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Addendum Release: Project Las Vegas Brand Highlights

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Below is a special preview of exhibitor announcements in their respective communities at PROJECT Las Vegas:


Devereux (PROJECT Booth #61113) - Devereux will be showcasing its new Spring 2020 collection that includes outerwear, which is a new category for the brand, knitwear, casual shirting, tops, bottoms, and swim, as well as their expanded children's line of products. The Spring 2020 collection has elements that reflects the brand's Arizona roots in their lightweight, breathable fabrics, cool color palette, and desert-motif prints.www.dvrxthreads.com

James Bark (PROJECT Booth #601202) - Combining the love for classics and new styles, James Bark was founded in 2015. Inspired by people that represent a new way of seeing the world with no labels, James Bark honors their long standing heritage while experimenting with the classic polos, t-shirts, sweaters and hats. James Bark was made to make your mark.http://jamesbark.us

MARIA by fifty (PROJECT Booth #62213) - MARIA by fifty is a Portuguese fashion brand with an edgy, trendy and exclusive design for modern men. The brand possesses a youthful spirit, creating clothing with daring and irreverent designs in high quality. The production process is transparent and 100% Made in Portugal. The brand established itself in the market with audacity and huge expectations. 'We believe in the start of something big, that begins at our doorstep and ends all over the world.'http://www.mariabyfifty.com

Marine Layer (PROJECT Booth #61114) - Founded in 2010, Marine Layer is a San Francisco-based independent retailer that has redefined soft through a line of sustainable, custom-made fabrics. Marine Layer is officially launching its line of high-quality apparel that celebrates a 7-day weekend lifestyle to the wholesale market in Spring 2020, after successfully opening 41 stores (and counting).https://www.marinelayer.com/

Mizzen + Main (PROJECT Booth #61521) - Mizzen+Main is debuting men's performance pants in their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Performance pants give men the ability to be on the move while not having to worry about their chinos holding them back.www.mizzenandmain.com

Mitchell Evan (PROJECT Booth #61930) - Mitchell Evan is debuting a women's addition to their successful line for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The Mitchell Evan women's collection is inspired by the 'soft Sunday' concept of off-duty staples worn on the weekend and is comprised of thirteen silhouettes including a trench duster, woven high-waisted wide leg pants, ruffle sundresses, t-shirts, two-layer tank tops, t-shirt dresses, body-con dresses, cropped crew neck sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, side panel shorts and wide leg pants and high-waisted raw edge shorts.www.mitchellevan.com

MVP Collections (PROJECT Booth #62013) – Come talk Big & Tall Style with former MVP's, Mo Vaughn, former three-time MLB All Star and 1995 MVP, and Frank Thomas, two-time MVP and MLB Hall of Famer and preview the premier destination for Big & Tall men's contemporary style. MVP Collections has an incredible double header in store this season, featuring its Fall collection inspired by Frank Thomas, as well as the launch of their Spring/Summer 2020 collection which highlights animal prints; tie-dye head to toe athleisure looks; neon activewear on stretch sateen; novelty graphic tees back to neon spot painted premium denim; embroidery and shades of pink.https://mvpcollections.com/

Polo Ralph Lauren (PROJECT Booth #61916) - Celebrating 50 years of style, the World of Polo Ralph Lauren will present Men's Sportswear, Men's Footwear, Women's Ready-to-wear and Women's Accessories all together for the first time.https://www.ralphlauren.com/

Psycho Bunny (PROJECT Booth #61317) - In May of 2020, Psycho Bunny commemorates 15 years in business. The season celebrates this history by showcasing the many styles and moods of the iconic bunny with three distinctive stories. The first, Anniversario, a traditional red white and blue color story harkens back to the very English and American roots of Psycho Bunny. The second, Primavera, is inspired by a floral spring palette. Tonal shades from pink-orange to golden-yellow to vineyard-greens will have you feeling like spring has finally sprung. Lastly, Neon-ism, employs a new technique using neon embroidery on an almost neon bright background creating new and unique color combinations.www.psychobunny.com

