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UAE- 'I try to finish all my teaching work before Iftar'

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) From educating more than 50 students daily, grading papers, making lessons plans to checking homework - teaching is a difficult, but, important and rewarding profession. And, during Ramadan, all of these factors count even more, especially for one Dubai teacher, Ahmad Abdelwahab.
The Egyptian teacher, 33, moved to Dubai in 2011 to teach at the German International School Dubai. Currently, he is the head of the Arabic department and teaches the language to mainly German students, of about 15-20 in each classroom.
He said performing well in his profession while he is fasting is important to him. "What I believe is that fasting isn't about resting and relaxing, it's about continuing with your regular routine, especially work, and fasting at the same time. That tests your strength and commitment to the holy month of Ramadan," Abdelwahab said, who's been a teacher for 14 years.

Even though the school has reduced working hours for the teachers, Ahmad doesn't mind taking home any additional work. But, when it comes to Iftar time, he ensures he takes a dedicated time off from grading papers and opens his fast with his favourite meals.

"The school really supports all of the teachers who are fasting. The lessons are shorter than before. Every lesson is 35 minutes. The school ensures we don't have to do a long duty, and if we do that, then they give us easier tasks. The school respects the fasting rules a lot - the teachers don't eat in front of us and in front of the Muslim students. Our working time is from 8.30pm to 1.30pm."

But, a teacher's role doesn't end when the school bell rings. There are several papers and homework to grade, as well as lesson plans to build - tasks that usually go on until evening.

"For Suhoor, I eat a lot of watermelon and drink a lot of water, so I don't get thirst throughout the day," he said. "For Iftar, because I'm single, I order from a restaurant and I eat what I like. I try to finish all my work before Iftar, as the time after is important."

Abdelwahab is looking forward to his Eid break when he may be heading to Oman.


UAE- 'I try to finish all my teaching work before Iftar'

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