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Google's Pixel 3 ad takes a fresh dig at iPhone

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Google's Pixel 3 ad takes a fresh dig at iPhone
03 Feb 2019

Ever since the launch of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, fans have been touting their software-driven camera capabilities, comparing them with the likes of iPhones.

Now, Google has also joined the party, showcasing how well its flagships fare against those from Apple, especially in the camera department.

It has shared photos, videos taking a direct jab at the Cupertino giant.

Take a look!

Google highlights the magic of 'Night Sight'

In recent online campaigns, Google has highlighted the effectiveness of Pixel 3's most iconic camera feature - Night Sight.

For those unaware, Night Sight is a dedicated shooting mode which uses machine learning and other tools to produce well-lit and incredibly detailed shots in low-light environments.

Originally, it was Pixel 3 exclusive, but then Google made it available on older Pixels too.

Pixel 3 v/s iPhone Xs in low light
Stark comparison

Since Night Sight's introduction, several users have taken to Twitter to demonstrate stark differences between shots taken by Pixel 3 and new iPhones.

Just recently, Google's VP of Product Marketing Marvin Chow followed suit; he shared a shot comparing images from Pixel 3 and iPhone Xs.

And, believe it or not, Pixel 3 produced a way better shot than the iPhone.

Well lit image with clear subject and background

In the shot taken by the iPhone, the subject is completely in dark and you can't even make out its face or clothes.

Meanwhile, the image from Pixel 3 Night Sight not just highlights the neon green-clad subject with clear details, but also lights up the background.

For instance, the night sky looks brighter and grayish, while the steam also becomes visible.

And, that's not the only shot
Another image

Notably, the official Made By Google account also shared a GIF comparing images from Pixel 3 and iPhone Xs.

In this case, the company's emphasis was on low-light natural photography.

It showed how an iPhone Xs failed to illuminate lake, trees, and mountains sitting close to a house at night, but the Pixel 3 did.


Google's Pixel 3 ad takes a fresh dig at iPhone

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