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Inaugural Sleep Expo Middle East to be held in Dubai this April

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Region’s first-ever summit on sleep movement to host multi-events highlighting trends, innovations and best practices in better sleep hygiene

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sleep deprivation and the negative effects associated with it have become increasingly hot topics for research globally. Based on an industry study released last year, more than half – or 51 per cent – of adults worldwide reported they get less sleep than they need on an average night.

In the US, sleep deprivation has become a rampant problem, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared sleep deprivation a public health crisis. Closer to home, a 2018 survey conducted amongst 5,000 UAE residents revealed that 90 per cent are not getting the ideal eight hours of sleep a night, with the majority, or 46.42 per cent, sleeping only for seven hours a night.

With a growing body of research highlighting how lack of sleep is taking a serious toll on personal health and the economy, Media Fusion today announced the holding of Sleep Expo Middle East on 11-13 April 2019 at the Dubai Festival City Arena, the region’s first-of-its-kind event that brings together sleep experts and innovators to discuss and showcase the latest advances in in the sleep technology space.

Taher Patrawala, Director, Media Fusion, said, “Sleep-related problems not only put one’s personal health at risk but at the same time bring about real consequences to the society as a whole. With this becoming top-of-mind issue globally and regionally, we contend that it is high time to promote good sleep into the public consciousness and make the healthy sleep movement an important social force.”

The Middle East market is abuzz with innovations and is continuously expanding to find more solutions to address the rising concern on sleep deprivation. The Sleep Expo Middle East offers the perfect platform to showcase the latest sleep technologies and solutions as it brings together the leading stakeholders of the Sleeping Technology industry under one roof. The exhibition, apart from featuring expansive product displays and live demonstrations, is also designed as a venue for companies to know more about business opportunities in the Middle East sleep industry.

In addition to the 3-day exhibition, the inaugural sleep summit features other elements to provide attendees with a first-hand look at how cutting-edge advancements in sleep care are shaping the market today. This includes a world-class two-day conference (April 11 for B2B and April 13 for B2C) featuring local and international experts delivering thought-provoking keynotes and general sessions, as well as exciting and interactive panel discussions. A free-to-attend event with prior registrations, the conference will also feature valuable networking opportunities for attendees to meet, learn, and get inspired by the top industry innovators.

The event also boasts an interesting Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area designed to enable the visitors, both trade and consumers, to experience services that will aid them in better sleep. The platform will largely showcase the service industry from the sleep market and what solutions they can provide to visitors suffering from lack of sleep. Across the three days of the show, those visiting the zone can experience free Sleep Consultation, Yoga Nidra Classes, Foot Massages, Best-Bed Competition, and many more.

“Sleep Expo Middle East was created to provide a dedicated forum to promote public awareness and scientific discussion on the importance of good sleep, as well as to disseminate the knowledge of sleep and sleep-related disorders in our life, thus further strengthening the region’s sleep medicine science,” said Dr. Mayank Vats, Senior Specialist, Pulmonologist, Interventional Pulmonologist, Intensivist & Sleep Physician, Rashid Hospital, and one of the key speakers at the event.

He added, “Fast-paced modern lifestyles, stress, computer and mobile technology are just some of the leading culprits of sleep-related issues, which, unfortunately, are common in a highly-urbanized region like the Middle East. A big number of the residents are having sleep-related disorders and unfortunately most patients are not aware or not diagnosed, and hence not getting optimized treatment. Snoring, sleep apnoea, shift-work related sleep disorders, and sleep deprivation are common and have become a part and parcel of life without the knowledge of the affected person. Sadly, most of us take this matter lightly. At the onset, sleep apnoea and sleep deprivation, if remain undiagnosed and untreated, may cause minor symptoms, but over time, if left undiagnosed and untreated, the consequences can be really quite frightening, often leading to life-threatening health conditions. I took note with great interest on Sleep Expo primarily because of its trailblazing role in promoting a healthy sleep movement in the region.”

More information on Sleep Expo Middle East, including exhibitors’ list, conference agenda and partnership opportunities, is available at


Inaugural Sleep Expo Middle East to be held in Dubai this April

About Sleep Expo Middle East
Sleep Expo Middle East is the region’s first-of-its-kind event dedicated to sleep health. A must-attend show for both B2B and B2C, Sleep Expo ME brings together the leading stakeholders of the sleep industry – from sleep technology innovators to medical experts to health and wellness professionals – under one roof to present and discuss the latest advances in in the sleep technology space. The event also offers the perfect platform for business organizations looking to invest in the Middle East and create new partnerships. For more information about Sleep Expo Middle East, please visit

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