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Blueguard, the leading water safety and first aid company based in the UAE, has taken a groundbreaking step toward enhancing water safety in the MENA region. In an exclusive agreement, Blueguard has partnered with Sightbit, a cutting-edge AI technology solution designed for open water areas like beaches and coastlines. This collaboration aims to offer continuous monitoring and encourage the adoption of water safety measures along the UAE's beaches.

Sightbit's innovative system utilises computerised 'vision' to scan beaches, preventing drowning incidents and alerting authorities to potential dangers at sea. With proven success in various beach destinations around the world, this exclusive partnership with Blueguard marks the introduction of Sightbit's state-of-the-art technology to the UAE's busy shores.

A leading AI management platform for data-powered water management, Sightbit offers real-time insights and predictive analytics for a wide range of water environments. The system analyses video feeds from waterfront cameras, effectively detecting and alerting to potential risks and hazards, making it a versatile solution for safety and security in open water settings.

Key features of Sightbit's system include:

Beach Safety: Sightbit's system detects and tracks objects in video feeds to ensure no person is at risk of drowning. Simultaneously, it identifies water behaviour, including rip currents, inshore holes and more, making it the ultimate technology for drowning prevention in open water.

Security: The system provides 24/7 monitoring, detecting all objects entering and exiting monitored sites. This constant surveillance and tracking enhance security at any location where the system is implemented.

Pollution Prevention: Sightbit's system is also able to detect pollutant spills in open water and predict their spread. Early detection of pollutant spills safeguards drinking water and protects natural habitats and ecosystems.

Founder & Managing Director of Blueguard, Luke Cunningham, said:“Our commitment to water safety, coupled with Sightbit's cutting-edge technology, will transform beach management and safety in the UAE. We foresee this benefitting a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, hotels, beach operators and really anyone managing access or activities in open water.”

The notion of 'blended lifeguarding' – the integration of technology and traditional lifeguarding techniques, will play a significant role in supporting and empowering lifeguards. Some of the ways technology and AI have already benefited lifeguards around the world include:

  • Real-time Monitoring & Surveillance: AI-powered video analytics help lifeguards detect emergencies and unusual activities on beaches.
  • Automatic Alarm Systems: Sensors integrated with AI can trigger alarms for unusual water movements or unexpected activity.
  • Data Analytics: Lifeguards can make informed decisions based on AI-driven predictions.
  • Communication Tools: AI helps coordinate efforts and prioritise emergency calls.
  • Rescue Aids: Remote-controlled rescue equipment enhances lifeguards' capabilities.
  • Education and Training: AI-powered simulations improve lifeguards' readiness and skills.
  • Data-driven Decision-making: AI analyses weather conditions and historical data to guide lifeguard decisions.

About Blueguard:

Blueguard is a water safety and first aid company based in the UAE. Founded in 2017 by Luke Cunningham, the company was born out of a deep passion for the ocean and a strong desire to build safer communities. Blueguard delivers tailored training and certification to lifeguards, businesses and residents of the UAE to help keep everyone safer in the water. A strong emphasis on AI drowning prevention technology sets Blueguard apart from other providers in the field.



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