Reserve 84 (PROJECT Booth #60732) - Introducing the RESERVE 84 collection, a new line from Blue 84 in collaboration with industry veteran Marc Herman. This new-yet-vintage licensed graphic print collection includes categories in music, college, major league baseball, and more.https://www.reserve84.com

Rhone (PROJECT Booth #61008) - Spring 2020 Collection highlights include: Reign SS – Comfort, performance, and the wherewithal to take on any workout, the Reign feels like your favorite vintage college tee but performs like a cutting-edge synthetic tee; Versatility Short – A new favorite training short! Warp knit fabric provides durability and stretch for superior performance. Available lined and unlined in both a 7' and 9' inseam; Commuter Dress Shirt – Providing all the markings of a luxury dress shirt, the Commuter Dress Shirt also includes four-way stretch, natural wrinkle release and moisture wicking capability crafted from lightweight Italian fabric; and Commuter Pant – Amazing comfort and stretch combined with unparalleled style and sophistication to create the perfect pants for travel, work, and life. Available in classic and slim fit.www.rhone.com

RNT23 (PROJECT Booth #61908) - Ron Tomson's namesake label, RNT23, is inspired by the California culture that defines modern fashion. The range of shirts, denim, footwear and formalwear features premium materials while all meticulously crafted in Turkey.https://rontomson.com/

Stolen Riches (PROJECT Booth #62336) - Stolen Riches will be presenting for the first time a new collection of nautically themed wrist wear inspired by summers at the cottage and sunny days by the beach. The Canadian company's heritage within the textile industry is proudly built on four generations of dedicated craftsmanship.https://www.stolenriches.com

Stone Rose (PROJECT Booth #61214) - Stone Rose is expanding into a full line with the Spring 2020 collection. The brand will now include a large selection of tops, bottoms and swimwear. The collection is inspired by the man who believes in work life harmony and needs a varied wardrobe for all functions.https://stonerose.com/

Ted Baker London (PROJECT Booth #60717) - This season Ted Baker has played to his strengths and expanded on what he is best known for. Prints are colourful, bold and sharp and there is a good offering of buy now wear now product with clean and smart end use. The collection is weather appropriate and has been designed specifically to the month. In March Ted will introduce a new bomber shape inspired by the patch bomber trend, while in April the perfect commuter jacket for spring showers makes its debut. The main statement of the season is a bold use of colour. Ted has introduced primary shades and new neutrals which together make the collection look fresh for these months. Textures, mini geo's and oversized statement prints still play a large part while clean stripes in new colour combinations provide newness.www.tedbaker.com

Valecuatro (PROJECT Booth #61813) - After 15 years in Europe, Valecuatro is coming to the USA this season. For those who see life like a game, for those who understand that giving everything is the only option, for those who, like a polo player, go all in... welcome to the world of Valecuatro.www.valecuatro.com


Kenneth Nicholson (N:OW Booth #62524) - With Kenneth Nicholson's SS 2020 collection, in contrast to his previous AD 2019, an annual body of work featuring a 40 look, three chapter story; Nicholson wanted to present a concentrated vision with one constant at its center. He was inspired by the purity of a fresh canvas, thus the collection 'Depiction' was born. 'Depiction' is an exploration of the birth of a painting, raw canvas, strokes of color and eventually a crafted masterpiece. The ability to create garments that hold fine craftsmanship and designs that speak directly to the times of now continue to drive the brands vision forward.https://www.kennethnicholson.us/

NIHL (N:OW Booth #62525) - The NIHL collection derives a great deal of inspiration from a contradiction between Vintage midwestern ruralism and the vibrance of the queer underground. The collection bears reference to the feeling of vintage car interiors, household wallpapers and Pool-hall paraphernalia. Taking equal inspiration from queer interiors such as Ballrooms, Nightclubs, and Chelsea sex shops like 'the Blue Store,' each garment is meant to have a non-binary dualism attributed to it. Many of the clothes also incorporate elements of versatility and transformation.www.nihl.nyc

