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Regional developers support Dominica's newest permaculture demonstration site

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Now) ROSEAU, Dominica \u2013 Regional citizenship by investment developers, Range Developments, is supporting a ground-breaking new initiative on the island of Dominica as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Free Up Farm is a permaculture demonstration site which will showcase Moringa Olifera cultivation, workshops, permaculture design, farm-to-table dining, and long-term projects for interested youth, farmers and voluntarists.\n

Consisting of seven acres in the northeast area of the island, Free Up Farm is being designed to feature all of Dominica\u2019s many tropical fruits, a wide variety of organic vegetables and Moringa Olifera as an experiment in food security and hurricane resilience. It can be harvested leading up to hurricane season, providing essential nutrition and water clarifying properties if needed.\n

Range Developments is supporting the project in several ways; for example, by donating building materials like metal beams and wooden trusses for use on the farm. The company has also loaned excavators and other machinery to help clear debris and vines from the site. Cardboard boxes, wooden crates and other raw materials from Range Developments\u2019 construction sites are also being recycled by the farm to make plant beds and other useful items.\n id=\"mNCC\" language=\"javascript\">medianet_width='468';medianet_height= '60';medianet_crid='637422217'; id=\"mNSC\" src=\"http:\/\/\/nmedianet.js?cid=8CUVV6306\" language=\"javascript\"> \n\n \
Organized volunteering trips\n

Moreover, Range Developments have organized volunteering trips which have greatly assisted in the development of the farm. Volunteers have gained valuable knowledge and skills about permaculture, organic farming and sustainability in return for their time and energy. The volunteers were recruited from M\/V Pacific Hope - a ship that is dedicated to supporting the local community through its volunteers.\nGoing forward, Free Up Farm hopes to welcome volunteers regularly to continue this mutually beneficial exchange.\n

Aubrey and Lubitza Free Up Farm Founders said: \u201cFree Up Farm is forever grateful for Range Development\u2019s assistance in the early phases of our farm. Their commitment to chemical-free produce allowed us to clear and design acreages of our farm for food, forests and vegetable production. We are excited for our continued collaboration as we move further into the voluntourism and education aspects of the farm.\u201d\n

Free Up Farm aims to serve as a platform to inspire individuals by showcasing natural systems of design (permaculture) demonstrating the importance of food security, community, education and business models that grow in harmony with bountiful natural systems.\n

Kamal Shehada, managing director at Range Developments, said:\u201cSustainable agriculture and cultivation of clean, healthy climate resilient crops is key to the future of Dominica\u2019s agricultural sector. We are delighted to be supporting this exciting and innovative young enterprise and hope that it encourages the younger generation to get involved in farming and permaculture.\u201d\n

Range Developments has an active interest in supporting environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives. The company promotes recycling of its building and waste materials and many islanders have used such materials to repair their homes in the aftermath of natural disasters. In addition to this, the company is also investing in solar panels for water heaters in the new Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica.\n

The Range Developments team hopes to build upon their social responsibility efforts by further supporting other worthwhile projects and initiatives.\n

Free Up Farm is a 7-acre farm at 1,600 ft above sea level nestled at the base of Dominica\u2019s largest peak (an inactive volcano) Mourne Diabolotin. Over 300 trees are planted including an assortment of unique fruit and medicinals including Cacao, Mangosteen, Soursop, Moringa and Neem. The farm will serve as a demonstration site for the sustainability and profitability of permaculture and organic farming methods.


Regional developers support Dominica's newest permaculture demonstration site


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