ll be financially independent and will have a great repute.”
She further says, “He specifically said that I was meant to guide and help people and I wasn’t pursuing astrology then. He also told me that the relationship I was having would not last.”

But Simran didn’t believe them and stated them as shallow and baseless predictions. But she was amazed when things he said started turning into reality and were exactly true, in coming years after the verdict the relationship fell apart. She realized that this was predicted and turned out to be true, post her breakup. She was teaching French in colleges, universities and private tuitions and alongside she was reading books and developing an interest in astrology.
But the journey wasn’t a cake walk people, relatives initially called out and passed comments and opposed to pursuing astrology but slowly and steadily everything came on track, as her parents supported her and had faith in her. I think they were the biggest pillar for me at that time.
The Beginning of a new Journey

It was a new journey for her, upgrading modes, she took courses in astrology. Side by side teaching fench to manage money for learning astrology. The more she dug, the more fascinated she became and this fascination proved beneficial to her. After completing her graduation in French, she did her Masters in Astrology and is currently pursuing a PhD in Astrology.
She started taking guidance from astrologers about predicting different events after she was fully inclined toward this field. She started giving free consultations when those started turning correct, that boosted her confidence, she also participated in competitions that were organized and she won those. Simran has also been awarded as Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Martand, Master circle awards for excellence in vedic astrology and her most precious award Best Astrologer Award by Ajay Bhambhi, Dr H.S.Rawat And Acharya Dr Dalip Kumar, and Anil wats.
She knew she wanted to be an Astrologer and help people, so decided to learn more and more for that She started learning advanced methods of Astrology from Magha Vedic Astrology Academy, USA from renowned personalities Kapiel Raj Srivastava, Dalip Kumar, and HS Rawat. Simran has helped a lot of people, her predictions are 100% accurate.
She says, “Astrology has given me everything be it name, fame and satisfaction. Everything and the only way I can pay back to this divine field is by helping more and more people.”
What are her plans for the future?

Simran as of now wants to complete her PhD (specialization in Marriage Prediction) and go on to help people with her knowledge. The happiest moment of my life is when people come and says maam, we got job, I am getting married, your predictions are bang on, etc I consider these words as a piece of music in my ears She says, “There are no limits to learning astrology. It is a wide field and one can go on and on to study and learn in this field.

Is any particular prediction which you will always remember?

In her astrology journey she has dealt with a lot of cases, and have seen a lot of people in pain but she still remembers, there was a Hindu-Muslim couple, who were madly in love with each other, they were dating for almost 7 years, but when they decided to get married things were not easy for them, their love was not enough to handle those major cultural differences , so with a heavy heart they broke up, that guy took her appointment she looked at their chart because the guy really wanted to marry her, when he came I could see a lot of hope in his eyes, that was the happiest day of my life not because of their pain but because looking at all planetary position was favoring them and I was very sure they are soulmate, I asked that guy to wait for next 6 months everything will get sort by then, and that’s what happens after 6 months randomly that girl called her to meet him, they meet and by god’s grace their all differences got sorted and the most amazing thing was that they get married within 1 month, their family also accepted them with open arms and now I am happy to say that now they are proud parents of a cute baby girl, so moral of the story if something is destined then no matter what you will get it sooner or later, circumstances can be unfavorable but if stars are supporting then nobody can change your destiny.


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