Sanchez-Kane (N:OW Booth #62523) - Bárbara Sánchez-Kane is a Mexican visual artist working across the mediums of experimental apparel, installation and performance. Wielding a conceptual arsenal of poetic kitsch forms, Kane relentlessly defies the usual comforting distinctions between male and female, natural and artificial, ugly and beautiful, art and fashion, attired and naked, high and low. Thus unsettled by this hybridization and shorn of its innocence, they thrust across the threshold of sentimentalism into a world of unbounded confidence and rare possibilities.http://sanchez-kane.com/

Victor Li (N:OW Booth #62624) - Victor Li distills the allure of this desert haven captured in his personal album of photographs and memories into his collection for Spring Summer 2020. The collection combines refreshing graphics and a balanced color palette imbued with disarmingly boyish charm. Illustrative motifs for his knitwear draw inspiration from intricately-carved arabesque patterns to hand-knotted rugs. Custom jacquards and prints are inspired by a mirage of abstract desert landscapes and artisanal crafts.https://www.victorliofficial.com/store

Willy Chavarria (N:OW Booth #62623) - WILLY CHAVARRIA will be featuring its recent collaborative projects with California Tennis brand, K-SWISS, and Danish Soccer bran, HUMMEL. Both labels offer a positive take on style with vivid colors and fresh sportswear silhouettes. Willy incorporates a message of brotherhood and human kindness through both stories: from the support of asylum seeking football players in the US and to a partnership with KIND, in which the collaboration will offer assistance immigrants in need of shoes. These collections are priced to place in a wide range of retail shops from streetwear to high-end fashion stores.https://www.willychavarria.com/


BONUM *PROJECT TOKYO BRAND* (N:OW Booth #62715) - BONUM is comprised of vintage and used clothing inspired by various cultures and stories. Freedom (FREEDOM) Universality (BASIC) Creativity (CREATIVE) They will introduce to the world a sustainable remake product (SUSTAINABLE REMAKE) that incorporates current fashion trends.http://bonum.jp/

DSPLACE (N:OW Booth #62415) - DSPLACE was founded in 2016 by Gustavo Deseda, Julio Fericelli and Gianni Agrapidaki. It is an innovative casual clothing brand that provides luxurious, high quality products at affordable prices. As a brand, they look forward to educating its consumers to respect the ecosystem, by not supporting the fur trade. Some of the pieces in the collection and their details are constructed with an Italian microfiber suede called Alcantara.https://dsplace.co/

FUTTEN *PROJECT TOKYO BRAND* (N:OW Booth #62816) - Rather than making it simple by subtraction, FUTTEN is a timeless without addition and it is a 'uniform of living'. Using natural fiber fabric which does not subject to shrinkage treatment, wearers possess an effortless spirit.http://futten.co.jp/

graphzero *PROJECT TOKYO BRAND* (N:OW Booth #62815) - Under the concept of "manufacturing from the zero point,' everything from fabric design to production and sales for graphzero is done in-house. graphzero makes possible manufacturing that meets the 'customer's" perspective.http://graphzero.com/

ONEMADE *PROJECT TOKYO BRAND* (N:OW Booth #62716) - ONEMADE expresses its creative vision with the fusion of art and fashion. Creative Director Mikio started as a transformative painter and graphic designer, known for his creation of unique iconic collages. ONEMADE aims to fuse vintage and new materials to extend the boundary of styles and forms. They use vintage/sustainable fabrics, Okayama denim, and original fabrics developed and manufactured in Japan. Each garment is carefully constructed as if it is an art piece, with hand-applied embroideries, and painted in the experienced hands of artisans in their atelier. They offer bespoke and customized service to their clients.https://www.onemade.tokyo/

PORTS V (N:OW Booth #62730) - Ports V will make its wholesale debut in the US with the launch of its 2019 Drop 3 collection. The unisex 'see now, buy now' collection celebrates love in all forms, seeing past the differences of skin colour, ethnicity, and gender to unite through inclusivity and diversity.https://portsv.com

The Rad Black Kids (N:OW #62424) - Atelier Rad Black Kids is addressing a welcome need in the fashion industry that is being underserved. Atelier Rad Black Kids is a boundary pushing, androgynous cut n sew, high tier brand that wants to provide well considered options for people whose needs are not currently being met in the market. From modifiable waist bands that accommodate a wide variety of sizing, to creative solutions of tops that are inclusive of different body types, ultimately serving the needs of those that identify as non-binary.https://www.theradblackkids.com/

