Tips For Driving at Night

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It is important to know how to drive safely at night because one's eyesight while driving can make all the difference between life and death. Statistics show that a motorist is thirty times more likely to die in a car accident at night than during the day. This is even more true if the accident happens on a holiday. Even if you are better able to see in the daylight, there are some 
simple tips for driving at night that you should follow to make sure you don't end up in a bad situation. 
One of the most dangerous things you can do while driving at night is to not use your turn signal. The turn signal is one of the main warning devices that other drivers use to alert others to their impending danger. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect to see another driver's turn signals, especially when they are driving alone or in another car. Mirrors also contribute to the problem, as well as headlights. High beams are another important safety feature to have, but you should switch them off while driving. 
The next thing you should do is check your headlights. Many drivers forget that their headlights are on while driving. If they aren't, turn them on and sit in your car. Lights can dazzle on the road at night, so it is imperative that you have your headlights on. Be sure to keep your turn signals working, as well. You can't see very well at night when other cars are around, and it is possible that other drivers can see you, as well. 
Fogged or foggy road conditions can create many dangers on the road. Driving through heavy fog can lead to a myriad of accidents, particularly if other drivers don't see you. Because of this, many drivers invest in fogged or foggy night driving glasses to protect themselves and others. There are many different types of night vision glasses on the market, so be sure to choose the right ones for your specific needs. Some cars are better to drive in than others, especially during dangerous weather. Look online at sites like to see what truck or SUV is rated the best. This will help with driving conditions both during the day and especially at night.
The dashboard lights are another area that can prove to be dangerous in the case of darkness. If possible, increase the amount of light coming through your dashboard. Some experts even recommend that you switch your emergency vehicle lights on, so other drivers can see you better. In the case of an emergency, these lights will provide you with much needed visibility to get to safety. However, if you must illuminate your dashboard lights, make sure that your dashboard lights are also bright, which will provide clearer visibility to other drivers. 
When looking for visibility on the road at night, it is important to remember that it is more difficult to see objects when your visibility is obstructed by the objects you are looking at. Some people even find it helpful to turn on their side mirrors, so that they can see even further behind them. However, be sure to position your side mirrors evenly on both sides of your car. 
Fogging glass is another hazard to be aware of when looking for night driving safety tips. Although some drivers think that using fogged or murky glass will help them spot cars or other objects better, in fact it actually makes things more difficult to see. You should try to always maintain your windshield wipers clear of any debris or snow, so that you can clearly see other cars and road users. Even if your windshield isn't foggy, consider cleaning your windows using chemicals that are found at home and/or purchased at any glass store. 
One of the most important tips for driving at night that every driver should follow is to make sure to wear their seatbelt. Studies have shown that a lack of seatbelts leads to many car crash
deaths. Not only is this the healthiest thing a person can do for himself, but it's also the safest thing a person can do for himself. By driving slower and avoiding heavy traffic, you'll reduce your chance of having an accident and being involved in a collision.
Driving is a serious task and should never be taken lightly. When driving at night, take these tips into consideration for a safer driving experience. Having a reliable car, especially at night, is very important. Don’t choose a “jerk car” especially if you are having to be on the road frequently. 


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