Cannabis: A Comprehensive Guide on Anatomy and Seeds Usage


There are vast arrays of applications to cannabis. The plant's adaptation to various climatic conditions worldwide makes it popular with people of all ages and walks of life. Each component making up the plant is unique and carries its importance. However, the overall value of cannabis is enormous, and it is why scientists are still researching the benefits and effects of the plant. Some of the uses of cannabis are leisure, medical, energy, paper, and ropes.

Types of Plants

Knowing the different plants available helps in choosing the best product for you. It is now possible to purchase cannabis seeds online with a homegrown cannabis company leading in the growing of all species. Let us classify the plant;

·   Indica; after flowering, the buds are large and dense in composition. The effects of the plant run through the whole body as opposed to the brain for consumers.

·   Sativa; the buds are [perforated and not as dense as some of the species. The formation is much larger than the indica. Consumers will experience an increase in energy and brain activity after using it. An individual becomes lively and excited.

·   Hybrid; is a combination of the two species above. Consumers get a standard high of the body and brain.

·   Hemp; is a bit different from the other types of cannabis plants. It possesses a low composition of THC that gives a stimulating effect in the plant. 

The Anatomy

Growers of the beautiful plant find cannabis appealing. It is the reason that enthusiasts will have the potted plant in their homes. The most common places for placing the indoor plant are the living and bedrooms. By contacting a marijuana seed bank, you can choose from a variety of plants. Let us delve into specifics about the components that make up the plant;


You might wonder why you find the plant appealing. It can be challenging to see the flower independently, but it is identifiable by a glossy and glacial appearance. Trichomes and pistils are other parts that make up the flower.


They make up the hairy outlook of the cannabis plant. Trichomes contain the exciting components that make up the plant, such as terpenes and cannabinoids. As an element of the plant, trichomes also act as a protective component against external factors. There is similar to a mushroom, and it is easy to identify them.


It is the most significant part of cannabis. It makes up the topmost part, and it is usually dense in appearance. When numerous trichomes cover the cola, it is an indicator that the plant's quality is high. A fully grown and healthy cannabis plant will have a massive cola.


It includes leaves found all round the cannabis. Bracts are critical in the plant's reproduction process. They are round a female species to protect the pollen from being blown off the plant.


You will see them protruding from the plant and it is visible. The leaves are a significant part of cannabis since they help in the plant's food making process. During consumption, users will remove the leaves. Other smaller leaves surround the cola, and they have a crystal-like look due to trichomes' presence.


Entails the place where leaves and stem coverge. Several leaves can come out of one node or contain a single leaf to it. It is the point that you can differentiate male and female plants. From the node, either appears the sacs that contain pollen or pistils, respectively.


It offers support to the plant. The stem is the pathway for all the nutrients and water that is distributed throughout the plant. It also aids the photosynthesis by holding the leaves steadily in position to get sunlight. Without the functions of the stems, a plant will quickly die.

Uses of Cannabis Seeds

You will think that seeds are only useful when you plant them. However, this is not the case since seeds of cannabis and hemp have similar nutritional benefits. Unlike the other parts of the cannabis plant, there are no cannabinoids in the seeds. Although the seeds have limited value in their medical uses, they are still nutritious. Derivatives from the plant contain one of the best proteins and omega acids.

Here are 3 reasons to eat cannabis seeds;

1.   Weight Management

Whenever a person wants to gain or shed some weight, a diet based on cannabis seeds will help. By limiting yourself to the product during specific meals, it assists in shedding weight. They are nutritious, and your body will not suffer due to deficiency in proteins and essential vitamins. On the contrary, too much snacking will lead to weight gain due to the same plant's nutritious value. You can mix them with other kinds of cereals for breakfasts since their flavor tastes like nuts.

1.   They are Nutritious

Nutritionists always advise on the intake of proteins from plants. Unlike taking the component from animal products, it is healthier and increases a person's life span. In the past, farmers used the element for feeding and nourishment of their animals. With no production of omega acids by the human body, it is essential to consume the parts. Cannabis seeds offer the natural omega three, which is necessary for the body. It is also beneficial in averting cardiovascular conditions as well as promoting mental wellbeing.

1.   General Wellness

Although studies are ongoing on the marijuana plant's full benefits, the seeds can promote healthy living. Cannabis seeds are complex since they contain lots of nutritional elements to the human body. The frequent use of the plant component means more intake of the nutrients, thus promoting human beings' health and well-being.

Always ensure that you purchase cannabis seeds from legal vendors. Check out for the states that have laws that regulate the sale of cannabis in their borders.


It is challenging to dispose of unwanted parts of the cannabis plant. So, the next time you think of throwing away any part of the plant, think of their potential benefits.





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