Roadkill Art“The App” Will Be At The Roadkill Cook Off Festival To Celebrate 'National Roadkill Day'!

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Roadkill Art is joining Roadkill Chef's at the only Roadkill Festival.

Find it quick and easy in the app, fry it up or make a hearty stew.

Celebrate the value of roadkill with roadkill recipe's on September 25th!

Roadkill Art has hit the road making the journey to Marlinton, West Virginia where roadkill is appreciated, valued highly and celebrated annually.

Pull it off the road, process it, grill it, eat it, then turn it into art, Roadkill Art.”” — Jeff 'Griff' GriffinCHARLESTON, SC, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com / -- The 'Roadkill Art App' built for it's esteemed mission of utilizing roadkill for consumption is headed to join thousands of others who also know roadkill, all of which is game meat, is good to eat. The“Roadkill Cook Off Festival” is the only festival in the world for roadkill like minded eater's to commune and swap right off the road vittle recipes. On September 24th America's roadkill chef's and cook's with their favored roadkill meat, be it bear, deer, elk, raccoon, possum, armadillo or squirrel, will cook up their choice dishes in hopes of winning the title“Best Roadkill Chef”. The 'Roadkill Art App' will be introducing how the app quickly locates roadkill close to any desired location. Festival roadkill chef's and cook's will now have access to road meat quicker than they ever have.

Though we continue to advance technologically, America's are not getting away from outdoor activities, people are spending an increasing amount of time fishing and hunting enjoying game meat even more recent than three years ago. The 'Roadkill Art App' enhances the game meat eating experience for current technical savvy generation's with a design for finding already reported roadkill by viewing 30 second video's showing the roadkill in realtime for size, type and condition. Getting fresh venison, raccoon or squirrel into a frying pan, stew pot or on the grill, before the vultures claim it. Once the app is installed roadkill can be found anywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. The 'Roadkill Art App' helps get the millions of animals that end up in automobile collisions annually on a table, letting American's know there is plenty of meat on hand.

The 'Roadkill Cook Off Festival' is hosted by the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce in Marlinton, WV, . At the festival Roadkill Art will demonstrate how easy it is to report a roadkill in the app by simply touching the orange bar, instantly marking a location, then getting a picture, a video and rating the roadkill from 8 choices describing the condition. All roadkill report's log into a List View (News Feed) and Map View where members can check to see what is available near their location fresh and good to pick up, hourly, daily or weekly. Not everyone is going to take roadkill, preparing and cooking game meat does require a special skill. But everyone can report roadkill they come across for that person or group that does want it and knows how to turn it into tasty, flavorsome meals. Every roadkill report is helping not waist good edible meat, especially big game which goes a long way.

West Virginian's long running tradition of eating roadkill spawned the annual 'Roadkill Cook Off Festival' in Marlinton, eating roadkill was an answer to the town's scarce resources. The notion of wasting food has long been frowned upon by West Virginian's, which propels thousands to make the trek through the mountains to Marlinton yearly to try local delicacies foraged from the road. State Farm Insurance for 2021-22 has West Virgina at the top of their list of states where an individual driver is most likely to hit an animal. Though West Virginia is not one of the USA's biggest state's, it is the state with the highest amount of roadkill and has been according to State Farm for many years.

Ready to aid West Virginia and the other 49 US states with organizing annual roadkill inventory is the 'Roadkill Art App'. Introducing new roadkill technology with GEO tacking, instant picture uploading and short form video, reports cumulatively listed by date. The app saves members time and gas used driving to a roadkill that is no longer in good condition. When finding a fresh reported roadkill this informs members they should grab needed supplies and someone to help load up that big game, knowing a lot of meat will soon be in the freezer.

'National Roadkill Day' the same weekend as the 'Roadkill Cook Off Festival ' is celebrated with roadkill recipes, bring awareness to the value of roadkill as a food source. Join the Roadkill Art Facebook or TilTok pages for new recipes. Roadkill Art being the host of 'National Roadkill Day' will celebrate, September 25th, with recipes posted in the app from the 'Roadkill Cook Off Festival'. Get ready to meet the world's best roadkill chef's, stacking the roadkill recipe pile with a slew of new game meat dishes.“National Roadkill Day”, one of the most unusual but fun days to celebrate, introduces the notion of not wasting food, utilizing a food source handed to us, learning roadkill is edible when picked up quickly. Alaska and West Virginia, with their high amounts of roadkill, have been putting roadkill on tables long before the rest of us could get past Yuck! With the 'Roadkill Art App' teaming up with“National Roadkill Day” and the 'Roadkill Cook Off Festival' introducing game meat recipes from all kinds of non traditional meat dishes many people who have never had venison, wild boar, squirrel or possum might get a inkling to now give game meat a try.

Roadkill Art invites game meat lover's and those who would like to become a roadkill reporter to be a part of a unique community. The simple task of reporting roadkill in the 'Roadkill Art App' can lead to providing American's a lot of meals, giving the security there is plenty to go around.

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