Superposition Announces Aptos Mainnet Launch To Scale Novel Web3 Universal Credit Hub

(MENAFN- GlobeNewsWire - Nasdaq) The Multi-chain Credit Platform Combines Unmatched Risk Management Capabilities With Capital-efficient Growth Potential Powered by Concordia's Modular Risk Layer, Enabling Maximized Returns With Intelligent Leverage Optimization and Unparalleled Transparency Through Detailed Reports and Open-source Code

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Superposition , the ideal choice for DeFi users craving portfolio protection combined with capital-efficient growth, today announces its Mainnet beta launch on Aptos. Already live in testnet on Aptos, Avalanche, and Solana, the platform bridges the gap with Concordia's modular risk management layer, which provides Superposition with unparalleled risk management and transparency, translating into secure borrowing & lending, optimized leverage, and detailed reports - all empowering users to maximize returns and confidently navigate the DeFi landscape like never before.

Superposition's first product enables users to maximize borrowing capacities on the entire portfolio with intelligent leverage optimization. Every loan is backed by a comprehensive risk calculation to safeguard investments, ensuring stability in all DeFi engagements. Superposition empowers users to access DeFi's full potential by seamlessly borrowing, lending, and cross-collateralizing all assets from a single multi-chain account today, and a fully interoperable crosschain experience coming soon. Its near-term roadmap is based on a commitment to transparency, which will be reflected in detailed analytics, public backtesting results, and open-source accessibility.

Alex Hoffman, Head of Ecosystem at Superposition, said,“Superposition arrives at a critical juncture where current DeFi desperately needs far greater security, efficiency, and transparency to scale and achieve broader relevance. Borrowing is risky, returns are limited, and users need more control. Static risk models in DeFi today pose a significant and multifaceted threat to the ecosystem's overall financial and developmental stability. Akin to the models employed before the 1987 stock market crash, these static models are vulnerable to systemic failures like the USDC depeg event, where instead of dynamically decreasing borrow LTVs, they allowed users to borrow more USDC as the price fell, which could have caused further price collapse. Vulnerabilities like this can translate to substantial economic losses for users, and ultimately hinder overall stability and trust across the DeFi ecosystem, rendering it susceptible to systemic risk. The DeFi infrastructure landscape has in many ways still failed to capitalize on the learnings that traditional finance ("TradFi") gleaned over the past three decades. Our integration with Concordia is a powerful response to this status quo, and we're excited to demonstrate novel risk management and growth capabilities together to move the space forward,” he concluded.

Superposition offers adaptive risk management powered by Concordia's modular risk layer, enabling maximized returns with intelligent leverage optimization and unparalleled transparency through detailed reports and open-source code. Concordia's risk engine controls for default risk for open positions by taking account of the composition of the entire concrete portfolio that holds these positions. Risk is adjusted per portfolio, rather than per instrument. This method is in line with conventional high-volume central counterparty clearing houses that accommodate a wide diversity of instrument types. The process is to scale and normalize individual assets & liabilities by their historical performance, and compute the value-at-risk (VaR) for a portfolio by observing its historical P&L scenarios.

Concordia founder Uri Ferruccio, said,“The inability of static models to adapt to the dynamic nature of DeFi significantly impedes the creation of novel, composable, robust DeFi primitives. This directly impacts the potential for a modular defense strategy in the future, ultimately stifling the growth and mass adoption of DeFi by limiting its functionality, reliability, and versatility, and creating a barrier to innovation, hindering DeFi's full potential to revolutionize financial landscapes. In the launch of Superposition, the first of several projects already building on top of Concordia, we are thrilled to showcase aspects of the myriad capabilities Concordia unlocks for protocols and users.”

At the heart of Superposition's near-term vision lies the universal credit hub, a revolutionary concept inspired by structured products. The hub is a platform for projects to integrate leverage into their products seamlessly, allowing protocols to create innovative and cutting-edge DeFi products. The next product to be launched on the credit hub will be leveraged staking and restaking, a groundbreaking DeFi concept poised to capture significant market share. Moreover, these products help drive borrowing demand, high yield returns for borrowers, and stable profitability for the Superposition token by optimizing the creation and success of credit products through identifying and targeting specific use cases.

Soon, major milestones for Superposition will include mainnet launches on both Solana and EVM chains, and collaborations with other protocols to continue building even more cutting-edge DeFi leverage product offerings to bring to market.

About Superposition

Superposition is revolutionizing DeFi by addressing its core challenges through robust risk management, omnichain functionality, and transparency. We empower users to maximize returns, access diverse opportunities, and participate in shaping the future of DeFi. Join us and unlock the full potential of your crypto assets in a secure and accessible environment.

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Aptos is a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain. Aptos' breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, are designed to evolve, improve performance and strengthen user safeguards. Please visit for more information on the Aptos blockchain.

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