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Afghanistan- US and Legacy of Conflicts

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is a person who always creates great waves of surprise! These surprises seem to be rooted in President Trump's personality rather than his strategic goals and The US national interests. Since he has assumed power, he has taken many paradoxical stances at the regional and global levels. His recent statements about Afghanistan not only were against the mutual agreements between the two countries, but also contradict to international norms and values. Therefore, it was sharply opposed by the US and Afghan government officials.
Trump.in his recent remarks, expressed some surprising comments that shocked many observers. He said that the Soviet Union had the right to attack on Afghanistan in order to suppress terrorists and prevent the spread of terrorism into the territory of the Soviet Union. According to him, the United States can no longer be the world's policeman to protect the interests of other countries that are more than 6000 miles away from the United Sates. From his points of view, when there is a war in Afghanistan or Syria, that others are killing each other, this does nothing to do with the United States. According to the US President, Moodi's decision to establish a library in Afghanistan seems ridiculous. The above points are only some parts of Tramp's remarkable statements about fighting against terrorists and issues related to the United States and its allies in the Middle East and South Asia region, especially Afghanistan and Syria.
The Afghan government has responded to these remarks, in particular when Tramp termed Afghan Mujahideen as terrorists. But the reaction by Afghan government is more idealistic than in being accordance with the current realities of the region and Afghanistan. The statement which was issued by the Afghan government stressed on the holiness of Afghan war and legitimacy of Afghan defensive uprising against the aggression of the former Soviet Union invasion. Based on this, the US government has been asked to clarify such statements.
But the truth is that the words of President Trump never have any ethical or moral meanings. He is apparently caring about ethical concerns. In fact, he has introduced a different face from the US comparing to what was previously heard from Americans. It seems that his statements originate from his mercantile mentality and profit based logic. So it's quite factual according to his real intentions and inner believes. Therefore, we must also have a real and logical approach to these statements.
Concerning his proclamations that that the United States should not act as a regional and global police, this is perhaps something that he already emphasized on it and it is also a reality that might be welcomed by the majority of the world's people. In fact, many of the United States' opponents in the region justified their opposition to the policies of the United States on the same basis. No country, including the United States, wants to be the gendarme of the world and invade other countries. But the US president seems to have forgotten that many of regional and global conflicts are the legacy of US extensive policy and strategy. For this reason, the United States not only has ethical responsibility as President Bush said but also is legally responsibility for these conflicts.
From the time Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union, to present, the United States has been present in Afghanistan alongside Afghan Mujaheedin against the former puppet regime of Soviet Union and now against international terrorists. Therefore, even if the United States withdraws all its forces from the region and Afghanistan and even closes all its communications with the region, it cannot keep itself away from the regional issues.
Terrorism is like a dangerous global virus; if the world fails to make a global consensus against terrorist, it will infect the entire world, including the United States. The attack on the World Trade Organization's twin towers in New York was a perfect example of this. According to much academic analysis, the growth of extremism and terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia region is directly linked to the past performance of the United States, and if they find opportunities, their first target will be the United States America and its interests in all corners of the world.
On the other hand, the United States has two important protocols signed with government of Afghanistan; these protocols between the two countries. However, given the experience of past, no one thinks that the US would truly implement the provisions of these protocols when it comes to the interests of Afghanistan. But legally, President Trump can fulfill his statements, if he officially cancels the signed documents and commitments signed between the two countries. Otherwise, according to international laws it is the responsibility of the United States to comply with the provisions of these two instruments.
Therefore, all countries, especially the United States, have a responsibility to fight against the virus of terrorism, and there is no reason to forsake this global duty. It is hoped that, as the Afghan government has requested, the US decision-making bodies may clarify the statements of President Trump, and more importantly, make him aware of his fundamental obligations in international relations.


Afghanistan- US and Legacy of Conflicts


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