The Integrative Function That Ayahuasca Has In The Human Being

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Ayahuasca , as an Amazonian mixture , is a psychointegrator of the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the human being , and also of the individual and group dimensions. In this sense, and only in this sense, it can be affirmed that similar visions occur among humans from different cultural frameworks, they are those images that emerge from the deep collective unconscious to the fragile stratum of individual consciousness. Hence, although the imagery generated by the Amazonian entheogen may be similar in different humans, it is very likely that the interpretation is not.

We live in a time of much pain in the heart and much madness in the minds of the people. We are mercilessly bombarded with an excess of environmental stimulation. People need to rediscover spiritual silence and a transcendent meaning to live. And it is what we look for in Ayahuasca .

We work too much, we do too many things and that impoverishes us as human beings. Despite the abundant market of spirituality and offers of all kinds for human development, where Ayahuasca is beginning to play an important role, there is hardly any time or energy left for it.

In the West there is little real commitment to cultivating the soul. For example, we hardly have sacred spaces where we can be moved and raptly contact the realm of the numinous, whether we call it God, Allah, Buddha consciousness, or primary energy of the jungle.

Spirituality has a growing importance in the area of ​​health, and it turns out that when a therapy is interested in restoring the health of the whole person, when it seeks a holistic healing and not just a specific cure, the therapeutic space must be open. to the numinous, to the transcendental experience, to the search for integrated meaning and to all the spiritual and religious questions inherent in the human condition.

Thus the new and at the same time very old functions of Ayahuasca must be focused on healthy and sacred processes of interior integration. For example, to solve the psychological problems derived from the constant conflicts between the multiple“I's” that inhabit each individual psyche; to recover the ultimate meaning of existence; to prepare for the third part of life, the part in which nature pushes us to integrate everything that we have created and expanded before; to unify families and groups of brothers, and to prepare the individual to have a good death.

Deep perceptual pathways

Ayahuasca opens deep perceptive pathways allowing conscious access to various layers of reality, hence the permanent difficulty in reaching a cross-cultural consensus despite the feeling of fraternity in the highest that the different Ayahuasca religions and animist shamans say they feel.

The mixture opens the doors of consciousness to the family, ethnic and deep collective unconscious, with all that this entails from access to information stored in our being, to the experience of the timeless, to the strength of archetypes and to the memory of censored personal biography.

Energetic perception of reality

Ayahuasca allows an energetic perception of reality, including the vision of the low-frequency electromagnetic field generated by the users themselves, opens the mediumistic capacities inherent to the human being , allows the transcendent and unified experience of the entire universe, of the” One” that we identify with God.

Window to the unconscious

Ayahuasca opens a psychic window to the realities of the unconscious and to the energetic vision of the Universe, but what is seen through this window no longer depends on the mixture. Most entheogen consumers believe that what they see is due to Ayahuasca itself and do not realize that the drink only opens perception but does not fill it with content. Some see themselves in their childhood, others claim to see immaterial beings, events from the future or hidden dimensions of reality.

By opening the consciousness behind reality, the subject experiences an integration of both dimensions accompanied by spiritual calm and psychic healing that derives from the integration of opposites.

What shamans do is go to the origin of things to bring it to the present”, as a way of going towards total integration. For a few hours there is calm in the internal civil war that we all live permanently.

In the West, it is essential to create -or recover- orderly, convincing, current and safe ritual frameworks in which to drink Ayahuasca to seek happiness, numinous, transcendent and unifying experience that gives the final meaning to human existence. Only then will the West mature as a society.

In fact, where there is love there are usually no psychological disorders and Ayahuasca generates integration of psychic opposites and internal unification, which is a way of calling love.

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