stc concludes its “With good, we go further” 2024 Ramadan campaign

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Kuwait, 08 April 2024: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the conclusion of its 2024 Ramadan campaign, which was launched throughout the holy month under the slogan “With good, we go further”. The campaign, organized by stc on an annual basis, consisted of different activities and programs designed to emphasize the importance of performing good deeds for the greater good of the community. The initiatives launched under the campaign strongly aligned with stc’s social responsibility and sustainability frameworks, while leveraging the Company’s relationship with partners and collaborators.
Upon successfully concluding the campaign, stc indicated in a statement that the initiatives organized alongside key partners helped spread the overall message behind the campaign while empowering individuals during this special time of the year. Throughout the month, stc launched different campaigns and participated as a main sponsor in activities that helped support the objective behind its campaign, as well as the religious and traditional values behind the Holy Month of Ramadan. The approach behind the “With good, we go further” campaign was to show participants and the public the trickle effect of doing good in the community, and how the impact can grow towards a positive sustainable future.
Empowered by Goodness
With the main theme this year focusing on the importance of doing good, stc organized several to give back to different segments of the community. Following its Ramadan campaign theme, stc, with the support of its various partners, launched initiatives that aimed to spread goodness in the community in ways that positively impact members of the community. These initiatives came in the form of distributing meals, supporting worshippers during Ramadan, spreading awareness on various issues, and engaging with the community.
Partnering with Zajel Volunteer Team to spread good
As part of its Ramadan campaign, stc partnered with the Zajel Volunteer Team to help support members of the community during this special time of the year. Supporting the community and providing a helping hand to those in need are two essential factors under stc’s corporate social responsibility framework, focusing primarily on creating a positive and lasting impact. The collaboration with the Zajel Volunteer Team included a variety of initiatives and activities that are aimed at supporting those who are in need and giving back to the community, reflecting the true essence behind the Holy Month of Ramadan. With the campaign embodying the theme of performing good deeds, stc and the Zajel volunteer team aimed to touch the lives of thousands throughout Kuwait. The activities under the campaign include distributing Iftar Saem meals throughout the month of Ramadan, accommodating those praying at Al-Rashid & Moza Al Salem Mosques, organizing a large Futoor with over 3,000 meals distributed in Mubarakiya in collaboration with the Kuwait Municipality, Gastronomica chain of restaurants as well as Jahez-Kuwait.
Additionally, the collaboration between stc and Zajel will include distributing Eid gifts to families in need at the Zajel Expo that will take place at Kaifan. As part of stc’s Ramadan campaign, “Your calories = internet,” and in cooperation with Flare Fitness, an internet line will be distributed to needy families during the exhibition, in addition to distributing gifts to children.
Engaging with the younger generation through the Aspire Kids Club
For the 3rd year in a row, stc sponsored the Aspire Kids Club to spread positivity and empower the younger generation through exclusive events. The initiatives include involving the kids to distribute iftar meals to those who are in need, memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran in collaboration with the Imam of Grand Mosque Sheikh Omar Al Damkhi, celebrating Girgean and distributing coloring books to children at Dar Al-Shoun, as well as additional initiatives that support kids in the country.
Uniting the Community
Over the years, stc has been active in introducing different concepts and initiatives that aim to bring the community together. The Company utilizes its vast resources to create different atmospheres that tailor to the different segments within the community. This year, stc, in collaboration with various partners, is set to amplify its impact by hosting a diverse array of events that not only entertain but also serve the community's broader needs. Reflecting the spirit of Ramadan, these initiatives are a testament to stc’s dedication to enriching lives, strengthening communal bonds, and contributing to the societal fabric with generosity and goodwill.
AL Qabas 2024 Padel Tournament
For the 3rd year in a row, stc sponsored the widely popular Al Qabas Padel Tournament that is held during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This year’s tournament included a range of categories that drew in a crowd of attendees of over 5000 on a daily basis that cheered on their favorite players. A total of 630 players as well as families with their children participated in the Al Qabas Padel tournament, the largest of its kind in Ramadan. It worth mentioning that tournament lasted for 10 continuous days and witnessed intense matches across the 9 different categories.
During the tournament days, the ‘stc village’ stood out as a vibrant reflection of stc's dedication to innovation, community engagement, and upholding Ramadan traditions, both new and old. Showcasing the latest in digital and telecom solutions, stc provided the attendees with the new exclusive ‘youth all the way’ plans designed for the youth, the first of its kind in Kuwait.
The collaboration with Flare Fitness introduced the “Your calories = internet” competition, emphasizing stc's commitment to health and wellness. Furthermore, the Girgean activity brought a festive and cultural dimension to the event, enhancing the atmosphere with traditional acts in addition to the distribution of sweets to children, which highlighted stc's efforts to foster community spirit and create lasting memories.
Quran memorization contest
In collaboration with the Imam of Grand Mosque Sheikh Omar Al Damkhi, stc hosted a Quran memorization contest as part of its initiatives for its 2024 Ramadan campaign. The contest was held at the Al-Rashid Mosque in Adaliya and welcomed more than 80 contestants between the ages of 7-9 years old in the first category and 10-13 years old in the second category. As the hosts of the competition, stc encouraged its employees to enroll their children in the contest in commemoration of the Holy Month of Ramadan. A total of 4 winners were announced at the end of the contest who received valuable prizes from stc and were recognized for their outstanding capabilities in memorizing versus from the Holy Quran.