Surreal MFG *PROJECT TOKYO BRAND* (N:OW Booth #61214) - 'SURREAL' was born in Tokyo bay area of Japan in 2013. Its products are mainly manufactured with Japanese fabric, and Japanese sewing technology, offering real Japanese quality and comfort.http://srrl.jp

Wilde Vertigga (N:OW Booth #62627) - Wilde Vertigga is a contemporary fashion line with an experimental approach that highlights the harmony between asymmetrical shapes and imperfection. Their collection offers both men and women clothing inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde and his life as a conformist rebel. The collection bridges the gap between individualism and conventionalism. Every piece in the collection has asymmetrical lines, which represent the core aesthetics of Wilde Vertigga, encouraging the customer to see fashion from a new angle. The clothing is mindfully handcrafted in Europe, using the finest Italian fabrics and most expert artisans and is currently sold on e-commerce, as well as at selected top specialty stores around the world.https://vertigga.com/

The Tents

Bellroy (The Tents Booth #61503) - This October, Bellroy is releasing its first range of recycled materials. The new Forest and Charcoal fabrics are made from 100% recycled PET bottles – making the bags great for your back, and even better for the environment. They can even tell you how many bottles you saved from landfill, with each bag. For every Transit Backpack (their biggest style), 30 water bottles were converted into plastic chips and then woven into a durable polyester yarn that lasts just as well as their existing materials.https://bellroy.com/

FISHER + BAKER (The Tents Booth #61702) - For their debut season in THE TENTS, Fisher + Baker has expanded its line of functionally superior menswear with new performance fabrics and styles. New in their Spring/Summer 20 line is a drirelease®/cotton performance henley and polo, an interlock drirelease®/merino wool polo, a stretch performance dress shirt, lightweight cashmere/merino wool sweaters, two shorts and pants. This collection builds upon the existing Spring/Summer pieces with ease, as it also begins to introduce new summer colors to the line. #OutfitTheEveryday www.fisherandbaker.com

Matrixcom USA (Sarah Pacini MAN) (The Tents Booth #61717) - Meticulously produced in Italy and throughout Europe, Sarah Pacini's menswear collections pave new avenues of self-expression. Urban and resolutely modern, styles cater to those who value substance, individuality, and creativity with a self-assured sense of style that defies passing trends. Connected to the world, the collection favors clean lines, modern designs, attention to detail, and comfort when venturing from one frontier to the next. A way of life, a way of expression.https://www.sarahpacini.com/

Rodd & Gunn (The Tents Booth #61411) - At Rodd & Gunn, nature is central to our lives and focus. For the SS20 Collection, Rodd & Gunn takes inspiration from the natural realm of New Zealand and the Southern seas. Echoing the hues of nature, we take our color cues from pristine beaches, clean blue horizon lines, coral reefs, and lush tropical forests of New Zealand and the Pacific. With most of our fabrics come from nature, we've drawn our color influences from the same source. Primarily sourced from the world's best mills in Italy and Europe, our fabric partners operate under the highest possible environmental and social standards in the industry.https://www.roddandgunn.com/us

SERGE BLANCO (The Tents Booth #61513) - SERGE BLANCO celebrates California skateboard spirit with the debut of their collaboration with the legendary Tony Alva. While visiting Paris recently, Tony became enamored with the brand, thinking the style of SERGE BLANCO was the perfect mix between sportswear and casual chic.www.sergeblanco.com


DL1961 Premium Denim (Blue @ PROJECT Booth #60607) - The sustainable, premium denim brand, DL1961, is making headlines this Spring with bomber jackets, muted jewel toned denim, and comfortable chinos. The Men's SS20 Collection takes you from morning to night and will be on every guy's must-have list. DL1961's revolutionary fabric technology ensures extreme comfort with lasting versatility- giving you the ultimate pieces for your wardrobe. The breathable fabric and sculpted, tailored fits come together to create a reliable jean while being environmentally conscious.http://dl1961.com/

