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Monday, 26 September 2022 06:32 GMT

NFT+ Defi is gaining momentum, URC takes you to understand the second world beyond Defi

(MENAFN- In the past 2020, with the DEFI craze and various projects flourishing, NFT has returned to the public view once again. 2020 is a very important year for the blockchain world, with the advent of ETH 2.0, the rise, fall and resurgence of Decentralized Finance (DEFI), and the entry of institutions like PayPal. In the dizzying DEFI project, the non-homogeneous token (NFT), which has been quietly rising steadily, seems to be the hidden big man behind the scenes. It is not to be ignored, and its potential is amazing.

So what exactly is NFT, how will the quietly rooted DEFI and NFT combined trend develop, and is it possible to become the next outlet?

NFT -- Non homogeneous pass card or token cannot be replaced (Non - Fungible Tokens), is based on the block chain difference digital assets. For real life cannot be expressed as a simple homogeneous through the assets, can build a corresponding chain block chain to indicate its identity information on assets, it has many kinds of attribute parameters, are unique to a certain extent, an integral and integral on the chain of assets, we call it "the homogeneity through the" NFT. In economics, substitutability is defined as the equivalence of each unit of a good with other units of the same good. NFT on block chain network is open and verifiable, it creates a kind of digital scarcity, no centralized organization authorized to confirm the validity, can the verification, it is this fundamental scarcity makes its representative, such as for art, collectibles or game props, characters such as Numbers of ownership of scarce commodity encrypted tokens, one of the given its card value, and make it with physical objects in correspondence with the collection value.

In fact, NFT entered the public consciousness a few years ago and became quite popular. Launched on November 28, 2017, Cryptokitties, an etherium-based tamagot-like game that allows players to buy, sell and breed digital cats, is arguably one of NFT's most popular apps to date. Within two weeks of launch, it quickly had more than 150,000 users and $15 million in transactions. A digital cat sell at a price of $170000, that sparked the viral sensation effect, has attracted worldwide attention and numerous players, and more importantly, it also let more people and organizations realize that block chain not only represent the encryption currency, but a can be used to more advanced technology industry and to provide more possibilities.

Decentralized Finance (DEFI) is the second big breakthrough in crypto history after Bitcoin. Defi refers to financial activities and services based on digital currency or tokens; For example, tok-based lending services, exchanges, payment, insurance, investment and financial services. Defi built a transparent and open financial system that grew into the financial infrastructure of the future. The virtual items and characters in NFT collectible games belong to DEFI. Currently, DEFI services and products based on Ethereum are the most mature in the current stage.

Defi's premise is clear, although each project has its own crazy complex puzzle: decentralized, unmanaged, open source financial products for all Internet use, run on code, and theoretically free from human intervention. Since the second half of 2020, DEFI has ushered in a breakthrough development. Under the impetus of this wave of decentralized financial innovation, major exchanges are also trying to continuously embrace the development of DEFI, from the online DEFI token trading to the establishment of their own public chain ecosystem and other different perspectives to further explore the integration of NFT+ DEFI. At present, the difficulty of NFT development lies not in technology, but in market promotion.

Unique Role Chani (URC) constructed a set of internal combustion cycle model dominated by community consensus infrastructure in the early stage, "building consensus through community governance. Meanwhile, the development team of Le Skylab will build Unique Role Chani public chain. After the completion of the main network construction, it will form a super public chain comprehensive platform integrating NFT mapping issuance, trading, NFT Token collage lending and DEFI gold.

The Unique Role Chani Community Governance Token (URC) was launched on March 10. The total volume is 93 million and the circulation is 93 million

Public chain :Huobi Eco Chain

Blockchain Browser: HTTP;

Address: 0 x8743d77a9b615c53403cce03d712109f32adefe1

URC will airdrop 10% of the total circulation into registered wallets. Please pay attention to the detailed time of the White Paper and operation plan to be released.


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