Worshippers’ hospitality service during the last 10 days of Ramadan
During the Qiyam prayers in the last ten days of Ramadan, a special service for worshippers was organized by stc during the last 10 days of Ramadan at different mosques in Kuwait. The worshipper’s hospitality service was comprised of several initiatives that aimed to provide comfort and convenience during the last 10 days of Ramadan, which is considered a special spiritual time of the Holy Month. The activities launched under the hospitality service included supplying refrigerators filled with water and juices, distributing coffee and ice cream, supplying extra seating for worshippers, and additional services that aimed to enhance the experience for worshippers.
Celebrating Girgean
Spreading good amongst the younger generation, stc hosted several Girgean celebrations as part of its 2024 Ramadan campaign. One of the initiatives was held during the Al Qabas Padel Tournament, where stc brought a festive and cultural dimension to the event, enhancing the atmosphere with traditional Ramadan-themed music. Additionally, stc organized a Girgean event at its booth in Winter Wonderland Kuwait, where it distributed treats to visitors while hosting an interactive event for the children to participate in. The event witnessed popular games, traditional performances, the distribution of Gergean, in a fun filled atmosphere.
Sharing Knowledge and Advice for the Good of the Community
Instagram stories with dawrat
Within the framework of its strategic partnership with dawrat, stc launched an informative Instagram talk show to educate the public on the health benefits of fasting, as well as providing information on the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Instagram stories were conducted by Dr. Bassam Al Buthi, a seasoned professional and consultant in family medicine with a prestigious academic background. The stories were posted on stc’s Instagram account throughout the month of Ramdan, witnessed positive engagement from followers and the community.
The essence of Ramadan with Sheikh Fahad Al Moteary
Spreading knowledge in the community leads to a more well-versed culture that embraces traditions. During its 2024 Ramdan campaign, stc collaborated with Sheikh Fahad Al Moteary to inform the public about the significance of the Holy Month of Ramadan for Muslims. Al Moteary shared a history of significant events during the Holy Month of Ramadan that were mentioned in the Holy Quran. He also provided an overview of the traditions and values behind the holy month.
Cooking with Chef Ali Al Sadeq
Considering that fasting is one of the core pillars during the Holy Month of Ramadan, stc collaborated with Chef Ali Al Sadeq to provide viewers with different cooking lessons to help prepare for Iftar meals. Al Sadeq showcased his cooking skills during Instagram stories that were posted on stc’s social media platforms.
Health tips with Dalal Bouhamdi
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential not only in Ramadan but throughout life. To provide viewers with exceptional advice on eating habits and maintain a proper regimen while fasting, stc collaborated with dietitian Dalal Bouhamdi. Through engaging story posts, Bouhamdi gave tips and health advice on how to manage food intake during the holy month, as well as ways to manage sugar intake while upholding a proper diet.
Celebrating the stc family
stc once again hosted its annual Ghabga, where the company extended a warm invitation to its employees and success partners. Under the leadership of Eng. Muataz Abdullah Aldharrab, CEO of stc, alongside the executive management team and staff from all subsidiaries, the event helped strengthen the internal bond amongst team members from the stc family.
stc also welcomed their partners in success as they are part of the Big stc family, and one of the main pillars in order to achieve our vision of excellence and leadership, as it was an opportunity to communicate, socialize and build relationships outside the scope of work.
stc sofara’a program / initiative
stc's 2024 Ramadan campaign witnessed the active participation of members from the Company’s Sofara’a program, who contributed to various initiatives organized throughout the month-long campaign. The Sofara’a Program is an essential program launched by stc to provide employees from different departments with the opportunity to become stc ambassadors, representing the Company in forums, activities, and social media campaigns.
The initiative serves as an integral part of the Company's strategy, which aims to empower its exceptional employees while strengthening the stc brand in Kuwait. stc thanked all members of sofara’a program for their active and outstanding contribution in the various activities during Ramadan.

Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “We are proud to witness the successful outcome of our 2024 Ramadan campaign, which held the slogan “With good, we go further”. Every year, we try to introduce new initiatives under our campaign, while leveraging our past partnerships to continue organizing the initiatives that have become a tradition in Kuwait during the holy month. This Ramadan we also aimed to diversify our range of activities, programs and sponsorships, positively aligning with the core objectives behind our CSR and sustainability frameworks.”
AlJasem added, “Our campaign this year focused on the importance of practicing and performing good deeds and actions for the greater good of the community. Whether it is helping individuals, giving back to the community, or educating the public, there are different ways in which individuals of all ages can work towards a positive change that can impact the future. Through our various initiatives, we tried to highlight how impacts, whether small or big, can lead to a brighter future.”
AlJasem concluded, “As our Ramadan campaign draws to a close this year, stc wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the entities and organizations that joined us in collaboration. Additionally, we would like to thank the stc PR team, the stc Sofara’a members, and the Company’s creative partners who worked side-by-side throughout the successful collaborations that took place during this campaign. We are profoundly thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the community and are proud of the continuous expansion and enrichment of our CSR framework. We look forward to continuing our mission of spreading good in the community, and hope that we have had a positive impact on all the individuals that participated and supported our initiatives this Ramadan.”



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