7Diamonds Clothing Co. (Blue @ PROJECT Booth #60701) - 7Diamonds continues to create, develop, and introduce new categories for customers. 7Diamonds provides stylish but also understandable product and prides itself with the quality, comfort, and fit it offers. Two of the categories they are highlighting this show are its lux flannels and four way stretch blazers. The 7Diamonds lux flannel has an incredible hand feel with outstanding quality. This lightweight lux flannel is available in over 40 styles with a wide arrangement of different colors. The four way stretch blazers, provides a soft touch fabric that is tailored to be worn both dressy and casual. This unconstructed blazer is unique because of the premium four way stretch fabric that gives the wearer the ability to be both flexible and content morning to night. The lux flannels and four way stretch blazers can be paired with multiple 7Diamonds bottoms, wovens, and shirts. 7Diamonds will continue to be innovative in creating new product and satisfying its customers.https://7diamonds.com

7 For All Mankind (Blue @ PROJECT Booth #60100) - 7 For All Mankind was the first of its kind; creators of premium denim before designers did denim. The brand established themselves as a leader and innovator in the market sector, setting the bar for every other denim brand to follow. Yet while the spine of the brand will always be denim, 7 For All Mankind is now taking the lead to evolve its most iconic fits into ready-to-wear. The new collection-driven direction will showcase Creative Director, Simon James Spurr's expertise in tailoring and bring his elevated design aesthetic to contemporary price points. This ultimately led to the addition of an accessories category and a broader assortment of ready-to-wear; including tailored ready-to-wear, complimentary suiting between the men's and women's lines, tailored pieces, elevated outerwear, sleek dresses, and monochromatic pieces. 2020 will be the year that the brand reclaims its position as the leader of premium denim. Not by simply telling the story of what made it great, but by returning to its original DNA and reestablishing 7 For All Mankind as the most luxury-driven denim brand in the world.https://www.7forallmankind.com/

Liverpool Los Angeles (BLUE@PROJECT Booth #xxxx) - Known for technical innovations, Liverpool Men's offers great fit and quality for today's modern consumer. The brand delivers on-trend, premium quality products at accessible prices. All designs are constructed to provide comfort, flexibility and mobility. Expect new product categories for spring as the brand expands its offering.https://liverpooljeans.com/


The Artist Collective (District Booth #62602) - The Artist Collective is proud to announce that after 5 years of business, it will be appearing at its first trade show ever! Featured will be their newest collections, produced in collaboration with up-and-coming artists from across the country.https://shopartistcollective.com/

Aviation 88 (District Booth #63003) - Aviation 88 is proud to announce its US launch at Magic. With an initial collection featuring four distinct backpacks, designed using inspiration from the iconic MA-1 Bomber Jacket, they are the perfect combination of the military function and contemporary fashion.https://www.aviation88.com/

Cambric and Calico (District Booth #62801) - Cambric and Calico Clothing Company has ventured with one of Europe's biggest Urban Street Clothing providers; Hardsoda Clothing. Hardsoda America by Cambric and Calico will be displaying over 100 plus pieces of new and innovating urban street styles.http://stores.cambricandcalico.com/

Goodseed Clothing (District Booth #62903) - Goodseed Clothing is making its debut to the wholesale market, introducing several brand new 2019 designs for the summer and fall. Featuring surf and snow inspired themes with retro-styling, Goodseed Clothing captures the laid-back California lifestyle.https://goodseedclothing.com/

Okami Brand (District Booth #62504) - OKAMI BRAND is showing for the first time ever and is opening up to the wholesale market with its debut of their Lifestyle range. Not only is it a lifestyle brand, but also a graphic design agency bringing forward branded solutions through great design & detailed production on all mediums and platforms.https://www.okamiwlvs.shop

ONYRMRK (District Booth #xxx) - Rooted in the diverse cultures of Southern California, ONYRMRK delivers ready-to-wear collections that are inspired by the exploration of global cultures combined with individual life experiences. ONYRMRK is driven to deliver minimal collections with a contemporary edge, focusing on exceptional fabrics and simplistic shapes.http://www.onyrmrk.com

