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Qatar- Eat your way to good skin

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) Marketplaces, department stores and designer brands around the world are flooded with face creams and products, promising the consumer the same ambitious pledge: to improve skin. And while some products especially those that are made from natural, organic ingredients can work wonders in positively affecting the skin, it's important to remember that the path to beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within.
Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage, and as older cells are constantly shed and replaced by new cells, a continuous supply of key nutrients is essential to support the rapid growth, and ‘changing faces' of your skin.
Eating certain plant foods can ensure you are feeding your skin with vital nutrients that will naturally achieve better skin results than any manufactured skin product could.
In this week's column, I want to specifically explain how you can use certain plants as a natural treatment and remedy for very common skin issues issues I am asked about frequently.
We'll start with dark circles under the eyes, commonly referred to as ‘bags under the eye'. In a fast-paced world, whether you're a student nearing exams, or a business-owner juggling the complexities of running a company, a lack of sleep can quickly form a visible dark shadow under the eye. However, it's not just lack of sleep that can lead to them, sometimes issues with kidney, liver and intestines can also cause a tired-eye appearance. An effective, proven plant-based solution is by consuming cucumber and celery (perhaps as a juice) as the enzymes and astringent properties in both help reduce inflammation and tighten the skin. Cucumber hydrates the skin which in turn brings it back to its natural colour, giving an overall fresher, healthier appearance, specifically to the area around the eye.
For many, acne and spots on the skin can be a daily irritation. There are several contributors to a build-up of acne, but it's worth highlighting that the worst food culprit when it comes to skin issues, acne in particular, is dairy. Studies have shown that removing dairy from a person's diet improves their acne. The majority of people who try removing dairy from their diet for one month see a mild to moderate acne improvement over the course of just four weeks. An effective solution to helping clear a face of acne or spots is to begin introducing food with probiotics, or begin drinking fermented-based juices. Cutting out sugar and caffeine will speed up the healing of the face.
For any skin blotches, blemishes or spots that you may be trying to tackle on your chin, the problems tend to stem from either the stomach, or a hormonal imbalance. Consuming fast-food can also deteriorate the skin quality on your chin. A fast way to heal this sensitive area of the face is to introduce clean proteins into your diet, such as sprouted nuts and beans. Dark leafy greens and spices such as cinnamon will also help.
Apples, kiwis and ginger will boost the health of the skin surrounding your nose, specifically your pores.
While you may think our cheeks are a ‘copy and paste' of each other, there's often a clear reason as to why skin on a certain cheek could be different to the other. Our right cheek is linked with our lungs and respiratory system, and consuming leafy greens which are full of chlorophyll, as well as avocado (a source of good fat) will bring oxygen to the cheek and ensure a more radiant, healthy appearance.
On the other side, our left cheek is closer-linked to our liver. Antioxidants such as blueberries and grapes, as well as beetroot juices and herbal teas will hydrate and provide good health to the cells on our left cheek.
If I had to choose one plant ingredient key to the overall good-health of our skin, it's turmeric. Turmeric encourages blood flow and regeneration of new skin cells in a very natural, very powerful way. Our bodies are extremely clever, and the skin is quickly able to absorb the best nutrients in plants such as turmeric, which can enhance glow in ways almost unachievable by several products.

* The author is an expert in vegan wellbeing and health.Instagram handle: @Ghanim92


Qatar- Eat your way to good skin


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