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6 Different Types of Digital Signage

(MENAFN- iCrowdNewsWire) Oct 19, 2020

The new way of promoting businesses nowadays is through digital signage. New generations are more attracted to all things digital. That is why digital signages are born. It was created to captivate broad audiences for a more extensive range of marketing and promotion. Many people, especially new generation audiences, find this approach appealing.

If you want your business to reach a broad range of consumers, then you have to opt for digital signages. You have to follow the trend and keep up with your competitors. It is the latest marketing trend where you do not want to be left behind.

Here are the different types of digital signages that you can choose from. Elaborating each type will help you decide which one is better for your business.

Digital Posters

Digital posters are the most straightforward of all the signages . This type of digital signage is placed against a wall. The LCD used for this signage is encased on an LCD enclosure where the media player fits inside.

Available in portrait and landscape orientations, digital posters are the easiest to install. One of the advantages of this type of signage is the space it saves—smaller versions of digital posters are usually used as menu boards. The owner can manually update this poster for new changes.

Free Standing Displays

Freestanding digital displays are mounted on the floor. The LCD stands upright and functions as a centerpiece. This type of digital signage can be obstructive in the passageway of people, but it will capture the attention of all passersby.

Sometimes, it can be interactive by using touch screen LCD monitors. This feature makes this signage suitable to install on kiosks and areas where people stay for an extended period.

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage

The term says it all. This signage is mounted in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted signages are a less obstructive but also less eye-catching type of digital signage. The most common usage of this type of signage is to relay information. People do not look up all the time, but if they need some information, the tendency is they are going to seek every direction for it.

Being easily ignored due to its location, this type of digital signage is the least favored. It is why ceiling-mounted signages are not very popular and only used to display information or direction.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor signages are complicated to install. Since it is digital and you are going to place it outdoors, you have to enclose it on a waterproof casing that has a proper cooling system and good ventilation.

Outdoor digital signages are used as billboards. It is also referred to as digital billboards because of the similar purpose. It also costs high and has limitations. It is why businesses focus on single advertisements that reach broad audiences in long periods. This kind of signage is only recommended for big business due to the given reasons.

Indoor Digital Signage

If you choose this type of signage, you will have the capability of changing the advertisement content anytime in a way that is attractive to the audience. You can display any format like social media streams, live TV, RSS feeds, and the likes.

Aside from displaying products and entertainment , owners also publish messages or notices for their customers through this platform. It makes indoor digital signage, both entertaining and informative to the audiences.

Digital Menu

Offering your products and services through digital menu boards will give your customer a hassle-free experience. This signage is popular in restaurants and bars. It is where they publish their menus to provide their customers with a better look at what they are offering.

The owner can update the board for new prices and items anytime and anywhere. Business owners who use digital menu boards save a lot of time from printing. As soon as the new information or product is available, it can be easily and quickly be updated.

These digital signages are not limited to those mentioned above. Anyone can customize digital signage in any way the business owner wants. You can install it on tables or product display shelves. The possibilities are endless, as long as the LCD casing can fit.

It is unconventional, but it is a very effective way to advertise your business. It may be new to us, but it is just the beginning of the advancement of marketing strategies. The digital signage platform is still at its dawn, and it has a lot of room for improvement. Hopefully, sooner or later, we would see other types of digital signage available for businesses.


Many businesses are already benefiting from this new approach. It helps them save time and money from printing delays and costs. It also helps them reach more audiences and increase their sales significantly. These are enough reasons to forget about printed advertisements and shift to the new era of signages and marketing.

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