Staple (District Booth #62804) - Staple partners with Timberland once again to create a modern rendition of the classic 6 inch wheat boot and a new interpretation of the standard field boot. These two new styles represent the culmination of both Timberland's affinity for nature and dominating the outdoors with the everyday urban lifestyle. To launch this initiative, there will be a Staple + Timberland lounge at the DISTRICT Show featuring competitive Ping Pong with Staple founder Jeff Staple as well as arcade style Claw Machines for individuals to win exclusive Staple and Timberland merchandise.https://www.staplepigeon.com/

The Foundry

Made in Mayhem (The Foundry Booth #62339) - Made in Mayhem will present its first limited edition hand painted leather accessories collection. They have created one of a kind pieces with hand painted Italian leathers to present a truly unique collection of wallets and card holders for men and women. The artwork includes a classic camo pattern, a colorful confetti inspired design and a more artistic brush strokes pattern.https://madeinmayhem.com/

Ranger Station (The Foundry Booth #62337) Ranger Station is showing at Project for the first time in the Foundry section with luxury fragrance products ranging from personal fragrances to candles. They have just introduced their Roll-On line of fragrances, perfect for travel.https://rangerstation.co/


Maceoo (MRKET Booth #60634) - Maceoo is the intersection of cutting edge fabric engineering, classic Italian craftsmanship and advanced designs. With 3 flagship retail stores in some of the country's hottest malls with 4 more on the way and celebrity endorsements, Maceoo has been described as nearing the mountain top of the menswear elites. From 4 way stretch fabrics to modern ath-leisure, and an obsession with customer service and customer support we guarantee that a stop by our booth will be worth your while.https://maceoo.com

Paisley & Gray (MRKET Booth #65100) - Paisley & Gray expands their core suiting collection this Fall with the premier of the Limited Edition Collection which features sustainable materials, vegan leather and recycled fabrics. For Spring 2020 the Sportswear division is also expanding to offer a curated swimwear assortment and a crafted denim collection! On Tuesday 8/13 at 5PM come meet Emmy Award Winner Vincent De Paul for a champagne toast in the Paisley & Gray booth as he talks style! https://www.paisleyandgray.com/


Enter The Dragon (MAGIC Men's Booth #65739) - Enter The Dragon will debut in the U.S. market at MAGIC MENS. A leading men's apparel brand in Russia and other Eastern European markets, Enter The Dragon offers wearable, sustainable, and affordable clothing as its brand values. Brand highlights include 100% cotton polo shirts and t-shirts engineered to stay in shape.http://etdapparel.com/

Giovanni Testi (MAGIC Men's Booth #64918) - Giovanni Testi is showcasing their 2019 Fall and Holiday Collection, with highlights including exclusive hand-crafted designs and avant garde formal attire. The Fashion Forward Line is sought after by Hollywood elites, celebrities, and trendsetters across the globe for its continuous innovations.https://www.GiovanniTesti.com

Palm Lagoon (MAGIC Men's Booth #65138) - Palm lagoon is excited to showcase the best of its Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at MAGIC Menswear 2019. All designs are inspired by the love in every little beautiful piece of Bali. Specially crafted to make each piece truly a one-of-a-kind memory to share and cherish forever.https://palmlagoon.co.id

Tayion Fashion Suits (MAGIC Men's Booth #64926) - Tayion Fashion Suits had its first showing at MAGIC 2003 Las Vegas. It's now an international brand distributing $40m of merchandise. The line's patrons include business professionals, public dignitaries and celebrities. It's contemporary casual lux and women's outerwear will premiere at MAGIC 2019 Las Vegas Booth #64926.https://tayionfashionsuits.com

Vlado Footwear (MAGIC Men's Booth #65345) - Vlado Footwear has always been known for its Avant-garde footwear styles, innovating prints and materials. VF is releasing its LE Reflective Collection (Sneakers and outerwear) Their Atlas III LE Reflective shoes are made with 5M reflective mesh, as well as its matching Jackets.https://vladofootwear.com

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Addendum Release: Project Las Vegas Brand Highlights

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